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Zhaoyue Qin, BBA Graduate Class of 2017, China

Category : | Writer : Zhaoyue Qin | Date : 2017.12.21 | Hit : 1,522


My name is Zhaoyue Qin, and I am from Hebei, China. It has always been my dream to study abroad, and SolBridge made it come true. SolBridge offers an international atmosphere, students communicate in English and can learn another foreign language as well, which is an essential skill for a global business person. That’s why I chose SolBridge and came to Korea in 2014.

I learned how to break the ice and work in a group setting right from my first week at SolBridge.  We played games, traveled together with my group members during orientation week. This group composed of people from different countries became like a family to me. SolBridge offers students numerous opportunities to elevate themselves through presentations, Asian cases, group discussions as well as international business case competitions. All students have a chance to attend workshops in another country with Professors. I participated in the Negotiation Workshop during my sophomore year, which gave the opportunity to learn more negotiation skills and build up my confidence.

There is never a dull time at SolBridge with different excursions organized every other weekend by the Student Council and the variety of club activities to join. Culture Day, one of the annual events held at SolBridge, is one of the most significant events that enables students from all over the world to showcase their culture through traditional wear, food, and performances. I have experienced four Culture Days in SolBridge, and I enjoyed preparing for each one of them with friends, it’s one of my favorite activities.

SolBridge continually offers a comprehensive service to students. The Administrative staff have a clear division of labor and always helped me solve any problems I had in time.  Since this is my last semester in SolBridge, I was a little anxious about finding a job. However, the mentor from CDC (Career Development Center) provided some constructive suggestions, organized a job fair for prospective graduates which was very informative.

SolBridge has given me the opportunity to discover myself, develop my strengths and create great memories. Living in a foreign country has also enabled me to see my country in a different perspective. I cherish the time I have spent at SolBridge.