Significant Alumni

  • • Ha Jin Lee (graduated in 2013.08)- Secretary Geneㅁral of International Go Federation
  • • Agnus Susan Joshua (graduated in 2013.08)- Business Process Executive of LG Chem, India
  • • Valeriya Spektor (graduated in 2013.08)- Business Development Manager of SK Pharma, Israel
  • • Nguyen Yen Nam Le (graduated in 2013.08)- Senior Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics, Vietnam
  • • Jing Zhang (graduated in 2014.02)- Marketing Executive of The Economist
  • • Hanseok Park (graduated in 2014.08)- Trade Lane Specialist, DHL Global Forwarding Indonesia
  • • Solbi Yang (graduated in 2014.08)- International Affairs Staff of COEX
  • • Jinyoung Kwon (graduated in 2015.08)- Sales Support, NAVER
  • • Jungwon Park (graduated in 2015.08)- Accountant, Bennett Thrasher, USA
  • • Yae Seun Yang (graduated in 2015.08)- IBM Business Service, Inc.
  • • Jin Kang (graduated in 2016.02)- Supply Chain Analyst, Mercedes-Benz USA
  • • Aisena Ivanova (graduated in 2015.02)- Chair/Lecturer of Department of International Business Management & Director of Global Accreditation Center at Mongolia International University

Alumni Testimonial

SolBridge is the place where I would like to be if I could turn back time. SolBridge taught and nurtured me to become who I am today. Through SolBridge, I not only gained valuable knowledge from professionals and supportive professors who shared with us their experiences during their lectures but at the same time SolBridge has also acted as a multicultural bridge where I was able to interact with students from different countries and cultures. Learning different cultures and languages has always been an interest for me and SolBridge definitely provided me with this platform and environment of interaction for international experience. SolBridge filled my university life not only with academic knowledge and achievement but also with excitement, fun, and laughter.

Eliza Young, BBA Student, Spring graduate 2013, Indonesia
Working at LG in Singapore in Finance Department

In only 30 years, Korea set itself from one of the poorest countries in the world to being one of the most dynamic economic countries and is playing a leading role along with China, Japan, and India as one of Asia’s flagships in the world economy. SolBridge has just started, but in my experiences there, SolBridge is growing just like their nation did. SolBridge balances the concepts of eastern and western thought through its vision as an ‘Asian Center of Excellence in Global Business Education’ and mission ‘Educating the Next Generation of Asian Thought Leaders’. SolBridge educated me in the ways of the globalized economy. SolBridge also offered us a vast number of amazing speakers through their Platinum Lecture Series. It was very interesting to hear their experiences and thoughts, which I could relate to several points in my classes and apply to my own personal philosophy. Classes at SolBridge use a ton of case analysis but most of the material is derived from the everyday global business market. I am so proud to be a SolBridger.

Pomchai Seewongngam, MBA student, Spring graduate 2013, Thailand
The founder of SEA Business World and UnoGoods

SolBridge is very unique in terms of its social and academic environment because it brings together nations and cultures from all across the world. The international character of SolBridge and strategic location facilitated my integration into the international workplace. Likewise, the teaching environment with its modern facilities was very attractive as well. The professors' academic and professional experience was really inspiring, as they often considered us as their colleagues rather than their students. The way the courses were conducted by the professors was really motivating and made the dialogue and exchanges between us more productive. The different activities organized by SolBridge were very thoughtful and much appreciated by the students. I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to study in one of the leading business schools in Asia.

Alibek Zhubekov BBA Graduate 2013, Kazakhstan

My SolBridge life was full of fun; for three and half years I studied at SolBridge and it changed me a lot. I like the multicultural environment there, everyone smiles in the same language. Besides, SolBridge provided us a lot of part-time opportunities to improve our personal abilities. For instance, the Teaching Assistant position helped me to improve my skills to deal with different kinds of problems, while the peer Group Leader experience gave me a chance to practice my leadership skills. I really appreciate these experiences which assisted me in my job hunt. SolBridge also opened various club activities after class to allow us to share our interests and meet new friends. I am proud to have been able to study at SolBridge and proud to be a SolBridger!

