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Happy Chuseok!

Category : [2016]| Writer : SolBridge | Date : 2016.09.13 | Hit : 57,941


Dear SolBridgers:
Thank you very much for your contribution to the Chuseok Donation Campaign. We had a very successful turn out thanks to everyone's input. In particular, we extend a warm thank-you note to the ten Sol-Ambassadors for all their efforts and incredible team-work. It couldn't have been possible without them:
Viktoriya Pak
Vladimir Kim
Chinar Zaruova
Cinta Iole Amidjaja
Christine Nuwakunda
Samia Rifaoui
Tenver Ahmed Mozaed
Gi-Dae Park
Tran Nguyen Thuy Duong
Tatiana Anokhina
In line with our Social Responsibility pillar... (more in your SolBridge e-mail).


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