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My SolBridge Experience: Bryan Orone Paul MBA Graduate from Uganda

Category : | Writer : Bryan Orone Paul | Date : 2018.02.09 | Hit : 1,606


Bryan Orone Paul from Uganda, a recent MBA graduate at SolBridge and one of the winners of the Woosong Global Scholarship Award shares his student experience.  

“In January of 2016, I applied for the spring intake at SolBridge International School of Business and I was successfully admitted with a 50% tuition scholarships which I raised up to 70% and maintained until graduation.

Although studying in Korea was challenging at the start, it took me a very short time to adjust. The faculty members at SolBridge are highly experienced and were very helpful which made the learning experience more productive and pleasurable. The facilities in place also enabled all the students to feel at home and also provided an opportunity for the faculty and staff to convey the message efficiently.

Korea is a highly industrialized economy which gives an opportunity for students to get part-time jobs on and off campus. I was able to get a part-time job during summer break where I gained invaluable experience in an international working environment.

At SolBridge, more than 52 nationalities are represented which is an opportunity to prepare students to work in a multi-cultural environment in the wake of globalization. This is what employers are looking for in the global marketplace- Managers who can embrace diversity and use it as an opportunity to create positive change in the global economy.

Depending on your grades one can earn up to 100% scholarship on tuition. The Korean society is very keen on developing human resources as it is the only natural resource they have and earnestly seek to develop. Human resource has been the backbone of the Korean Economy, and the quality of support and funding into the education sector is one of the factors that has driven their economy to the heights that it has recorded.


I would personally vouch for education in Korea (the home of the world’s biggest brands like Hyundai-Kia, LG, Daewoo and Samsung to mention but a few) and specifically SolBridge International School of Business. I am grateful for the opportunity I got to study at SolBridge.”