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SolBridge Debate Society Hosts Summer Debate Camp

Category : [2014]| Writer : 관리자 | Date : 2014.08.13 | Hit : 61,493

The SolBridge Debate Society, which has been making itself heard around Northeast Asia in various competitions, added another accolade to their resume by hosting a successful five-day debate camp for middle and high school students.

The aim of the camp was simple: to cultivate and inspire the globalized society of students through the means of English debate. During the five-day camp, students not only improved their English abilities in general, but also enhanced existing skills necessary in current society, including sympathizing with others, thinking critically, and analyzing problems in a logical manner. Moreover, the camp also stressed the importance of team work—one of the important soft skills stressed at SolBridge and equally important in debate.

Although the number of students who participated in the camp was less than anticipated, organizers were pleased with the effort put in by the students and the overall success of this first summer debate held at SolBridge. Organizers hope to build upon the success of this camp and look forward to the next one.

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