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New Partnership in Vienna, Austria

Category : [2016]| Writer : SolBridge | Date : 2016.08.31 | Hit : 82,526


SolBridge International School of Business is pleased to sign a new partnership agreement with FH Vienna University of Applied Sciences (FHWien der WKW), Austria.


Following fruitful discussion with their International Center CIEM - FHWien of WKW, both institutions will be able to send and host exchange students in Austria and South Korea as soon as February 2017.


FH Vienna University of Applied Sciences is SolBridge's first ever partner university in Austria and contributes to increasing SolBridge's internationalisation policy in Europe.


With our first partner university located in Austria, SolBridge International School of Business now offers study abroad opportunities in 16 European countries.


We look forward to developing this partnership!



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