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  • 2022학년도 수시모집 합격자 학장 축하인사">2022학년도 수시모집 합격자 학장 축하인사



  • 2022학년도 수시모집 합격자 총장 축하인사">2022학년도 수시모집 합격자 총장 축하인사



  • Young Leaders Debate Camp(초/중급), English Accelerator Camp 위탁업체 모집">Young Leaders Debate Camp(초/중급), English Accelerator Camp 위탁업체 모집

    Young Leaders Debate Camp(초/중급), English Accelerator Camp 위탁업체 모집   1. 사업목적 : 학생들의 글로벌리더와 창의적 사고를 위한 디베이트 및 영어 협상 토론 기술 함양 2. 모집부서 : 솔브릿지 3. 프로그램 위탁 주요 내용 :  구분프로그램영어 디베이트 프로그램Young Leaders Debate Camp (초급) 영어 디베이트 프로그램Young Leaders Debate Camp (중급) 소계 총원35명영어 협상 프로그램English Accelerator Camp소계 총원35명합계70명4. 제출 서류 : 회사의 제안서와 견적서 5. 접수기간 : 2021. 12. 1(수) ~ 2021. 12. 8(수) 6. 접수 방법 : 제출서류를 로 송부 7. 모집 방법 : 이메일 제출 8. 계약기간 : 계약회사와 협의 ■ 기타 자세한 내용은 우송대학교 솔브릿지 교육혁신원(042- 630-8542)로 문의 바랍니다. 


  • SolBridge UCLG Club visits Busan Convention Center">SolBridge UCLG Club visits Busan Convention Center

     UCLG Club is a newly established SolBridge club with the aim of: Contributing to the globalization of Daejeon city by supporting local organizations and promoting Daejeon to member’s home countries.Creating an international environment that fosters deeper cultural understanding and cooperation between students.Participating in international events in Daejeon, including the UCLG (United Cities & Local Governments) World summit.As part of their role, members of this club act as Ambassadors of the Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise (DIME). Last week, members visited Busan Convention Center under the Korea MICE Association to see and experience the MICE industry in preparation for the 7th UCLG World Congress hosted in Daejeon in 2022. 


  • SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Juntao Cai">SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Juntao Cai

     This month we recognize JuntaoCai, a SolBridge BBA alumnus class of 2018 from China. Juntao is an EquityResearch Analyst at Citigroup based in Hong Kong. As part of the research team,he is responsible for formulating and delivering investment views on China andHong Kong equity market to investors across private equity, hedge funds, andpension funds. Upon graduation from SolBridge, Juntao continued his master'sstudy at NYU Stern School of Business and started his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC). While at SolBridge,Business Consulting Skills, taught by a Director of Deloitte Consulting inSpring 2016, was one of the courses Juntao enjoyed. Not only did herealize the importance of thinking critically and logically, but moreessentially, he gained invaluable hands-on problem-solving experiences fromimplementing theoretical frameworks to a real case scenario."I truly appreciatethe people I met and all sorts of resources SolBridge provided, ranging from;amazing professors and faculty, brilliant and diverse group of classmates,wonderful extracurricular activities to the study abroad programs. All thisshaped me into the person I am today." Juntao said.  


  • 2022학년도 솔브릿지 예비 신입생 및 학부모 간담회">2022학년도 솔브릿지 예비 신입생 및 학부모 간담회

    세부일정가. 2021. 11. 22(월) 15:00 ~ 17:00 - 서울 프레스센터 프레스클럽(19층) 시 간 내 용 담 당 15:00 ~ 15:15 환영인사 학장님 및 단장님 15:15 ~ 15:30 솔브릿지 소개 입학팀 15:30 ~ 16:00 SolBridge BBA 2.0 및 Section Class 소개 김 건 화 교수 16:00 ~ 16:10 CDC 소개 및 취업현황 설명 최 창 준 교수, 한 준 기 교수 16:10 ~ 16:55 동문 및 재학생과의 대화 유지수,강지연,Hane Hopp,피오나 고 16:55 ~ 17:00 질의 응답    나. 2021. 11. 27(토) 10:00 ~ 15:00 – 솔브릿지 국제경영대학 3층 로비 시 간 내 용 담 당 10:00 ~ 10:15 환영인사 학장님 및 단장님 10:15 ~ 10:30 솔브릿지 소개 입학팀 10:30 ~ 11:00 SolBridge BBA 2.0 및 Section System 소개 김 건 화 교수 11:00 ~ 11:10 CDC 소개 및 취업현황 설명 최 창 준 교수, 한 준 기 교수 11:10 ~ 12:00 동문 및 재학생과의 대화 유지수,정지수,Hane Hopp,피오나 고 12:00 ~ 13:30 점심식사 및 자유시간 투어 - 솔프런티어 13:30 ~ 14:55 Debate 특강 및 시연 Porf.Danielle Swanepoel 14:55 ~ 15:00 질의 응답      


  • The Journey of Asia’s Top 10% Leaders - Special Lecture">The Journey of Asia’s Top 10% Leaders - Special Lecture

     Mr. Samuel Hwang, the CEO of Theragenbio, Korea, delivered an inspiring lecture to SolBridge students on January 25, 2021, entitled "The Journey of Asia's top 10% leaders. Theragenbio is one of Korea's fastest-growing start-up company leading precision medicine highlighted as the new paradigm of Korea's future medicine in the 4th Industrial Revolution era.As a former Director of the CISCO systems Asia Pacific consulting business unit, Mr. Hwang shared his life inspiring journey from extreme poverty to a global company's senior executive.  


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