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2012 Spring Clubs Expo

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It is always nice to organize Clubs Expo. This semester’s expo turned out to be more successful than ever.

Held in our gymnasium for the first time, we made sure all new and existing clubs had a chance to “expose” themselves and recruit new members. Each club captain or leader set up his or her table and through music, posters, food, and great advertising, tried to convince the rest of the SolBridgers to sign-up. The third floor gymnasium ended up being a colorful fair of clubs and students from all over the world.

This semester, twenty-two clubs were represented at the expo. Sports clubs, like the soccer, basketball, and volleyball, aim to foster a healthy lifestyle among the students while other clubs like Toastmasters, Baduk, or Latino Dance seek to help students refresh their minds and souls through entertainment and dancing.

The Student Council funds the Clubs Expo every semester because we value the importance of extra-curricular activities in the life of every student at SolBridge. Yes, we study hard; very hard, actually, but we don’t want to be labeled “nerds.” We are encouraged to Study Smart, and we believe that to be smart is to know how to balance one’s academic and social dimensions. The SolBridge Student Council takes pride in offering our students the opportunity to join clubs and develop their social skills and habits.

Clubs Expo Spring 2012 was a great success. All the clubs received lots of applications and club presidents have already started their club activities in full power this semester.


Anastassiya Nogay

Vice-President, Student Council




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