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Trilateral Exchange Agreement with Nottingham Trent and I-Shou

Category : [2016]| Writer : SolBridge | Date : 2016.05.10 | Hit : 61,239

On Wednesday, April 27, 2016, SolBridge welcomed the representatives from Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom, and I-Shou University, Taiwan, for a trilateral exchange program agreement to begin as early as the fall 2016.


The MoU signing ceremony was officiated by Dr. John E. Endicott, President of Woosong University and Vice Chancellor of SolBridge; Dr. Jerman W. Rose, Dean of SolBridge; Mr. BB Hwang, Vice President of Administration of SolBridge, along with Dr. TK Peng, Dean of the College of Management at I-Shou; Dr. Anna Lin Warangkana, Dean of I-Shou’s International and Cross-Strait Affairs; Dr. Gwen Chen, Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent; and Mr. Christophe Crabot, Head of the International Office at Nottingham Trent.


The innovative trilateral exchange program will give students the unique opportunity to experience living and studying in three countries (i.e. United Kingdom, Taiwan, and Korea) within one academic year.


Through this accord, Nottingham Trent University became the first British partner university of SolBridge, signalling a mutual growing interest between Asian and European academic institutions.


SolBridge looks forward to developing further trilateral program agreements with many more universities around the world in the months to come.




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