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  • Dean Rose’s Welcome Message; 2018 Fall Semester">Dean Rose’s Welcome Message; 2018 Fall Semester

     "It is my privilege to serve as your dean and to offera few welcoming remarks on this occasion. It occurred to me while thinkingabout our convocation ceremony, that you know all of us, you and me, carry aheavy burden, a tremendous load like a heavy chain on our shoulders. It is theburden of our past. None of us is the person we were yesterday, last semesteror last year. Those of you coming from other countries, you are not the personyou were when you left home. However, we still carry this tremendous burden,the burden of our past that holds us back, it weighs us down.  Can you feel it on your shoulders? Your past.I would like to give you three things to think aboutas we start a new semester. First, you are not your failures; you are not themistakes you’ve made in the past. Your mistakes are gone. And that little voicein your head that says “Oh no, not again...” that negative voice, it is notwhat defines you. Secondly, and this may be a surprise, we are not our successeseither. Yes, everyone here as enjoyed success or you wouldn’t be here; successin your school and other areas of your life. But you have to put it back intothe past as well. You know Bill Gates said that "Success is aterrible teacher because it seduces us into thinking that we can't fail".Your success in the past is dependent on the past. Sometimes when we aresuccessful, we think that's what we have to do over and over again, repeatingthe same thing to get the same success. This holds us back, it keeps us fromdeveloping new talents, new ways of looking at the world. Lastly what I want you to think about today is thatyou have a choice. We can move forward. The choices you make today will makeyou the person you will be tomorrow. This convocation ceremony represents afresh start to the new semester, a new beginning. It is a chance to put thepast behind us and look forward to the future. So I ask you today, throw offthe chains, throw off the weight of your past and look to the future. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple and a billionaire at30 years old got fired from the company he founded. Imagine how he must havefelt, fired after all his success. In 2005, during his commencement speech atStanford he said “getting fired from Apple was the bestthing that could have ever happened to me. The heaviness of beingsuccessful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again.”Can you feel thelightness of a new beginning?  Today is a new beginning, and I ask you, go forward,make choices for tomorrow, and don’t be held back by your past. Enjoy thatlightness of a new beginning. Congratulations and welcome to SolBridge. We areso happy to have you." 


  • August 2018 Alumni Highlight: Rustam Karimjonov">August 2018 Alumni Highlight: Rustam Karimjonov

     This month we recognize Rustam Karimjonov a SolBridge alumnusfrom Uzbekistan. Rustam is working with the Ministry of Public Education of theRepublic of Uzbekistan as a Reforms Expert and previously an IT entrepreneur,founder and VP Project Manager of a cloud-based ERP/CRM Software Company. Asthe founder of Keep Business Solutions LCC, Rustam built the company from theground up including selecting and managing project teams and developing companyprocesses and policies. As a government official, Rustam has worked for the Ministryfor the Development of Information Communication Technologies in differentcapacities including Head of ICT Strategy and Innovation. This positionentailed establishing strategic cooperation with world’s leading IT companiesand financial institutions (coordinated and initiated over 20 projects invarious fields including speech recognition, machine learning, and smart andsafe city). Moreover, he was responsible for the development and practicalrealization of long-term ICT industry strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistanfor 2019 - 2030 years. Before that, he worked for General Motor Uzbekistan indifferent positions in areas of global purchasing operations, financialplanning, and analysis.  Rustam graduated from SolBridge with double Masters ofBusiness Administration degrees in 2011 with a specialization inEntrepreneurship and Management Information Systems. He was the Captain ofSolBridge Football club, during which he led SolBridge team to win WoosongFootball Cup. 


  • SolBridge Protopie Competition 2018">SolBridge Protopie Competition 2018

     Last week, SolBridge Entrepreneurship Center successfullyconcluded the Protopie Competition that attracted more than 30 participants with adiverse range of ideas. Participants were required to make a prototype of amobile application using Protopie (prototyping as an easy pie), a code-freesoftware used for making mobile app prototypes. Besides, they created one minute Youtube clips explaining their productsto the would-be customers. Potential users decided the winners of thiscompetition by voting for a prototype they would use if it were a real mobileapplication out the selected nine prototypes. ‘Activi’ a prototype for connecting people to play any sport byTimur Mikheev won the first prize, and 500,000 Korean won as seed money. Activiwill allow users to find people playing sports by location and the type ofactivity. If the desired activity is not listed, users have the option ofcreating their own and have others join them. Unlike other apps, events aredetected automatically by GPS, internet and motion sensors. Sardorbek Arifkhodjaev came in second with 300,000Korean won for his ‘Bookology’ prototype. Bookology is an interactive app thatwill have PDF books, audiobooks and video lessons on those books. It willprovide an ultimate program that will help the reader master one or severalskills at a time. In third place was Akesandra Chen for her‘TaxiTogether’ app where she received 200,000 Korean Won. TaxiTogether willallow students to share a taxi this helping them to save money. The purpose of this competition was to encourageparticipants to improve their prototyping skills. “I am glad that I had such agolden opportunity to use Protopie software which was given my SolBridgeEntrepreneurship Center to create the first prototype of my dream app.” saidSardorbek. Congratulationsto the winners, and good luck with developing your mobile applications.    


