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  • International Business Plan Competition 2018">International Business Plan Competition 2018

     From October 21st to 27th 2018, SolBridgeInternational School of Business hosted the 6th International Business PlanCompetition. 84 undergraduate students from our partner universities worldwideparticipated in this event. The competition gathered 21 teams (16 overseas) representing26 nationalities. In this year’s edition, the backgroundinformation to the case was circulated with the participating teams a weekbefore the competition. Participants tackled a real business problem for LGElectronics that was presented by Mr Jun Hyun Bae, Senior Manager at LGElectronics. The case consisted of two parts; in the preliminary round,participants chose an IT company and developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI)and a Big Data business strategy for that company. Eight teams qualified to thefinal round where they developed the AI business strategy for LG Electronics.  To broaden participants’ knowledge ofartificial intelligence and big data, SolBridge Assistant Professor TomSteinberger delivered a special lecture on the “Implications of AI forBusiness” and “AI and Entrepreneurship”. The final presentations were made in front ofa panel of judges composed of both industry and academic representatives. Theyassessed the presentations based on various factors including teamsunderstanding of the business concepts, well-developed strategy, tactics andcreativity.Spain’s EDEM School of Entrepreneurship teamwon the first prize with their ‘LG INSUTECH’, an insurance system that can beused to offer customised insurance based on the big data extracted through LGproducts and social media. Australia’s Macquarie University finished second fortheir proposed LG AI driven product LG ThinQ+ Oven that incorporates deeplearning element to offer tailored solutions to the user’s needs. Lastly,SolBridge Gamma Team was awarded the third prize for their ClimeQ deviceattached to air conditioners to collect and analyse data to customise theconditioner to personal preferences. Aside from the International Business PlanCompetition, participants joined in an introduction video and hashtag contest.Cambodia’s Zaman University introduction video received the first prize whilethe team from VIVES University College, Belgium, won the hashtag contest.Participants also enjoyed excursions around Daejeon and Seoul as well ascompany visits to Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation and Samsung D’lightExhibition Hall.  Since its inception, the InternationalBusiness Plan Competition is progressively growing and enabling participants totest their practical skills, experience South Korea and expand their network. 


  • SolBridge hosts delegation from Laurentian University, Canada">SolBridge hosts delegation from Laurentian University, Canada

     On Thursday 25October, SolBridge had the great pleasure to host a delegation from LaurentianUniversity, Canada. Dr Bernadette Schell, Interim Dean at the Faculty ofManagement, and Mr Hugo Chen, International Business Program Manager, visitedSolBridge to build a mutually beneficial relationship and strengthen our tieswith Canada.  During their visit, DrSchell and Mr Chen had the opportunity to discuss cooperation with Dr JermanRose, Dean of SolBridge International School of Business, and meet numeroussmiling members of our 10th Student Council and Associates Team.  Laurentian Universityis located in the Greater Sudbury area, Ontario, and has the particularity ofbeing a bilingual French - English institution.  We look forward to afruitful cooperation!  


  • Platinum Lecture by Mr. Cho Hyun: The Role of the Young Generation in the 21st Century">Platinum Lecture by Mr. Cho Hyun: The Role of the Young Generation in the 21st Century

     On Wednesday, 24th October 2018, SolBridge was delightedto host Mr Cho Hyun, 1st Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea.He delivered a Platinum Lecture to SolBridge students on “The Role of YoungGeneration in the 21st Century.”Mr Cho has over 35 years of public service experienceboth in and outside Korea. He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) ofthe Republic of Korea in 1979. He has served as an Ambassador Extraordinary andPlenipotentiary to the Republic of India and the Republic of Austria. He alsoserved under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in different capacitiesincluding; Deputy Minister for Multilateral and Global Affairs, DirectorGeneral for International Economic Affairs Bureau and Deputy Director- Generalfor Multilateral Trade Bureau. During his lecture, Mr Cho shared some history and anoverview of global governance, systems and economic dimensions in the 21stCentury, and urged the young generation to be ready for the dynamic changes inthe 21st Century. He shared his perspective on the Rise of Asia and the myth ofthe Asian Miracle focusing on the economic reforms in Korea.  “Although Korea sacrificed a lot in theKorean War, the war led to a change in social systems. It made Koreans morevigilant; the society changed from an inward to an outward society,” he said. Choalso pointed out that education is one of the crucial factors that led to theAsian Miracle. To wrap up his talk, he advised students to have anopen mind. He emphasized “The world you live in today is more diverse thanbefore; you need to accept this diversity and get rid of any biases.” Mr Cho also advised them to remain passionate bychoosing what they like, what they do well and what is rewarding to them, andlastly, he urged the participants to find a fair balance between competitionand collaboration. He later had an interactive session where studentsasked questions concerning governments and the world systems, the government’srole in the 21st century and the key factors Central Asian countries need tofocus on to improve their economies.   


