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DCM Bassett: View from the Embassy

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The SolBridge student body and faculty were treated to a very special lecture by the number two person at the US Embassy in Seoul, Deputy Chief of Mission, Leslie A. Bassett.

Calling the relationship between the United States and South Korea as one of the best in the world, Bassett, in her lively and informative forty-five minute lecture, talked about the four pillars of this relationship: security, economic, global cooperation, and people to people ties.

Referring to the security relationship which the United States and South Korea have shared since the end of the Korean War as a “region security enabler” Bassett said today this relationship is important for reminding North Korea of its role in the international community.

“There are a lot of opportunities for North Korea to become engaged with the international community,” she said.

An equally important pillar is the economic relationship that both countries share with one another. And nowhere is this best illustrated than the FTA signed between both countries.

“The FTA has seen tremendous benefits for both countries it’s a win-win for both countries after one year,” Bassett said.

One point that Bassett stressed throughout her lecture was how both countries are working together across the board whether it’s security, economic, or the third pillar, the kind of global cooperation the US and South Korea share around the world.

“We are working with Korea in different countries in a lot of different ways to synergize our efforts,” she said.

The last pillar that the US and South Korea share are the people to people ties which attracts all kinds of Americans to come to Korea.

“Education important to build those ties,” Bassett said. “Everywhere we look we see Koreans and Americans working together.”

Programs for women empowerment are another part of these people to people ties and an area that both countries work closely on.

“This is a great partnership with a sound foundation and a trade relationship,” Bassett said. “It opens so many opportunities.

Finally, Bassett had some advice for SolBridge students about the kinds of skills they need to be working on while in school.

“For you to get ready for the global market, soft knowledge use in the real world will help you be more effective across cultures,” she said.

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