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  • SolBridge Debate Society win 2021 Korea National Championship">SolBridge Debate Society win 2021 Korea National Championship

     SolBridge Debate Society(SDS) represented by Houymean Lim, Jamoliddin Ergash-Zoda, and Sally Lee, hasonce again been crowned Korea’s champions.   Seoul National Universityhosted the Spring 2021 Korea National Championship (KNC) on May 19, 22-23. Thisis an incredibly competitive tournament where teams representing the topuniversities throughout Korea compete against each other in Asian Parliamentaryformat debating. Each round of debate sees two teams (of three members each) goup against each other and debate various controversial topics. Some of the competingschools in this edition of KNC included Seoul National University, YonseiUniversity, Korea University, Sogang University, Hanyang University, KyungheeUniversity, Ewha University, and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Teams battled throughsix difficult preliminary rounds spread over two days before a select number ofteams advanced into the elimination rounds based on skill, persuasiveness, andstrength of argument. Two teams and our team judge (Bobur Sirojiddinov) proudlyrepresenting SolBridge at KNC were SDS 1 (Houymean Lim, Jamoliddin Ergash-Zoda,and Sally Lee) and SDS 2 (Ga-Yun Lee, DongGi Lee, and Aytalina Shestakova). SDS 1 dominated thecompetition as the only team to win every preliminary round (and often by alandslide, with their average margin of victory being nearly 10 points). Afterknocking out top teams in the Quarterfinals and Semifinals, SDS wenthead-to-head with Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in the Grand Finals. Theresult of the Grand Final was 8-1 in our favor, completing their undefeatedrun. SolBridge team also tookbest speaker awards with Houymean Lim being awarded the 7th best speaker award,Jamoliddin receiving the 5th best speaker award, and finally, Sally beingcrowned the overall best speaker of the Korea Nationals. Congratulations to thechampions, members of SolBridge Debate Society, and to professor Joshua Parkand professor Danielle Swanepoel for successfully coaching the teams to achieveyet another win.  


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  • 우송한국어교육원 TOPIK 모의고사 실시 안내">우송한국어교육원 TOPIK 모의고사 실시 안내

     우송한국어교육원 TOPIK 모의고사 실시 안내코로나로 인해 외국 학생들의 TOPIK 시험 참가가 어려운 상황입니다. 이에 우송대학교 한국어교육원에서는 학생들의 한국어 실력에 대한 진단과 시험 합격률 제고를 위해 TOPIK 모의고사를 진행합니다. 지난 4월 한국어교육원에 개설된 과목을 수강하는 학생들을 대상으로 1차 토픽 모의고사를 진행했습니다. 2차 모의 토픽은 우송대학교에 재학 중인 외국 학생이면 누구나 무료로 모의 토픽에 참가할 수 있도록 대상을 확대하기로 했습니다. 이에 아래를 참고하여 신청하기 바랍니다.- 아래 - 1. 대 상 : 2021년 1학기 한국어교육원 개설 교과목 비 수강자              * 2021년 1학기 한국어교육원 개설 교과목 수강자 자동 신청2. 신 청 : 2021년 5월 12일~5월 20일(선착순 300명 제한)               학번, 전공, 성명을 아래 이메일로 보냄               예) 메일 제목 : TOPIK 참가 희망 메일 내용 : 성명, 전공, 학번, 학년3. 응시료 : 무료4. 메 일 : 시 험 : 5월 26일~5월 31일(기간 내 신청을 하지 않은 사람은 입장 불가)6. 방 법 : ‘토픽모의고사’ 세부 응시 방법은 신청 후 LMS 공지 사항에서 확인 가능               한국어, 영어, 중국어 공지문 탑재 ※ 아래 표를 참고하십시오.구분교시영역시험 형식시험 시간시험 기간TOPIK I1교시듣기 (30문제)읽기 (40문제) 퀴즈100분 5월 26일(수) ~ 5월 31일(월) ※ 기간 내 언제든 접속해 시험을 볼 수 있음(기회 3번)TOPIK II1교시듣기 (50문제) 퀴즈63분2교시읽기 (50문제) 퀴즈70분3교시쓰기 ( 4문제)종이에 써서 사진 찍기과제방에 과제 사진 파일 제출60분 ※ 각각 시험 시간이나 응시 횟수를 넘기면 시험에 다시 참가할 수 없음※ 토픽 1과 토픽 2를 다 보고 싶은 학생은 2개 모두 참가할 수 있음  


  • 2021학년도 수시면접 기출문제">2021학년도 수시면접 기출문제

     우송대학교에 관심과 사랑을 주시는 학부모 및 학생여러분 감사드립니다.  2021학년도 수시모집 기출문제를 게재하오니 참고하시기 바랍니다 .


