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Hyeonjin Yoon (Gemma), BBA Student

Category : | Writer : Hyeonjin Yoon | Date : 2017.09.19 | Hit : 2,346


My name is Hyeonjin Yoon (Gemma) a third year BBA student at SolBridge. Last Spring semester, Suyeon Kim (Sue) and I studied at ESCE International School of Business located in Paris, France as exchange students. We were the first exchange students from SolBridge to study at ESCE. We chose ESCE Paris because we had a vague dream to live in Paris and hoped to study in a capital city in Europe Therefore, ESCE was a perfect place for us to realize this dream. I would like to share my experience and information with any SolBridge student interested in doing the exchange at ESCE.

The partner University ESCE's environment and system were quite similar to that of SolBridge. First, there were a lot of international students from different countries like SolBridge but mostly Europe. Secondly, like SolBridge (SMART) the school has its website for sharing class materials and uploading assignments. Other students were a little confused on how to use the system but not us (me and Sue) since we were already familiar with such platforms. Thirdly, all lectures that I took were conducted in English, so there were no problems with language barriers at ESCE. It was effortless and smooth to adapt to the ESCE school life.

I also know that many people might be curious about accommodation at ESCE. I stayed in the Cité Universitaire, a dormitory provided to visiting students in France. The school provided enough information and suggested various options about dormitories and accepted our choice of residence. Cité was located only 30 minutes away by RER(subway) from school. The environment near the dormitory is quite convenient to live with excellent services. Moreover, Cité held several parties that were ideal for those interested in parties.

 I also used this opportunity to explore other countries in Europe. I spent half my time in France and the other half traveling to other nations. I was able to go sightseeing to the famous spots like the Eiffel Tower that I had only watched on the screen while in Korea. I experienced the different cultures and foods of each country. I also got a chance to meet some of my European friends that I had met at SolBridge.


 Although they were only four months of my life, I was fortunate to have lived in a country with an entirely different culture. I highly recommend my friends to participate in the exchange program to learn and see the world.