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Spring 2021 SolBridge Debate Championship

Category : [2021]| Writer : SolBridge | Date : 2021.06.07 | Hit : 39,146

From May 12-15th, 2021, SolBridge Debate Society hosted the Spring 2021 Debate Championship, an in-house debate tournament to welcome new members. This championship was held in an Asian Parliamentary format, gathering over 60 new participants. Experienced members served as adjudicators along with invited judges, including SolBridge professors. With this debating style, two teams of three compete against each other; the Government side proposes and defends the motion while the opposition side refutes and negates the motion. Congratulations to this year’s champions: Team BGS (Bilguudei Khandarmaa, Guzal Tojiboeva, and Shin Hyeong Lee). 

We would also like to take this opportunity to also congratulate:

  • - The finalists, Vincenzo (Duc Nguyen, Tran Dang, and Tuan Le) 
  • - The semi-finalists: for that 10% (do Minh Chau vuong, Ngan Giang Dao, Tuyet Yen Ma), and Dead Shot (Alina Ibragimova, El Asri Fatine, and Leila Moussaid) 
  • - The quarter-finalists: Team 7 (Makhmudjon Djabborov, Luana Polato, Yedige Smagul), Passionfruit (Alina Maulenova, Ga-Eun Oh, Saule ramazan), Power Rangers (Hanne Wilner, Laura Rakhmatullina, Palina Nikitsina), Debateablers (Hanne, Ayake, Nilufarkhon Alisher Kizi Gazikhodjaeva, Sulagna Banerjee)   

Additionally, congratulations to the following debaters who received best speaker awards:

Overall Best speaker: Ga-Eun Oh

2nd best speaker: Sulagna Banerjee

3rd best speaker: Shukurullo Madaliev

4th best speaker: Sung Joon Kim

5th best speaker: Alina Ibragimova

6th best speaker: Bilguudei Khandarmaa

7th best speaker: Guzal Tojiboeva

8th best speaker: Ngan Giang Goa

9th best speaker (tie): Sehong Kim

9th best speaker (tie): Alina Maulenova

Best speaker of the Grand Finals: Bilguudei Khandarmaa



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