  • 외교부 및 한국방송공사(KBS) 주최, 2021 퀴즈 온 코리아 (Quiz on Korea) 안내">외교부 및 한국방송공사(KBS) 주최, 2021 퀴즈 온 코리아 (Quiz on Korea) 안내

     외교부 및 한국방송공사(KBS) 주최, 2021 퀴즈 온 코리아 (Quiz on Korea) 안내1. 참가 신청 접수기간 : 2021.3.29(월) ~ 4.18(일)2. 참가자격 : 한국을 사랑하고 한국 문화에 관심이 많으며, 한국 체류에 적법한 비자를 소지한 국내 외국인3. 접수방법 : 홈페이지에서 참가신청서 작성상세내용은아래 포스터 참고 바랍니다.   


  • Call for Applications – Fall 2021 Intake">Call for Applications – Fall 2021 Intake

     SolBridge International School of Businessis now accepting applications for Fall 2021 intake. Apply now and join our diversecommunity from over 60 countries. Applications are evaluated on a case-by-casebasis taking into account the applicant's academic records, Englishproficiency, financial status, personal essay, extra-curricular activities, andletters of recommendation.   AcademicProgramsSolBridge students develop the academicknowledge and technical skills necessary to understand the modern businessworld, achieve the highest level of success in their professional careers, andprepare for a successful transition to the job market after graduation. Bachelor of BusinessAdministration (4 years)The BBA program is a practical andinternational program designed to help students develop the fundamentalbusiness and management skills needed to kick-start their careers. Students canpursue one of five specializations (Finance, Management and Entrepreneurship,Marketing, Technology and Innovation, or Data Analytics) or complete anon-specialized genera BBA degree. Master of Business Administration (1 year)The MBA program prepares professionals tolead organizations of the future. The program is designed to give students withprior working experience solid expertise in business fundamentals in additionto the soft skills needed in today's workplace. Students can take this programeither offline or online.Master of Sciencein Marketing Analytics (2 Years)The MSMA degree is a two-year programdesigned to meet the in­creasing demand for analytical skills, particularlyrequired in marketing. The program nurtures professional marketing analystswith statistical, programming, and analytical skills to make data-drivendecisions.Master inManagement and Technology (2 Years)The MIMT degree is a two-year programdesigned to meet recent graduates' requirements, regardless of whether theyhave a background in technology or a background rooted in pure man­agementstudies. Students will be equal­ly prepared to reach the same goal: to becomeskilled business leaders with a profound understanding of technical knowledge. Studentscan take this program either offline or online.Master ofScience in Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation (2 Years)The MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship& Innovation is a newly introduced two-year program designed to preparestudents to become tech entrepreneurs capable of translating technologyintellectual properties (IPs) into breakthrough products. Ph.D. in GlobalManagement (3 Years)The Ph.D. in Global Management providesstudents with a rigorous academic foundation to be creative minds in academia. Doctoralstudents will work closely with world-class faculty who have broad expertiseacross all areas of management, marketing, finance, accounting, strategy, andorganizational behavior. .UndergraduateAdmissions Requirements - Completed online application form - Proof of English proficiency – IELTS 5.5 or equivalent - Proof of High School Diploma - Copy of passport – Photo Page - List of extra-curricular activities and awards - Proof of finances – a bank statement or letter - Typed Personal Essay - One letter of recommendation GraduateAdmissions Requirements - Completed online application form - Official Score of English Test - IELTS or equivalent - Academic Transcripts (original or validated copies) with a cumulative GPA of 2.0/4.0 or higher – midyear transcripts are acceptable for those about to graduate - GMAT/GRE; those without an official score should take SolBridge Internal Admission Test (S-GAT) - Proof of Finances – bank statement or bank letter - Copy of Passport – Photo Page - Original Bachelor's Degree Diploma (Masters) and Master's Degree (Ph.D.) - Written and Video Essay - Two letters of recommendation Resume/CV- Talent Scholarship essay - Research Proposal (Ph.D.)  ScholarshipsAdmission scholarships are limited andcompetitive and cover only tuition fees. Scholarships are awarded for onesemester for applicants. All applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.6/4.5 toqualify for a Merit-Based Scholarship following the completion of their initialscholarship cycle. Tuition scholarships are awarded based on academic performance,personal essay, letter(s) of recommendation, extra-curricular activities, transcripts,and the application form.Graduate students can also apply for Talentscholarships based on their academic and professional backgrounds. Moreinformation can be accessed on the SolBridge website. Applicants eligible for ascholarship must still demonstrate sufficient proof of personal finances toenter SolBridge. ApplicationDeadlineAdmission is selective and students areurged to apply as early as possible to ensure sufficient time for applicationreview, visa application, and moving preparations. The deadline for the Fall2021 semester is June 30, 2021. APPLYNOW!  


