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Fresher’s Party - Spring 2012

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As an integral part of the SolBridge experience, the SolBridge Student Council, at the beginning of every semester, hosts and organizes many indoor and outdoor events for the student population.

One of the events we organize outside of SolBridge is called the “Fresher’s Party”. A Fresher’s party is well known around the world and it’s a familiar name at any graduate or undergraduate university. At SolBridge International School of Business, we also have this kind of party but in a different and unique way.

SolBridge has an incredible diversity with students coming from all over the world. Since we have this unique atmosphere of multicultural people, our parties also are unique. To gather all the mindset and backgrounds in one place is an amazing thing. To bring people together, through music and friendship it’s as though you have gathered a small world sharing the same culture and language at the same place and time. It is truly a once in life time experience.

Our objective of organizing the Fresher’s Party is to break down the boundaries that might exist between incoming freshmen and returning students; it also gives them a chance to introduce and know each other better in an informal setting. It usually comes after a busy orientation week, so it is also the time when our students can refresh themselves through some exciting and fun games.

Furthermore, by organizing this kind of event, we get to promote the way we unwind at SolBridge when we’re not in the classroom. We usually don’t follow what is known as a party in other parts of the world, because we have our own style of party.  We start by organizing the event so that everybody feels comfortable. Then, we throw in some fun games to break the ice and to ensure that everyone gets to know each other. In the spirit of this event, we ensure that the proceedings are not only fun for the students but also in the acme of safety and well being for all those who attend.

Ultimately, what the party accomplishes for everyone is forming one homogeneous environment made up of the myriad of cultures which defines our school and finally, through our interaction, games, and the new friendships which are made, forming one culture, which is the SolBridge Culture.

Memories last for a lifetime and everyone at the SolBridge Student Council will keep on providing them for you.


- By

Adib Elaouami

President, Student Council

Jeffrey Miller

Web Manager




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