Mei Yin BBA Graduate, 2013 December
Samsung D'light VIP Relations, Public Relation

“My time at SolBridge was priceless. After 3 and a half years, I grew up to become a lot more confident in drafting my career plan and expectation. Now that I have joined the business world, doing real jobs, I realize how valuable those classes at SolBridge are to business students. Classes at SolBridge are designed to train real business people. All the courses are highly informative and assignments are very applicable. Thanks to both the hard and soft skills I learned from classes and club activities, I adapted super-fast to the job I was offered even though I entered the company as an inexperienced employee. One extra spice that makes SolBridge a great choice is the living environment: Daejeon is a beautiful and peaceful city to live. SolBridge makes it comfortable and convenient for all foreign students to enjoy life in Korea despite the fact that most of us arrive with a limited ability to understand the Korean language. Looking back at my university life, I have to say my time at SolBridge remains as one of the most game-changing factors in my life. I am very happy to have made the best out of it and hope many others will find their time at SolBridge to be meaningful like I did.

(Sandy) Thanh Tran Nguyen, BBA, Vietnam

“Pursuing an MBA degree at SolBridge was a big decision and challenge, and now it has become a great record in my life. I was one among those people who have never thought of even graduating from a bachelor’s degree. Through my studies, I have acquired wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Every single minute has been a great lesson and memorable experience. Taking classes, sharing ideas, and discussing many different theories, collaborating in group projects, and having fun together have all been an unforgettable experience for me. All the courses that I took have allowed me to critically absorb the main concepts not only for business but also for my daily life. Marketing, strategic management, economics, and international business, at the end of the day, they all have created a special combination of how I learn to define my competitive advantage, trade-off for my priorities, manage my time more efficiently, cultivate the right strategy to pursue my vision, and to appreciate other cultures… all thanks to SolBridge.”

Leakhena Srey, MBA, Cambodia

Three and half years at SolBridge taught me many lessons that were core to my personal development skills. I was the president of Bowl-Bridge (Bowling Club) which taught me to manage an organization and gave me the opportunity to meet new friends from different countries and cultures. SolBridge academic courses not only taught me to manage time but also to prioritize important tasks. It also prepared me for my time at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The foundation of knowledge I received from SolBridge was integral in my success in the dual degree program. I graduated in May 2015 with a dual degree which helped me acquire a job in the US. My experience at SolBridge was unforgettable. I am glad to have met many friends and to have had new experiences like doing market research in both Indonesia and Vietnam. I enjoyed my time at SolBridge where I was able to broaden my professional and social network to multinational friends who will be invaluable connections in years to come.

Jin Kang, BBA Student, Fall graduate 2015, Korea
Working at Mercedes-Benz USA in Parts Logistics Department

“SolBridge led me, a person who has never been abroad or experienced different cultures, to set her dreams on the international level. Professors from different countries taught me to have global perspectives and to be professional with global issues. Moreover, living with students from different countries and listening their ideas incentivized my dream to globalize. SolBridge trained me to accept challenges. Upon deciding to do Georgia Tech Dual Degree Program, I needed to take higher level classes and sustain a high GPA. In the meantime, I joined marketing competitions and worked as a teaching assistant. It was hard at first, but it taught me to manage time efficiently. By joining competitions, I found my competitive skills. By taking different classes, I found my interests. Consequently, I adjusted with ease at Georgia Tech; using my competitive skills, I graduated successfully and moved one step closer to my dreams.
I really appreciate my time at SolBridge, how they taught, led, and incentivized me. Thank you SolBridge!!!!!”

Sohyun Kim, BBA Graduate, February 2016, Korea Invesco, US

I had such a wonderful time during my study at SolBridge. Interacting with friends, professors, and administrators from all over the world opened my eyes to different cultures. The classrooms, library, and lounges in the school were nice and pleasant, and between classes I would go to the gym or swimming pool. It was perfect environment for my student life, and I could focus on learning and exploring. All these experiences helped me to be comfortable in global context, and flexible and confident in the face of new challenges.

Hajin Lee, BBA Graduate, August 2013, Secretary General of the International Go Federation (IGF)