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  • Persuasive Communication by Prof. Carlos Pallero">Persuasive Communication by Prof. Carlos Pallero

     Effectivecommunication skills are fundamental to success in many aspects of life, bothpersonal and professional. To better this skill, we must be aware of our verbaland non-verbal communication. On March 30, Prof. Carlos Pallero delivered aspecial lecture at SolBridge on persuasive communication. As a result,attendees gained the confidence and tools needed to communicate moreeffectively on a personal and professional level.Prof.Pallero is a psychology, pedagogy, and executive education professor at IEBusiness School. He is also the founder of Mente Colectiva, an educationalconsulting agency that implements specialized neuro-learning programs ininternational schools. Additionally, he has designed training programs forcompanies like Vodafone, Eulen, Springfield, Lego, Abvvie, Nissan, LATAM, andStarbucks. 


  • Dean Park’s Message to SolBridge Graduating Class of Spring 2022">Dean Park’s Message to SolBridge Graduating Class of Spring 2022

     I’d like to thank Founder Kim, Chairman Kim, President Oh,and our distinguished high officials and faculty members for giving me thestage.On behalf of everyone at SolBridge and Woosong, I offer thegraduating class of Spring 2022 the warmest of congratulations. This event is truly a landmark in our history. You are thefirst class since the onset of COVID-19 to be part of a fully in-personcommencement ceremony that we have held at SolBridge, even if not every one ofour graduates could join us. Our graduates from 13 countries from around theworld can celebrate their achievement together in one place, receiving all ofthe applause from family and friends that you so much deserve. As the world isdoing, we continue to take steps into the Post-COVID new normal.Despite the challenges of the previous 2.5 years, youadapted and innovated, surviving and thriving in online/hybrid environments.You took part in remote internships and international workshops andcompetitions, you were able to socialize, make friends, and have fun evenamidst social distancing limitations. We are all so very proud of you for yourremarkable achievements. You, each one of you, are truly a success.But of course, this new normal is not all rosy. As theworld is more tied together than ever before and Industry 4.0 in full force,strengthened by the push factor of COVID, it seems as though we continue toface one crisis after another.We have just heard of the impact of Fed’s decision to hikethe interest rates; in an amount some are calling a “giant step”. This has animmediate impact on exchange rates and has ripple effects on economies aroundthe world. We see gas prices higher than ever in recent memory. We still have awar in Ukraine that also impacts our region and the world. We have shifts inbusiness and governance philosophies, such as regionalism, equity,sustainability, social responsibility—many of which may be a positive shift inthe grand scheme of things, but tumultuous nevertheless. And I’m sure these canbe closely felt by you, our graduates, most of whom now enter the world nolonger as students, but as members of the working society. And you may feel abit daunted.In a previous speech, I used the analogy of a reed, thatfeels weak, fragile, and flimsy, especially in the face of such forces. But howindividual reeds, when tied together as stacks, can be strong and resilient,not falling to storms that may bring down even the stoutest of trees.This is how I hope SolBridge will function for you.You collectively are a part of a uniquely diverse,supportive, and successful SolBridge community equipped with GACCS: GlobalPerspective, Asian Expertise, Creative Management Foundation, Cross-culturalCompetence, and Social Responsibility.You will always be a part of the SolBridge family, who canreadily be identified by the GACCS DNA. Just as you did not let go of yourrelationship with family after leaving them to come to SolBridge, to Korea,don’t let go of the friendships you’ve made with your fellow classmates, bondsyou have built with your professors—make a real effort to stay in touch. Takeadvantage of our alumni network; we are really working hard to strengthen thisnetwork, hosting online and in-person alumni meetings. We will connect you withmany of our successful former graduates from around the world; please take partand take full advantage of your worldwide family. And rest assured that just asyou will continue to strive for higher and greater achievements, your almamater will do the same—as was proven by SolBridge being selected as the firstschool in East Asia to be recognized twice by AACSB in its Innovations thatInspire feature, with us receiving the honor once again this year. Just as weare proud of you, we will make you proud to be associated with us, as part ofour family.A great thanks to all of you for your time here and I lookforward to, in just a few moments, welcoming you as our newest alumni.Congratulations! 