  • SolBridge Student to Speak at TEDxWoosongUniversity 2021">SolBridge Student to Speak at TEDxWoosongUniversity 2021

    Woosong University willbe hosting its third TEDxWoosongUniversity event on Friday, 23rd April 2021, under the theme "Uncharted Territory." TED is an annual event where some of the world'sleading thinkers and doers are invited to share what they are most passionateabout. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local,independently organized events that bring people together to share in aTED-like experience. At TEDx events, TEDTalk videos and live speakers combineto spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local,self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x=independently organized TEDevent. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, butindividual TEDx events are self-organized.TEDxWoosongUniversity is an independently organizedevent designed to provide a platform where thought leaders and thinkers in theWoosong community and beyond can make a difference and share their ideas. Weall have unique and distinct perceptions of certain realities and issues in ourlocal community and the world. With the spread of a pandemic, businesses, companies, communities, andindividuals have had to alter their 'normal' as they tread new terrains.Diverse speakers, including SolBridge BBA student, Muborak Samieva, will share thought-provoking ideas andmisconceptions under the theme "UnchartedTerritory." This event will stir up conversations about the currentunknown realities and how they can be explored for a better community.Due to the current COVID-19 regulations, this event will be heldonline. For the detailed speaker lineup and registration to attend, pleaseclick here.Attendance to this event is free of charge, come kindle new ideasand be inspired to see things differently.Event: TEDxWoosongUniversityVenue: OnlineTime: 1:30 PM – 4:00 PMSee you all there! 


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  • SolBridge crowned champions Asian English Olympics 2021">SolBridge crowned champions Asian English Olympics 2021

    SolBridgeDebate Society has made us very proud to be crowned champions of the AsianEnglish Olympics (AEO) in the debate division. This is a much-coveted win atthe AEO hosted by BINUS University in Indonesia and attended by severalprominent institutions in Asia. This prestigious competition is a series ofEnglish language-related challenges that assess students’ abilities indifferent forms of spoken and written English and also puts their criticalthinking and communication skills to the test. Our students distinguishedthemselves in several of the challenges. Studentswho represented SolBridge at AEO were carefully selected after a week-long,intensive training camp hosted by Debate-for-All. This camp affordedparticipants the unique opportunity to be trained by world-class debaters,coaches, and public speakers. Over a hundred participants took part in thistraining camp, and 19 students were selected to represent SolBridge at AEO.SolBridgestudents took part in five divisions of AEO and advanced into the eliminationrounds in all.  Inthe category of storytelling, this particular division involved various stories– all told with no script – such as a story based on the theme of exceedingpossibilities and an in-character story based on a tale supplied by the AEOcommittee. We want to congratulate Leilt Assefa, who used her compellingstorytelling skills to advance to the quarterfinals.Inthe news casting category, the competition requires students to engage withtheir audience just like a real TV newsreader does: delivering hard and softnews, simulating a live on-location news report, and interviewing specialguests. With impressive skill, Saule Ramazan reached the quarterfinals, andFiona Koh Howitt made it to the semi-finals of this demanding competition.Studentsare tested on their public speaking skills in the speech category, withspeeches ranging from two minutes to seven minutes. Topics are givenspontaneously to contestants, who are not allowed to use notes or a script.This is a challenging division, and we congratulate Ga-Eun Oh and EleonoraNelidina, who successfully progressed into the elimination rounds. Wewould also like to congratulate Ryan Kim, who fought his way to the semi-finalsof the spelling bee division, which requires contestants to spell a wide rangeof increasingly tricky vocabulary terms. Contestants making it to thesemi-finals must race against time to spell as many words as possible infifteen minutes. Finally,this competition that puts contestants' critical thinking, organizationalskills, and logical skills to the test is the debate division. Students in thiscompetition must adhere to the rules of British Parliamentary debate, in whichfour teams of two argue for and against a series of increasingly challengingmotions. Afterfive preliminary rounds, we are proud to announce that all three teams fromSolBridge Debate Society (Houymean Lim and Jamoliddin Ergash-Zoda; BoburmirzoSirojiddinov and Le Hoang Giang; Polina Pashintceva and Aitalina Shestakova)advanced into the elimination rounds. After a challenging set of eliminationrounds, SolBridge Debate Society (SDS), represented by Houymean Lim andJamoliddin Ergash-Zoda, was crowned the AEO Debate champions. Notably,Jamoliddin received the overall best speaker award, and best speaker of thegrand finals award, while the second overall best speaker award went toHouymean. Polina Pashintceva was the tenth novice best speaker.Congratulationsto all participating students. 


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