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SolBridge Celebrates its Diversity

Category : | Writer : 관리자 | Date : 2013.06.07 | Hit : 14,597

One of the highlights of the school year at the SolBridge International School of Business is the annual Multicultural Festival held each spring. It is a chance for students to share their cultures with their classmates and faculty through song and dance as well as traditional clothing. It is more than a celebration of culture, though. It is a celebration of our diversity which makes us all one at SolBridge.

A week before finals, students take time out from their studies to practice dance routines, songs, and prepare their traditional clothing for this big event. The rest of the student body and faculty, knowing the kind of cultural festivals which have been held in the past, are equally excited, waiting to see what kind of dances and songs will be performed at this year’s event.

Students look forward to this night all semester. Not only is the night the chance for them to entertain their classmates with traditional songs and dances, the students also prepare various dishes from their country. For a few hours, the students take over the second floor cafeteria and serve a variety of international dishes which celebrate their culinary traditions.

Some of the performances are quite breathtaking. What’s also amazing is the students have been able to find (or bring with them) the traditional clothing and costumes. The students put their heart and souls into the festival and together everyone at SolBridge celebrates the diversity which makes students, faculty and staff one.



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