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World of consulting: Its Attraction and Preparation to be a Consultant

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In the world of consulting, the key to success is to help executives handle issues and provide them with strategies how to win.

“We create ideas and translate them into action,” said Song Khee-hong, Managing Partner with Deloitte Consulting Korea, one of the largest consulting firms in the world. “Without action it is only theory. We need need to move the minds of our clients.”

Speaking before faculty and students for SolBridge’s Platinum Lecture Series, as well as students from Universitas Isam Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia who watched the presentation via video conferencing, Song stressed that in the consulting world, consultants are not fortune tellers. Instead, a consultant finds those answers for clients which are most suitable thereby reducing the chance of making a mistake.

“You should put the interest of your client ahead of your own interests,” Song said. “Above all, you have to be truthful to gain the trust from your client.”

During his one-hour presentation, Song talked at length about the nature of consulting and how it has become a professional service job, the key areas for strategy consulting, and how to make an impact. He also gave an overview of consulting in Korean economy by helping Korean economic entities become more competitive in the global economy, thereby contributing to the national growth of Korea.

“I’m truly honored to be a part of this journey,” he said.

He also gave an overview of Deloitte’s growth strategy project experiences in major global markets, which includes such markets as China, the EU, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, and the United States.

“Pay attention to Indonesia” he said. “It is a very dynamic area and has the potential to be a huge economy.”

Turning to Deloitte’s formula for success, which could be applied to any consulting scenario, Song stressed the importance of teamwork, intellectual rigor, a “can-do” spirit, passion, courage (to take on new challenges), humbleness, and what he referred to as the “T” shape concept.

“Although one should have a broad knowledge about consulting and how to best serve one’s client, one should also be an expert about one thing,” Song said. “That’s what the ‘T-Shape’ represents.”

He also emphasized that to be successful in consulting one has to be an all-around player. Moreover, humbleness is very important because in order to be successful, one shouldn’t come across as being too smart.

“If you can do these seven things you will be very successful,” he added.

Although consulting might not be for everyone and especially those thinking they’ll get rich quick (“you’re better off being an entrepreneur”), for those who pursue a career in consulting it is both rewarding and challenging.

“It’s never an easy job,” Song said. “I am still challenged even though I have been in the business for over eighteen years.”

Finally, Song offered some sound advice for anyone embarking on career in consulting.

“Be yourself,” he said at the end of his inspirational presentation. “Find what makes your heart beat. It’s the route you take that is the most important.”


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