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  • Season 4: Episode 1 - Study Abroad (Europe) Experience">Season 4: Episode 1 - Study Abroad (Europe) Experience

    Welcome to the fourth season of the SolBridge Podcast!This season, we have student Aysha Muminova co-hosting the podcast with Dan Kopperud. Together with a group of student reporters, they will share student perspectives and opinions on a wide range of topics.On this week’s podcast, Adilkhan Adilbekov spoke to a student couple Alina Kogai and Anuar Alimkulov who went for an exchange program in Europe. Tune in as they share insights from applying for a visa, studying in Europe to travelling in Europe as students.


  • Comparative Studies of Human Resource Management in China, Japan and USA">Comparative Studies of Human Resource Management in China, Japan and USA

     OnFriday September 28, 2018, SolBridge hosted Dr. Shuming Zhao, HonoraryProfessor and Honorary Dean of School of Business, Nanjing University. Hedelivered a Special Lecture entitled “Comparative Studies of Human ResourceManagement in China, Japan and USA”.  Hehighlighted different human resource management models in China, Japan and USAfrom the perspective of history and cultures with diversified cases in point. “Tobe successful in the future, tomorrow’s leaders will need a deep vein of creativity,a sensitivity to cultural context, a commitment to sustainability, and a socialconscience. That’s on top of a more familiar set of non-negotiable, flexibility,adaptability, problem-solving skills, a multidisciplinary outlook, and a globalmindset.” Dr. Zhao said.   


  • SolBridge Hosts CEOs from Iran under the Executive Study Program">SolBridge Hosts CEOs from Iran under the Executive Study Program

     FromSeptember 9th – 15th 2018, SolBridge hosted 34 CEOs of multinational companiesin Iran for the first time. The participants represented different industrieslike Insurance, Real Estate, Telecommunication, Consulting and Security. Through thistailored program,  participants attendedlectures about Korean economic experience and visited some of the leadingKorean companies including Hyundai Heavy Industries, ElectronicTelecommunication Research Institute (ETRI), POSCO and (Korean Aerospace ResearchInstitute (KARI). They attended lectures on managing the Global Economy,Digital Revolution and Globalization of Korean Electronic Industry. Theselectures shared insights that transformed Korean industries into globalleaders.  To experienceKorean culture, the participants had cultural visits to Insa-dong,Gyeongbokgung Palace, and participated in the Hanbok (traditional Korean dress)wearing experience. 


  • September 2018 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Nurzhan Serik">September 2018 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Nurzhan Serik

     This month we recognize Nurzhan Serika SolBridge alumnus from Kazakhstan. Nurzhan is a Valuation and Strategy Consultant atPricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Kazakhstan. PwC is a multinational professionalservices network with headquarters in the United Kingdom and one of the BigFour auditors in the world. Nurzhan performs valuation analysis,applying the income and market approaches. He has expertise in financialmodeling, data analysis, financial analysis and valuation of companies. Herecently passed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) level II; a professionalcredential offered to investment and financial professionals. Nurzhan graduated from SolBridge BBAprogram in 2016 with a specialization in International Finance. While atSolBridge, he had the opportunity of studying in the Netherlands at HanzeUniversity of Applied under SolBridge Study Abroad program. 


  • July 2018 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Victor Mwarania">July 2018 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Victor Mwarania

    Victor Mwarania isa SolBridge alumnus from Kenya. He is currently the Regional Business Developerfor New Markets (Africa) with the Prysmian Group, a global company with itsheadquarters in Italy. Prysmian Group is the largest cable manufacturingcompany in the world. Victor startedhis career in Seoul in 2013 when he joined LS Cable, a South Korean company, inthe position of Marketing Manager. On return to his home country, he joinedSamsung, where he was appointed Product Manager and later promoted to theposition of Regional Manager - responsible for the company’s consumer productsfor the East African Region. He left Samsung to take up his new role in thePrysmian Group. Victorgraduated from SolBridge in 2012 with an MBA Marketing. He attributes hismeteoric rise in the international business corporate world to the firmfoundation he gained from SolBridge. 


  • Samsung Electronics presents business cases to SolBridge students">Samsung Electronics presents business cases to SolBridge students

     Last week, Ms. Hana Kim, a representative fromSamsung Electronics visited SolBridge to present their business cases toSolBridge students in the BUS371 Business Consulting Practice class, taught byProf. Byungik Jung. The purpose of these cases is for students toacquire real business consulting experience by solving the client’s issues andtheir project needs. Through these cases, students get to practice thefundamental methodologies and frameworks that they have acquired in otherbusiness courses mainly through Business Consulting skills. Besides, thesecases help students develop a logical approach and creative ability to increasetheir "Creative Management Mind", one of the five mission-based goalsof SolBridge.Ms. Kim presented two real cases at Samsung Electronicsfor possible solutions including:1  Marketing Strategy for Ambient Mode2   NewScreen Opportunity for Millennials During the semester, students will work inteams and develop solutions to the presented problems above in consultationwith Prof. Byungik Jung and client. At the end of the semester, students willpresent their findings to the top management of the different companies. 


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