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Dean Rose’s Message to the Class of 2018; SolBridge Commencement Ceremony Spring 2018

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"Chairman Kim, President Endicott, distinguished colleagues from Woosong University, and our distinguished faculty. Thank you all for being here. This is a wonderful day for all of us but most especially our graduating students.

This day marks a turning point. All of us make a difference through our stories. Those of you who have been in my office lately interviewing for internships at SolBridge and Woosong know my first question to you; Tell me your story! What is your story? Until now, many of you had a story that has been written by others. This first chapter coming to a conclusion today was maybe a result of choices made by your parents, your teachers, or even your friends. Now is the time to write your own story.

As you know, a good story has three parts. The first part is the theme. A meaning. A purpose. Where are you going? Now as you think about your story, I am not talking about your job; not that you want to be a marketing manager and not that you want to marry the right person. I am talking about the meaning of your life. Why are you living? What do you hope to accomplish? So the first thing is the purpose and the theme, and maybe it's going to be an adventure, maybe a mystery or you hope it'll be a romance. It can be all of those things. You can have many stories.

The second part of the story is one we don't often talk about. Every great story has challenges and obstacles to overcome. Forces working against you accomplishing your purpose in life. The great stories are stories of you overcoming those challenges. Challenges that you really don't know yet. Challenges brought about by the 4th industrial revolution and the rapid change in technology.

The third and most important part of the story is the hero. And you, my friends, are the hero of your own stories. What is the hero? A hero is a person of courage, of exceptional qualities. A person who can overcome those challenges and achieve their goals. You, friends, distinguished colleagues, you are heroes. The heroes of your own story. Isabel Allende said: "We are our own storytellers". If that's the case, let's make our story a legend. Let's make it a bestseller.

Lastly, you know stories are not written in ink, they are written in chalk, so they can be changed. You write your story by the choices that you make. Those choices were determined by your imagination because there is no limit to the opportunities available to you. We, at SolBridge, are so proud of you, of what you have accomplished. And we know that you are going to write those Nobel prize-winning, heroic stories of great success. Wishing you all the very best today for your graduation, as you write those stories."


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