  • Building a YC Company – SolBridge Business Competition Lecture Series">Building a YC Company – SolBridge Business Competition Lecture Series

      In this third special lecture of the SolBridgeBusiness Competition lecture series, Mr. Peter Shin, the Program Manager at 500Korea – a venture capital firm that aims to seed Korea’s top startups and helpthem scale globally. Peter Shin is an active founder coach and an angelinvestor of consumer services, B2B SaaS, and self-development tools. Inaddition, he participated in YC W20 as a Co-Founder of QueryPie.Y Combinator is an American technology startupaccelerator launched in 2005 that has been used to launch over 3000 companies,including Airbnb, Reddit, Dropbox, Coinbase, and Twitch. Peter Shin shared hisSilicon Valley experience when co-founding QueryPie – a centralized platform tomanage scattered data sources and security policies in one place. Also,participants learned how to create startup YC companies that grow, making a compellingstartup pitch, and the different types of investors they can consider whenstarting their business. 


  • Entrepreneurial Mindset – SolBridge Business Competition Lecture Series">Entrepreneurial Mindset – SolBridge Business Competition Lecture Series

      Prof. Nir Hindi from IE Business schooldelivered the second special lecture on the Entrepreneurial mindset in theSolBridge Entrepreneurship competition lecture series. Prof. Nir has anatural-born desire for entrepreneurship and has been involved in differententrepreneurial ventures from a young age. He is a Professor at IE Business Schooland the founder of The Artian. This transdisciplinary training company fusesand mixes art mindset in business and technology environments to pursueoriginality. He is also a mentor in startup programs such as Startupbootcamps,Endeavor, MIT, and Harvard. Entrepreneurship is a wonderful, fulfilling, andexciting way of living. It is the way one acts in their day-to-day. Henceentrepreneurship, first and foremost, starts with mindset – whether one wantsto own their own company or not, an entrepreneurial mindset is critical. Inthis lecture, Prof. Nir examined entrepreneurship as a mindset and highlightedsome essential questions each person should ask before jumping into this world.Participants were introduced to the world of entrepreneurship through Prof.Nir's entrepreneurial path and learned the key lessons about leveragingpersonal skills, networks, and the abilities to pursue entrepreneurialopportunities.  


  • Global Collaboration and Acceleration Strategy – SolBridge Business Competition Lecture Series">Global Collaboration and Acceleration Strategy – SolBridge Business Competition Lecture Series

     In preparation for the 2021 SolBridgeEntrepreneurship Competition, SolBridge Entrepreneurship Center organized aseries of special lectures and seminars that provided business and start skillsto all SolBridge students interested in finding more information about theprocess of taking a business from an idea to a successful venture. Mr. SokjinChang delivered the first lecture in this series entitled the “GlobalCollaboration and Acceleration Strategy.”Sokjin Chang is the Director of InternationalCooperation at Born2Global Centre, the Korean government’s global startupincubation and acceleration agency under the Ministry of Science and ICT. Mr.Chang has extensive experience in global investment, international cooperation,and development assistance in government and the public sector. Before hiscurrent role, he worked with the Korean government, including the formerMinistry of Planning and Budget, Ministry of Economy and Finance, andPresidential Council on National Competitiveness. Using Korean startup examples, he highlightedthe Korean startup ecosystem. He shared ways students can transition theirbusiness ideas into successful startups and highlighted some key elements andstrategies that aspiring entrepreneurs need to keep in mind when expandingtheir startups to the global market. 


  • SolBridge students selected as Global Student Reporters for OGQ Corp">SolBridge students selected as Global Student Reporters for OGQ Corp

      15 chosen SolBridgestudents were announced at the launch ceremony of the NFT Marine Blues RebootClub (MBRC) as Global Student Reporters for OGQ Corp – a social platformconnecting creators with fans of MBRC. The studentreporters will carry out various activities and missions for two months untilAugust 2022, including discovering new markets and NFT artists. The studentswent through a rigorous selection process of document screening and interviews.Representing various nationalities, selected students showed fresh ideas, passion,and an interest in NFTs, needed to execute their roles for the next two months.Through thisGlobal Supporters Program, student reporters are grouped into two teams; OGQTeam and MBRC Team. The OGQ team will search for NFT projects and NFT artistsin various countries, while the MBRC team will work as community supporters fordifferent national holders of the Marine Blues reboot club project. A separatereward will also be given to the group selected as an excellent team.OGQ isoperating an IP marketplace, 'OGQ Market', that sells music, stickers, andvideos in collaboration with Naver and Afreeca TV. Currently, OGQ is launchingthe PFP NFT Marine Blues Reboot Club (MBRC), which has redesigned fiverepresentative characters of Marine Blues, Korea's first-generation webtoon,and reborn as a new worldview.Kim Kang-il,head of OGQ Next Commerce, said, "We will have a great synergy effect inexpanding the community through supporters' activities of students of variousnationalities ahead of the launch of the global project MBRC." Congratulationsto all selected students! Source: 


