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Saskia Dahmen, Exchange Student, Germany

Category : | Writer : Saskia Dahmen | Date : 2017.06.22 | Hit : 2,789


My name is Saskia Dahmen from Reutlingen University in the south of Germany. I am the first student coming abroad to SolBridge from this city, as it is an entirely new partnership. Although my start was quite hard since I arrived without my luggage, I was welcomed caringly by Aziz Iminov and met my first friend Feyza Caliskan at Incheon Airport. Together, we traveled to our next destination Daejeon.  I was impressed by the size and environment of this city.

As SolBridge is diverse throughout the students and the professors, it is always a pleasure to study and work with everybody. Also, SolBridge provides help not just academically but offers services like counseling and a lot of different activities during the semester. Therefore, I feel always very welcome, and I mostly enjoyed my classes at SolBridge.

 I tried to make the most out of my semester, so I decided to join the SolBridge Student Council as an associate and have indeed experienced some memorable events like the Homecoming Party and Sports Day. Different excursions happen during the semester, which is worth to join. Also, the vast number of clubs are a fantastic opportunity to try something new and leave your comfort zone for unforgettable and maybe life-changing memories.

Even though I had some difficulties before applying for a semester abroad at SolBridge. I wouldn't change my decision to study at SolBridge. The Korean culture and in particular, the food is different, but I certainly will miss it. I am glad I have met so many different people and made new friendships that I would never have expected. I am sad to leave everything behind; I will still remember all the good and tough times. And I am sure we will meet somewhere in the world again.


Given that next semester will be my last semester, I would like to welcome SolBridgers at my home University in Reutlingen, and I hope they will enjoy their semester abroad as much as I did.

Thank you for this experience SolBridge!

 And a special 감사합니다 [Thank you!] to my beloved Korean roommate Hyoji Ahn.