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Fall Mentor-Mentee Festival 2012

Category : [2012]| Writer : 관리자 | Date : 2012.10.04 | Hit : 70,462

Although any semester formally kicks off with the Welcome Convocation, the real start of the semester from a mentor or mentee point of view starts with the popular Mentor-Mentee Festival.

As one of SolBridge’s networking pillars, the Mentor-Mentee festival is one of the most important activities for mentors and their mentees during the semester.

Each semester the festival gets bigger, more creative, and more fun for all those who participate. Organizers of this year’s festival, including Dr. Tonatiuh Ruiz, Dr. Bo-young Moon, and Deborah Bang did a superb job making it happen. For over two hours, students, faculty, staff, and guests enjoyed a wide assortment of games and also had the chance to sample foods from various countries.

The Mentor-Mentee Festival is a win-win event at SolBridge. Not only does it bring the entire school together for a couple of hours on a Friday afternoon, it also promotes SolBridge spirit as well as the school’s mission statement.

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