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SolBridge Holds Spring Convocation

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The Spring semester officially got underway on March 2nd with a Welcome Convocation in the 4th floor auditorium.

During the hour-long ceremony, Dr. John Endicott, President and Vice Chancellor of SolBridge in his opening remarks, welcomed new students to the SolBridge and reminded them to do their best while at SolBridge. Students also took an oath promising to do their best.

There are currently 1,031 students at SolBridge (100 MBA and 931BBA) from 39 different countries.

Chairman Dr. Sung-Kyung Kim, in his speech to new and returning students echoed Dr. Endicott’s sentiments and encouraged students to make the most of their time at SolBridge as well as their time in Korea. He also handed out Woosong Educational Foundation scholarships to the top students entering SolBridge this semester.

We wish all our students all the best this semester.


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