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SolBridge Holds Second Rocket Pitch Competition

Category : [2013]| Writer : 관리자 | Date : 2013.10.10 | Hit : 77,829

How fast can you sell your idea?

This was the challenge posed to the students for the second Rocket Pitch competition which was held at SolBridge on October 1. Twenty students competed in this exciting and intense competition.

This competition, which is part of SolBridge’s “Sol-Challenge” program, is based on the idea of an “elevator pitch” where a person has only a minute or two to “pitch” an idea to a manager or supervisor while riding an elevator. All students who competed in this competition received “Sol Miles” which are points awarded for competing in various events throughout the semester. Students with the most miles at the end of the semester are selected for an overseas market research trip.

It is a fun, intense, and exciting challenge for students to showcase their soft skills by pitching their idea to judges. After three intense rounds, the judges had their winners: First Place, Shokhrukh Jobborov; Second Place, Taejo Kim; and Third Place, Leakhena Srey.

Anthony Boyd, the Director of the English Language Center at SolBridge and one of the organizers of the event, was pleased with the results and the caliber of soft skills that all the competitors displayed during the competition.

“The SolBridge Rocket Pitch is not only a dynamic and challenging way to test your mettle, but it is an entertaining one as well,” Boyd said. “With its focus on clear delivery, time management, creative thinking, and the establishment of rapport, this contest is at the heart of what we are hoping to do here at SolBridge.”

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