  • SolBridge hosts 2018 Summer Camp">SolBridge hosts 2018 Summer Camp

     Last week marked theend of the three-week summer camp at SolBridge of over 200 high school studentsfrom Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Thailand. The participantsgot immersed in an intensive program of English and Korean classes, interactivesessions, Korean culture including introduction to Taekwondo, Hanbok and teaceremony experience. To enrich participants’English ability, they were exposed to Native English instructors with excellentteaching experience and interacted with senior SolBridge students whovolunteered for the camp. Besides, the participants had field trips to some ofthe top tourist attractions in Korea. At the end of the camp,participants had the opportunity to present what they had learned while atSolBridge to a panel of judges. The winning teams received admissionscholarships to study at SolBridge after they graduate from high school. Watch Video        


  • Big Data Based Intelligent Supervision Systems for District Financial Security by Dr. Fan Wang">Big Data Based Intelligent Supervision Systems for District Financial Security by Dr. Fan Wang

     On Monday July 23, 2018,Dr. Fan Wang, Honorary Professor of Endicott College of International Studiesand Dean of Sun Yat-sen Business school visited SolBridge and delivered aSpecial Lecture entitled “Big Data Based Intelligent Supervision Systems forDistrict Financial Security” where he highlighted the importance of financialsecurity in the era of big data. He explained how to use big data to maintainfinancial security with typical examples.Based on his lifeexperience, he advised SolBridge students on how to be more competitive in thefuture by acquiring technological skills that can be used to improvebusinesses. 


  • SolBridge at a Glance">SolBridge at a Glance

  • Special Lecture: Doing Business in China by Dr. Shuming Zhao">Special Lecture: Doing Business in China by Dr. Shuming Zhao

    Monday, July 2, 2018,SolBridge hosted Dr. Shuming Zhao, Honorary Professor and Honorary Dean ofSchool of Business, Nanjing University. He delivered a Special Lecture entitled“Doing Business in China” where he highlighted China’s going globalization andChina’s strategies to overcome linguistic and cultural misunderstandings whichare caused by globalization.During his lecture, heshared the characteristics of Chinese cultures and emphasized the importance ofCross-cultural Management. “Cross-cultural knowledgeand awareness can assist executives to improve management skills. Moreimportantly, it can also help business leaders make the right strategicdecisions.” he highlighted. 


  • SolBridge Students Study Abroad Opportunity at BI Norwegian Business School">SolBridge Students Study Abroad Opportunity at BI Norwegian Business School

     Priorto the summer days, SolBridge International School of Business has signed astudent exchange agreement with BI Norwegian Business School. Thisagreement further enhances our ongoing cooperation with Norway's leadingbusiness school. BI and SolBridge established early in 2017 dual degree andMaster pathway programmes allowing SolBridge students to earn a degree at areputable triple-accredited institution. Thispartnership increasingly diversifies the range of study abroad opportunitiesfor SolBridge students, allowing them to study for one or two semesters at 65partner institutions in over 22 European countries. “BIprovides students exceptional opportunities to grow, enhance their currentskills and learn new ones. What I find the most crucial at BI is the studyenvironment. The environment here is very competitive, it pushes you to aimhigher, work much harder, and hope that you become a better version ofyourself.” Nataliia Petromanova, Masters Student at BI and SolBridge BBAgraduate.   


  • SolBridge Holds 2018 Job Fair">SolBridge Holds 2018 Job Fair

     On Thursday 28th June 2018, SolBridge hosted 14 Koreanand global companies for its first job fair organized by SolBridge CareerDevelopment Center. Representing different fields from Finance, Government,Logistics to Human Resource, the companies included; Korea Rail NetworkAuthority, Korea Trade-Investment and Promotion Agency (KOTRA), LG Innotek,Pantos, Bosch, SK Securities, UBASE, Aegis BPO, MK International Corp, WOOJIN, Techone,Nemo, Spring Professional and Job News. The fair presented a forum for the participatingcompanies to introduce themselves to potential candidates and conducton-the-spot interviews for the participating SolBridge Students.  Prior to the fair, CDC conducted a separate sessionfor SolBridge students on the cover letter and resume writing. With theirresumes in hand, students were filled with great enthusiasm as they waited fortheir turns to be interviewed. The fair gave SolBridge students an opportunityto conveniently interview with multiple companies in one day in one location.Moreover, they got to network with different employers. The purpose of this fair was to provide a platform forour graduating students to reach directly with the different employers. 


  • Global Executive Study-Tour; MBA Executives experience Korea through SolBridge">Global Executive Study-Tour; MBA Executives experience Korea through SolBridge

     18th – 22ndJune, 2018 was indeed intense period of learning and experiencing Korea throughthe Global Executive Study-Tour program. Five nationalities including Kenya,Tanzania, Nigeria, Mongolia and Namibia were represented. The executives wereprofessionals in the field of Finance, Banking, Insurance, Education,Engineering, Construction and Medicine. Participants received lectures on The East Asian DevelopmentExperience, The Strategic Mindset intoday's Corporate World, and Industry 4.0 and Social Innovation. They visited manufacturing and hightech companies such as KT & G a leading tobacco producing company with anannual sale of over $4 billion USD and Kia Automobile manufacturing plant whichproduces a total of 520,000 utility vehicles a year. The plant they visited isone of the three Kia plants operating in Korea. It was interesting witnessinghow robots are taking over the manufacturing business as most sections of theproduction lines of these companies were occupied by robot working with greatspeed and precision.   The participants were shownlatest invention from the Electronic and Telecommunication Research Institute(ETRI) Korea where most of electronic applications are developed before beingsold to companies such as LG, Samsung, etc. The team also visited SamsungD'light Gangnam where the new world of possibilities in Electronics fromSamsung are showcased. There was also visit to the NationalScience and technology museum where the story of Science and Technology developmentin Korea is told with structures and minimal number of words. The participantshad a feel of Korean culture by visiting the National War Museum, participatingin Korea tea ceremony and dress on Hanbok experience. Many think of Korea interms of science and technology which is true. Korea ranks among the bestnations also in Ship building, automobile production, cosmetics andpharmaceuticals, education, petrochemicals etc.  Experience Korea, explore theopportunities and see the miracle of the Han River through SolBridgeInternational School of Business, Woosong University. 


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