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Air and Water: Are They Free Goods?

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Platinum Lecture XXVI
"Air and Water: Are They Free Goods?"

Two of the more important issues facing the world these days are ones that affect everyone on the planet: clean air and water.

In an insightful and fact-packed lecture, Dr. Seung-Soo Han, former Prime Minister, Republic of Korea, looked at how these two issues are affecting the world in many different facets and how they are also impacting economies and policy coordination around the globe.

“A fresh new policy framework is needed,” Han said.

Han, who spent time at the United Nations, is keenly aware of these two issues and their global   repercussions if countries do not heed the advice of experts. At times during the lecture, it might have seemed that Han was spelling out a doomsday scenario for the planet—which would not have been far off base; however, Han explained that in order for us to protect these resources we need to address these issues immediately.

“Policy coordination around the world is very important,” he said. “Developed countries need to take the lead. They have to help poorer countries.”

Moreover, Han said there exists the need to create new technologies to address these problems.

During his forty-five minute presentation he highlighted many of the problems that climate change and the scarcity of clean water have wrought. However, it comes with an enormous price tag.

“It’s going to cost us billions of dollars to deal with the challenges of climate change and water,” Han said.


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