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A student’s Experience: An Exchange Semester at IQS School of Management, Barcelona

Category : | Writer : Yu Jin Lee | Date : 2018.11.29 | Hit : 2,089


I am so lucky and thankful to be here in Barcelona to do my exchange as a first student of SolBridge International School of Business to IQS School of Management. This place and university are amazing and it is even sad that I have a few days left to stay here and leave all my lovely friends and memories behind. Barcelona has given me unforgettable experiences, friends and even changed my lifestyle.

First of all, IQS School of Management is full of passionate and caring professors. Spanish people are well-known for being passionate and this positively affected me. Most professors are willing to help and support students with all their knowledge and caring minds towards students. The exciting thing about this school system was the participation percentage was very high compared to Korea. They highly value active participation from students. They are trying to engage students and establish close communication with students with an open mind.

Outside campus, everything was perfect. I enjoyed the perfect weather here in Barcelona. I came here during the middle of August. I could enjoy the summer and winter both at the period of exchange. Barcelona has many attractions to see, including shopping malls. The city center has lots of things to offer. The living cost is relatively cheap, so it is excellent for students to do an exchange semester here as well. Barcelona is close to the beach and I frequently visited the beach called ‘Barceloneta’. The beach is terrific, always crowded, and offers perfect weather; there is so much entertainment in the city.

Like Korea, Barcelona also has a 24-hour transportation system. If you hang out late at night, buses and subways operate throughout the night. 

Spain is a perfect location to travel to other European countries. I went to Italy, Paris and am currently planning to go to London during Christmas. Spain is the first European country that I visited. It is a cool experience to go to other countries during the semester. I could meet various kinds of nice people who I couldn’t meet in my life otherwise. We are even planning to meet in Korea again.

With this study abroad experience in Spain, I have changed entirely. I am not afraid to challenge myself and am willing to travel alone. Students who are planning to come to Barcelona should definitely try traveling to other countries. There are many holidays and parties everywhere and once a week at least here in Barcelona.

I wish I have more time to stay here and should have come to this place for the upcoming semesters so that I can enjoy summer. In conclusion, I highly recommend this place, and I appreciate once again SolBridge’s Study Abroad Office for recommending this wonderful place to me.


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