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Céline Paternoster, Exchange Student, Belgium

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Céline Paternoster, Exchange student from Belgium shares her study abroad experience in Korea. 


"My story in Korea started a few years ago, I came to Seoul for a short visit, and I’m not going to lie. I fell in love with this country. The culture, traditional buildings, food, the kindness you receive from people, it’s unbelievable. It all blew me away.

As a result of this, I wanted to study Korean language and culture back at university in Belgium; however, it was not possible. So, three years ago, my parents gave me the opportunity to study the language in Korea. Originally, I was going to study for only three months at the language centre in Seoul; eventually, I stayed for a year. After my one-year stay in Seoul, I had to go back to Belgium and choose my major. However, I knew that I wanted to come back to Korea and study here for my Exchange program.

So that’s what happened. The moment I could apply for my exchange program, I didn’t hesitate one bit and said I wanted to go to South Korea. As SolBridge is a partner with my home university, VIVES University College.  I applied to SolBridge International School of Business in Daejeon. It was my first time going to Daejeon, so I was excited and curious.


As I have received the ASEM-DUO scholarship, several opportunities crossed my path. Together with four other ASEM-DUO students, we were invited by the Belgian Embassy for a reception at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Only a week after that, the ASEM-DUO Fellowship asked me to give a speech during the 4th ASEM-DUO Fellows Alumni Meeting. This was a fantastic experience as I had never given an address in front of many people. And only recently, the Belgian Embassy has invited me again to a reception to celebrate King’s Day together.

I must say that I am very honored that I could attend all these events, and that i have the opportunity to share my experience with you in Korea."


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