Nurturing Professional Marketing Analysts

Master of Science in
Marketing Analytics

Program Details

  • Intake / Spring & Fall



  • Duration / 22 months


    22 months

  • Credits / 45



  • Format / Full-time



  • Location / Daejeon, South Korea


    Daejeon, South Korea

  • Language / English



The MSMA Significance


Nowadays, enterprises in various industries collect ever-increasing data on customer characteristics, product features, and market outcomes. Scientific analysis of this data would provide insights that could alter the channel through which enterprises interact with their customers. The Master of Science in Marketing Analytics program is designed to nurture professional marketing analysts with statistical, programming, and analytical skills to make data-driven decisions.

About the Program


The Master of Science in Marketing Analytics (MSMA) program is designed to meet the increasing demand for analytical skills, particularly required in marketing. The curriculum is structured to provide a unique blend of strong conceptual foundations and practical skills. It allows the student to become a well-balanced marketing professional equipped with robust statistical, programming, and analytical skills. SolBridge International School of Business’s location in Daejeon, Asia’s Silicon Valley, provides access to hands-on learning through field trips, along with networking to help graduates start their careers. The MSMA program prepares graduates for careers as market research analysts, digital marketing specialists, professionals in marketing service firms, corporate marketing professionals, and data analysts.

The curriculum consists of core and elective, which emphasize the balance between the hard and soft skills needed for a successful marketing professional. The core part of the curriculum imparts fundamental analytical skillsets, including statistical, programming, analytical, and marketing, while the elective one delves into various marketing applications of such skill sets. SolBridge also allows students to acquire some foreign language skills to prepare them for entry into a globalized and diverse world.

MSMA Goals

  • Lead business major students to acquire analytical skill & Allow non-business major students to obtain marketing expertise

  • Grounded on SolBridge’s ACT Principle: Action learning, Creativity & Thought leadership.

  • Nurture professional marketing analysts with statistical, programming and analytical skills.

  • Develop a mindset where analysts are capable of assessing the market conditions and making data-driven decisions.


Multiple Skills and Experiences


Be part of the MSMA program that offers deep learning in statistics, computer programing, and marketing. Studying at SolBridge -an international business school in South Korea's heart, connecting the Korean atmosphere with a worldwide experience. Located in Daejeon, SolBridge is considered the most multicultural institute in the whole country. It has students from South Korea and other 65 nationalities, offering exceptional networking and professional & personal growth.

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