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Innovative Thinking: Pushing Boundaries in Contemporary Art

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SolBridge’s lecture series is one of the school’s pillars with distinguished academicians and business leaders addressing students on some of today’s more important global economic and business issues. Through these lectures, students gain insights into today’s ever-changing business world to help them become the next generation of Asian Thought Leaders.

And sometimes, they learn a little art and humility along the way.
Students and faculty were treated to a very special and unique lecture at the end of November by Professor BG Muhn from Georgetown University who keyed in on one of SolBridge’s mission statements regarding creative management.

“Creative problem solving can be applied to any field,” Muhn said, “which means you think about creative innovation.”

Students hear a lot about creative innovation at SolBridge and Muhn’s lecture helped them to understand the importance of being creative and innovative in today’s business world. During his lecture, he looked at contemporary art and how artists push boundaries to be innovative.

Muhn’s road to success was not an easy one and the story of his life that he shared with the audience was enlightening and inspiring.

“I’ve been at Georgetown for twenty years, but as a young boy growing up in Daegu, I never thought I would be where I am at today,” Muhn said. “My main concern back then was having enough food to eat.”

Life was hard for Muhn who lived in a home without electricity. However, he learned how to draw which would become a turning point in his life.

“I wanted to go to college but my family couldn't support me,” he said.

Muhn did make it to college and in 1980 he found himself in San Francisco. He cleaned houses and folded clothes to support himself. Although he came from a different background and culture in eight years all that hard work and perseverance paid off.

“It has never been easy,” he said, “but hard work always pays off.”

Before he left, he offered some very important advice for students.

“No matter what your background is, your dedication to whatever you pursue will lead to fruitful pursuits,” he said. “Be brave enough here to use that as an opportunity to lead you to greater things and surround yourself with others who will push you and encourage you.”

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