  • SolBridge Students Inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma Society">SolBridge Students Inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma Society

     This fall, SolBridge inducted Twenty-five newstudents (BBA and MBA) to the Beta Gamma Sigma, an international society fortop-performing business students. The purpose of Beta Gamma Sigma is toencourage and honor academic achievement in the study of business and fosterpersonal and professional excellence among its members. In addition, asignificant emphasis of society is to promote ethical business leadership.While membership is highly selective, the honor society is the largest alumnigroup globally for graduates of business programs. SolBridge Beta Gamma chapter continues topromote academic excellence and celebrate leadership among business students. Congratulations to all newly inducted membersbelow;Georgina Lili Matyok Saule RamazanNathanaël CouvidatMai Thanh HuyenJeong Jun ParkJiyeon KangNaura Affraa SulistyaValeriya Dmitrievna TsayFarrukh Sharifboy Ugli OtajonovBatgerel OdgerelAnastassiya PakIana DeriabinaAitalina ShestakovaEkaterina ProkudinaAlexandra KimPhuong Anh NguyenPhyo Eaindar KhineRefondini Tiago PedatellaDan Chau Minh ThuAnastasiia LepikhinaAnna Luiza ShakhmurzaevaSo Yeon ParkSarah Hellen LittleManuel CymbalyDa Silva Rocha Ana Carolina Weber 


  • Spring 2022 SolBridge Commencement Ceremony">Spring 2022 SolBridge Commencement Ceremony

     Friday, June 17th, 2022, marked the return tothe traditional in-person graduation ceremony after two and half years ofonline and hybrid commencement ceremonies. Over 150 graduates from 14nationalities, including Brazilian, Cameroonian, Chinese, French, Hungarian,Kazakh, Korean, Mongolian, Russian, South African, Uzbek, and Vietnamese,received Bachelor of Business Administration diplomas and Master of BusinessAdministration. The entire SolBridge community celebrated thegraduating student’s determination, hard work, and resilience. “Despite thechallenges of the past 2.5 years, you can be celebrated for adapting,surviving, and thriving in both online and hybrid environments,” said DeanPark.In his congratulatory remarks, President Deog-SeongOh commended the graduating class of 2022 and highlighted how they could adapttheir attitude and respond to the new paradigm of the 4th IndustrialRevolution. BBA Valedictorian Elaine Yuki Salim urged her fellow graduates tocelebrate this success in surpassing all the hardships they have encountered inthis chapter of their lives and encouraged them to improve themselvescontinuously. “Ahead of us will not be any easier; it will certainly be filledwith many new prospects and adversities that we have yet to face. But inwhatever circumstances, we must remember to stay positive and keep learning andgrowing.” She said. At the same time, MBA Valedictorian Sarah Little praisedher fellow graduates for leaving their families, friends, and careers behind toearn a degree and forge new connections at SolBridge. During the ceremony, eight students; SalimElaine Yuki, Pedatella Refondini Tiago, Nguyen Dinh Long, Thu Chau Minh Dan,Nguyen Phuong Anh, Matyok Georgina Lili, Couvidat Nathanael, and Sarah LittleHellen, were inducted into the SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma an internationalbusiness honorary society for top-performing business students. To all our graduating students class of 2022,congratulations and best of luck as you start this new chapter. Watch the highlights of the graduation ceremony here 


  • 이게 SOLBRIDGE야! 우송대학교 솔브릿지 국제경영대학">이게 SOLBRIDGE야! 우송대학교 솔브릿지 국제경영대학


  • 솔브릿지국제경영대학 학과소개">솔브릿지국제경영대학 학과소개


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