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Everland Theme Park

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Everland was the biggest excursion after an extended period of studying hard for the midterms. It enabled everyone to relax and have a change in the environment, thanks to our Student Council, who organized this trip impeccably. We arrived at the amusement park at 10:00 a.m. A few hours later, while we were waiting in line for the attractions, it became crowded so rapidly. One thing that immediately stood out in Everland was the magnificent landscape. Divided into thematic zones; Global Fair, Zoo-Topia, European Adventure, Magic Land and American Adventure, the themes made it easy to find the attractions.  Except for the American themed area, the horticulture and its general appearance are fantastic. Nature lovers would be satisfied by the variety of flowers and trees planted all over the park with lots of places to take amazing pictures. Also, all staff members were wearing distinctive uniforms which added to the uniqueness of the park. 

Due to the steep terrain, Everland provides facilities for comfortable movements such as the sky cruise which is one of the best options for moving up and down. The Sky cruise gondola and Skywalk chair lift also make navigating Everland easier. Additionally, riders can also enjoy the marvelous view. 

Upon our arrival, we immediately went to the European adventure sector, which has the most famous wooden roller coaster in South Korea.  Not to mention, it is the fourth steepest and tallest coaster, the sixth longest, and the world's ninth fastest wooden coaster. Personally, the t-express attraction was my favorite in the park. At 77-degree angle, the first drop both terrifies and delights riders and guarantees an adrenaline risk like no other. I have never experienced any other roller coaster that made me so scared for my life and crack up laughing all at the same time.  However, the rest of the attractions seemed somewhat cheesy to me maybe because I am a roller coaster with high speed and loop kind of person. 

We then proceeded to the Zoo-topia zone, which I enjoyed so much. Not only was it different from the usual theme park attractions, but also a little different from typical zoos. It is comparable to a mini zoo experience in a theme park, with many snacks shops around if you are not looking to have a proper meal just yet. One minus I noticed in the food service in that the park doesn't offer a variety of cuisines. Also, the prices are a little high. Fast food seemed like the cheapest option from the variety of foods especially for students with a limited budget. 

Unfortunately, Everland is a huge park and half of the day is not enough to discover everything. There are so many places we couldn't visit. All in all, every tourist should add Everland to their must-visit places in Korea.  



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