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SolBridge Holds International Market Research Competition

Category : [2013]| Writer : 관리자 | Date : 2013.06.14 | Hit : 59,955

The finals for the first International Market Research Competition were held in SolBridge International School of Business’s fourth floor auditorium on May 28th.

The four teams gave stellar presentations which examined investment opportunities in APEC nations.

Twelve days earlier, 19 teams of 4-5 students participated in round one of the first International Market Research competition. Students had to choose an APEC country and by looking at various aspects of the country, including, but not limited to, infrastructure, economy, and industry, and then make recommendations during a ten-minute presentation for foreign investment in that country. Ten teams advanced to the second round before the final round.

The winners of the competition will go on an international study trip during the summer. The second place winners all received digital cameras and the third place winners won an external hard drive.

Win or lose, all the students are winners because they had the chance to work on their “soft skills” something students hear a lot at SolBridge. These soft skills are important for preparing students for the job market after they graduate. Additionally, students who have joined in other activities such as the T-Shirt Contest, Rocket Pitch Competition, and Culture Day can receive “Sol Miles” also making them eligible for the international study trip.

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