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SolBridge Podcast

Welcome to the SolBridge Podcast “SolPod”

Daniel Kopperud, International Admissions Manager & Outbound Programs Manager and Sharon Nabwire, Digital Marketing Manager at SolBridge discuss student life at SolBridge and in Korea in general. Join us to listen to different experiences and upcoming events around SolBridge.


Season 2: Episode 5: Life Hacks for SolBridgers

Two graduating students; Siteng Cheng, MBA Student from China and Dahye Lee, BBA Student and Vice President Student Council at SolBridge share some life hacks for SolBridgers.  

Listen to "Life Hacks for SolBridgers by Graduating Students" on Spreaker.Season 2: Episode 5: Life Hacks for SolBridgers

Season 2: Episode 4 - Study Tips

We have come to the last stretch of the semester, and we know you are busy with presentations, exams, and final assignments. This week we spoke to two excellent SolBridge students, Alina Kogai and Gleb Gadelshin to share with us some of their study or exam tips. We hope these tips will help you in your upcoming exams and the semesters ahead in SolBridge.

Good luck with your exams!

Listen to "Season 2: Episode 4 - Study Tips" on Spreaker.Season 2: Episode 4 - Study Tips

Season 2: Episode 3 - Culture Shock in Korea

We have all experienced some form of Culture shock when we move to a new or unfamiliar environment. This week on the SolBridge Podcast Serin Jang, a Korean student who recently moved back to Korea and Noble Tinashe an exchange student from Zimbabwe shared some of the things that shocked them when they first moved to Korea.  

Listen to "Season 2: Episode 3 - Culture Shock in Korea" on Spreaker.Season 2: Episode 3 - Culture Shock in Korea

Season 2: Episode 2 - Study Abroad Experiences

Because of our global network of partner schools, SolBridge students have the opportunity to study at another university in another country for as short as one semester or as long as a year. If they qualify, they can even go to another university to earn a dual degree. Gemma and Colin both studied in France and Thailand respectively for a semester. They shared their study abroad experiences with us on the podcast. 

Listen to "Season 2: Episode 2 - Study Abroad Experience" on Spreaker.Season 2: Episode 2 - Study Abroad Experiences

Season 2: Episode 1 Culture Day 2017

Welcome back to Season Two of the SolBridge Podcast! Last Friday, was Culture Day one of the most significant events at SolBridge.

Currently a home to students from 56 countries, SolBridge celebrated its diversity and cross-cultural community through a food festival, traditional attires, music, and performances.

We caught up with the President of SolBridge Student Council Ms. Azizakhon Anorboeva and the Academic Director, Student Council Ms. Salsabilla Sausan who was also the MC of the night for a recap of Culture Day.

Listen to "Season 2: Episode 1 - SolBridge Culture Day 2017" on Spreaker.Season 2: Episode 1 Culture Day 2017
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