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Global Opportunities at SolBridge

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One of the greatest assets that SolBridge has is its international student body.  Since our founding ten years ago, we have had students from over 50 countries study here.  What makes SolBridge truly special is that even though students come from around the world to study here, we have partnerships with 200 universities so they don’t need to stay in Korea for their entire SolBridge career.

Both Korean and international students have many options for studying abroad and with the variety of programs available, SolBridge students will be able to find the right program for them.



Our exchange program is the most popular outbound program we have.  Students usually go to another school for one semester (although it is usually possible to stay for 2) and take all their classes pass/fail.  They are able to pay tuition at SolBridge instead of the partner school (and keep their SolBridge scholarships too!) and only pay for room and board while abroad.  Course selection varies depending on the school.  Sometimes exchange students are able to choose from the full list of all the classes at the partner school and sometimes classes are chosen by the school based on their major.  All the classes are taught in English so this is a great way to see another country and experience another culture without needing to learn a new language before you go.  

Most of SolBridge’s partnerships with other universities include an exchange agreement which means if there is a partner school you think looks interesting, you can probably study there for a semester.  


Dual Degree

Dual degree programs are just what the name implies: two degrees awarded by two different universities.  With the dual degree program, students earn a degree from SolBridge when they complete their studies at our partner university.  When they graduate they will have two diplomas, one from each university.  

The dual degree programs fall into 3 different groups: 2+2, 3+1 and 1+1.  The 2+2 and 3+1 are for BBA students since they take four years in total to complete.  In the 2+2 program students spend two years at SolBridge and then go to a partner university for the next two years.   3+1 programs are three years at SolBridge with the final year at the partner university.

1+1 programs are for MBA students and take 2 years to complete.  Depending on the partner university, you may be required to write a thesis in order to graduate.


Why should you study abroad?

The world is a big place and being a citizen of the world with global experience is more important now than ever before.  SolBridge is an international school which equips students with the necessary skills to be able to thrive in an international business environment.  To be successful in the global economy students need to realize that they are citizens of the world.  At the very least, being able to explore and be immersed in another culture will be an invaluable experience that will broaden your horizons, help you to meet even more people from around the world, and allow you to experience a place you may have only dreamed of visiting in the past.


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