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Fall Clubs Expo

Category : | Writer : 관리자 | Date : 2012.08.31 | Hit : 14,262

After a busy first week of the fall semester—juggling schedules, adding or dropping classes, meeting old friends, making new ones, buying books, and then, having to hit them hard as the first homework assignments were assigned—students got a chance to see what kind of extra-curricular activities were available for them with the Fall Clubs Expo.

Every semester, the Clubs Expo allows students the chance to join a variety of clubs to pursue various interests—from debating, theater, and public speaking to sports such as basketball, football, and bowling. These clubs help students to unwind and relax after a busy day of studying at SolBridge as well as the chance to make new friends.
Besides perennial favorites like SolBridge Jumpers, the SolBridge Debating Society, and Sol Photo, this semester there were some new ones for students to choose from: A French Club and Spanish/Latin American Club. The unique thing about these clubs is that students come up with the clubs and promote them.
Sponsored by the SolBridge Student Council, the Clubs Expo is just one of the many activities held during the school year, which reinforces SolBridge’s brand promise and mission statement.


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