Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Costs & Financial Aid

Program Cost


The total tuition fee for the Master of Business Administration program is $26,100.
The tuition and other costs such as residence, activity fee, and medical fee might be increased by 2% ~ 5% between semesters.

The SolBridge MBA program consists of two assessment periods, one in the spring and one in the fall. Each assessment period considers a fifteen-weeks regular semester plus one-week make-up classes, if necessary, followed by an additional 3-week inter-session semester (3 weeks in the summer and 3 weeks in the winter). Apart from tuition, students must cater for other expenses including meals, health insurance, transport, and any other personal expenses.

Spring 2024 Summer 2024 Fall 2024 Winter 2024 Annual
16 weeks 6 weeks
Summer 1 3 Weeks
Summer 2 3 Weeks
16 weeks 6 weeks
Winter 1 3 Weeks
Winter 2 3 Weeks
Costs USD
Enrollment Fee
(Onetime fee)
$760 $760* $760
Orientation Fee
(Onetime fee)
$158 $158* $158
Medical Insurance
$59 $59
Tuition $6,890 $6,890 $6,890 $6,890 $27,560
Residence $728 $364 (Optional) $728 $364 (Optional) $2,184
Meal $448 $448 $896
Activity Fee $100 $100 $200
Total $9,143 $7,254 $8,166 $7,254 $31,817

Things to Note:

* The enrollment and orientation fees are a one-time fee paid by all first-semester students (freshmen and transfer). Orientation fees covers meals and accommodation during our Team Building (Orientation) week but does not include bus fare from the airport.

The dormitory does not provide bedding, sheets, or pillows, however they can be acquired for a fee upon arrival, in most cases.

All first-year students (freshman and transfer) must get a Residence Card upon arrival in Korea. Korean Immigration charges $31 for the Residence Card. It is similar to the Korean ID card and must be carried with you at all times.

The above prices are meant to act as a guideline and are subject to change, especially adjustments to Residence and Health Care.

The costs provided do not include other meals, books, or pocket money. Meals cost approximately $5.00 in the SolBridge cafeterias. Meals eaten off-campus may cost more. Books are typically in the range of $600 per year; pocket money expenses depend on the lifestyle of the student.

Orientation week fee refunds are only issued if the student is no longer attending SolBridge International School of Business. However, this is subject to change, as it depends on the student’s individual case.

According to the school’s policy, other fees might be added during the semester.

SolBridge Provides the Right Support to
Help You Fund Your Education


SolBridge is committed to recognizing and nurturing exceptional candidates.
For Graduate Programs, we will give selected students the necessary support to enhance their future with 5 scholarship opportunities, they are: Admission Scholarship, Talent Scholarships (based on the applicant’s nationality, gender, and/or academic/professional background),
Merit-based Scholarships, Needed-based Scholarship, and Family Scholarship.



Admissions scholarship evaluations are made during the admission process and will consider the documents you submit for admission: essays, university transcripts, recommendation letters and your admission interview.

Please, be aware that as soon as you apply, you are already being considered for the Admission Scholarship.

Admission Scholarship

Your chance to receive a Full Tuition Scholarship Award!


Open to all applicants, the Admission Scholarship is granted based on a holistic view on the applicant’s academic capabilities, career achievement, and potential contribution to school. It can vary from 30% to full 100% tuition funding.
This scholarship is valid for the first semester. For the subsequence semesters, students’ scholarship will be based upon earning a higher Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) or Combined Grade Point Average (CBGPA) following the Scholarship Bracket.

On Campus Scholarships


The Finance Office is located on the 5th floor of SolBridge to assist students with scholarships and tuition fee inquiries.
For general inquiries about scholarships, please write to:

Students’ Admission Scholarships are valid for their first semester at SolBridge. For the subsequence semesters, students’ scholarship will be based upon earning a higher Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) or Combined Grade Point Average (CBGPA) following the Scholarship Bracket below:
CGPA or CBGPA (Higher of Two) Scholarship Percentage
4.5 100%
4.25 – 4.49 70%
4.00 – 4.24 60%
3.75 – 3.99 40%
3.60 – 3.74 30%
Students are admitted to SolBridge with the understanding that they or their families will have the continuing financial resources to complete their degree programs. Recognizing that unanticipated short-term financial emergencies may arise during the course of their studies, a Need-based Award has been established.

Only students with short-term or unanticipated financial emergencies during the past six months; and who are not qualified for other scholarships, are eligible to apply. Students may apply for a Need-based Award any time during the year when a special circumstance arises.

To qualify, MBA and Masters applicants must earn at least a 3.20 CGPA or CBGPA, whichever is higher in their most recently completed assessment period.

The applicant must explain and document in detail the reason(s) for their inability to meet their SolBridge financial obligations in the forthcoming assessment period. Awards will be limited to a maximum of 30% and apply only to the forthcoming assessment period. Consecutive awards will not be granted. MBA and Masters students are limited to one award during their program.
To assist with the financial obligation for parents of existing SolBridge students, SolBridge provides the Family Scholarship. When a fully registered student of SolBridge has a sibling (brother or sister, immediate family only) who will attend SolBridge, the sibling will be awarded a scholarship. This scholarship is available on admission and can be maintained while both siblings are attending SolBridge.

This scholarship is provided on evidence of the sibling relationship.

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