  • Season 4: Episode 4 – Halloween at SolBridge">Season 4: Episode 4 – Halloween at SolBridge

    This week on the SolBridge Podcast, Khumuyon talks to Michelle Johnson a BBA student from the USA about Halloween traditions.To celebrate Halloween, SolBridge Sol-Beauty Club will be providing a makeover to help you achieve your desired Halloween look.


  • SolBridge and Woosong University Alumni Share their Life Experience with SolBridge Students">SolBridge and Woosong University Alumni Share their Life Experience with SolBridge Students

     Yesterday, 24th October 2018 Zhang Long andLi Ke SolBridge and Woosong Alumni respectively shared their life experienceswith SolBridge students. Zhang who is currently an Assistant Professor at HunanUniversity, China proposed a Zhang Long Young Scholars Research Award toSolBridge students interested in research. He encouraged students to embracethe unknown and make a difference. Li Ke is the Director of the InvestmentDepartment in Suyun Resource Development Company, China. He too shared his postWoosong experience and the development of new resources in China.   


  • Season 4: Episode 3 – How to handle Stress – Part 2">Season 4: Episode 3 – How to handle Stress – Part 2

    Last week two students shared how to handle stress. This week Aleksandar one of the members of the student council and founder of Oratory Club and Dasha the President of the Volleyball club share some insights on how to handle stress as a student. 


  • SolBridge Debate Championships Fall 2018">SolBridge Debate Championships Fall 2018

     Lastweek SolBridge Debate Society (SDS) hosted its bi-annual debate championship atSolBridge. The tournament attracted over 12 teams that participated in threepreliminary rounds four of which advanced to the grand finals.  Thepurpose of these tournaments is to invite students to experience debating andcritical thinking, provide a platform for students to debate and acquireknowledge on current affairs on a wide range of topics and to prepare them fordomestic and international tournaments such as the Korea Debate Open and TaiwanPre-NEAO (North East Asian Open).  SDShas participated and received awards in many international championships, themost recent being the China British Parliament Championship one of the largesttournament in Asia.  Wewould like to congratulate Alexander Viken and Mirtill Balazs and their teamsfor receiving the Champion Award and the students who won the Best SpeakersAward. 


  • Season 4: Episode 2 - How to handle stress as a student – Part 1">Season 4: Episode 2 - How to handle stress as a student – Part 1

    Since Mid-terms are around the corner, this week Aysha interviewed two exchange students Annika Bauer from Germany and Kevine Kitanu from France. They shared with us some advice on how to relieve stress in a busy and stressful student life. From having a to-do-list, taking time off for yourself, exercising to having that superhero pause to help you relax. Watch out for part 2, Aleksandar Belan and Busye Dasha Uysal will be sharing their advice.If you need any help, please visit SolBridge Counseling Center located on the 3rd floor or contact them on


  • SolBridge to host its 6th International Business Plan Competition">SolBridge to host its 6th International Business Plan Competition

     SolBridge will be hosting its 6th InternationalBusiness Plan Competition (IBPC) from 21st to 27th October2018. This annual event hosts undergraduate studentteams from our partner universities. This year 22 teams (17 overseas) from 23universities representing 26 different nationalities with a total count of 88participants will attend the event.  Unlike previous competitions, the case will becirculated to participating teams a week before the competition to give themenough time to familiarize with the case. Participants will resolve a realbusiness problem for LG Electronics on the field of Big Data and ArtificialIntelligence and identify new business opportunities for the company. Thequalifying teams from the preliminary rounds will make final presentations infront of a panel of judges comprising of SolBridge professors and industryrepresentatives to identify the winners. Since its inception in 2013, the event isgrowing gradually with more participants and more countries represented.  The competition presents an excellentopportunity for participants to hone their practical skills and network withfellow students from diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences.  The list of participating universities to this competitionincludes; Budapest Business School, Hungary Estonian Business School, Estonia EDEM, Spain FH Wien der WKW University of Applied Sciences, Austria Foreign Trade University, Vietnam Hamburg School of Business Administration Germany ISM University of Management and Management, Lithuania Macquarie University, Australia Mahidol University, Thailand Novosibirsk State University, Russia Palacky University, Czech Republic Shih Chien University, Taiwan SolBridge International School of Business Suleyman Demirel University, Kazakhstan Sun Yat-Sen University, China University of Finance and Economics, Mongolia VIVES University College, Belgium Widya Mandala Catholic University, Indonesia Zaman University, CambodiaWe will be introducing theparticipating teams on our social media channels from 15th – 21stOctober 2018 


  • New academic partnership in Canada">New academic partnership in Canada

     SolBridgeis pleased to announce the signing of a student exchange agreement with AsperSchool of Business, University of Manitoba, Canada. SolBridge students will beable to study at Asper School of Business starting from Fall 2019. Asper Schoolof Business is SolBridge’s third partner university in Canada, and we very muchlook forward to this cooperation.  


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