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Graduation Evening 2012 – A Night to Remember

Category : [2012]| Writer : 관리자 | Date : 2012.06.23 | Hit : 67,477

One of the most remarkable events organized by Student Council this semester was the “Graduation Evening - 2012”. It was the time when all SolBridgers could celebrate the most memorable moment for the MBA and BBA graduates of the class of 2012.

This year the celebration following graduation itself was totally different since SolBridge opened its doors to the students five years ago. Unlike past graduation ceremonies where a small reception was held after graduation, this year the Solbridge Student Council went all out to make this evening a memorable one for graduates and their guests.

The event was held in the Sunshine Hotel which offered a pleasant and exquisite environment and atmosphere for graduates, those family members who were able to make the journey to Daejeon, fellow classmates and friends. Organized by the SolBridge Student Council, the night was filled with music and fun, including more than ten performances by SolBridge students. For graduates, it was a night to remember and to have one more chance to celebrate this most auspicious day in their lives. For the family, friends, and faculty in attendance, it was a chance to share in the memories of the evening.

One of the highlights of the evening was a special video made up of photos of all the graduates. There was hardly a dry eye in the house when graduates looked back on their days at SolBridge and all that they accomplished, the friendships made and nurtured, and fruition of all their efforts.

The ceremony also reminded graduates and fellow classmates of what it is like to be a SolBridge student. As Dean Yong-wook Jun has often reminded students from time to time, “Once you are at SolBridge, you are a SolBridger forever” – it was that kind of sentiment which made “Graduation Evening 2012” a night to remember forever.

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