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  • Platinum Lecture by Dr. Lilly D'Angelo: How to Innovate in Food and Beverage Industry">Platinum Lecture by Dr. Lilly D'Angelo: How to Innovate in Food and Beverage Industry

     On November 13th 2018, SolBridge hosted its secondplatinum lecture this semester by Dr. Lilly D’Angelo, the president of GlobalFood and Beverage Technology Associates. She spoke to SolBridge students on thepractical side of innovations in the food and beverage industry.Dr. D’Angelo is an award-winning Research andDevelopment/Quality Assurance leader with over 29 years of experience in theconsumer product industry. Some of this experience includes Sr. InnovationLeader of Coca-Cola, Regional R&D and Regulatory Affairs Director forUnilever, Thai Services Limited and R&D Director for Dannon US. Throughouther career, she has gained expertise in enhancing brands and creating businessopportunities by leveraging her leadership strength, technical skills andglobal innovation experience. During the lecture, Dr. D’Angelo shared the challengesfaced by big multinational companies including trust from consumers, changes inpreferences, changes in the mode of communication with consumers, andattracting young talents in the workplace. She further highlighted the latestconsumer trends in the food and beverage industry including green, natural andfresh as opposed to additives and preservatives. Dr. D’Angelo gave somesuccessful case studies of innovations through breakthrough technologies a casein point “Activia” by Dannon US. Besides, she narrated her story of creatingthe Coke Zero brand while she was still Coca-Cola and emphasized the need forgood marketing on every excellent product.  She later took participants through the basics of theinnovation process and importance of the “Stage-gate process”, a projectmanagement technique through which new product development is divided intodistinct stages. She emphasized project management and keeping the customers inmind as some of the critical elements of the innovation process. “Whether it isa big project or small project you need excellent project management skills fora project to succeed,” she said.  Thelecture was concluded with a Q&A session with the students on herexperiences and innovations in the food and beverage industry.   


  • SolBridge Wins its Second National Debate Championship">SolBridge Wins its Second National Debate Championship

     SolBridge Debate Society (SDS) won the 2018Fall KIDA National Championships (KNC) held from 16th - 18th November 2018. The23rd KNC (the oldest and most prestigious debating championship in Korea) washosted by Ewha Womans University and was attended by 120 debaters representingthe top universities from Korea, including Seoul National University, YonseiUniversity, Korea University, Sogang University, Sungkyunkwan University,Hanyang University, Chungang University, Ewha Womans University, KyungheeUniversity, and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. This is SDS secondNational Championship, coming almost precisely on the 4th anniversary of theirfirst title (Nov 9, 2014), after falling just short several times since then(two Grand Finals appearances and two semifinal appearances). SDS is still theonly institution outside of Seoul to have ever won the National Championship. 2018 Fall KNC was held in the British Parliamentary debating style, a popular formatfeaturing four teams that compete against each other, with each team beingranked 1st to 4th then receiving points based on their ranking (1st = 3 points,2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 1 point, 4th = 0 points). At the end of the preliminaryrounds, the points are tallied to determine the top 16 ranking teams, whichwould move on to compete in the break rounds, with separate breaks beingavailable for EFL and novice teams. At the end of the five preliminary rounds,three of our teams had made it to the elimination rounds, with SDS1 (LeomarDoctolero and Jaedong Jeong) ranking 2nd overall, SDS2 (Silvia Sun and DiyorbekMukhammedov) ranking 15th, and SDS3 (Houymean Lim and Jamoliddin Ergash-zoda)qualifying in the EFL category (ranked 2nd).  While SDS2 concluded its journey in theQuarterfinals and SDS3 fell just short of winning the EFL Championship, SDS1cruised through the eliminations rounds (where the top two teams from each roommove onto the next round), placing a unanimous 1st in each of the Quarterfinaland Semifinal rounds against teams from Seoul National University, YonseiUniversity, Sogang University, and Hanyang University. In the Grand Finals,they were pitted against Kyunghee University (the team that ranked 1st in thepreliminary rounds and had edged us at the Grand Finals of the Northeast AsianChampionships the week before) and two teams from Seoul National University.Despite being placed in a challenging position, the team dominated on thebiggest stage, with the seven judges in the Grand Finals panel all agreeing toaward the Championship to SolBridge Debate Society.  This second National Championship is one ofthe most noteworthy accomplishments in what has been the most successful yearin the history of SolBridge Debate Society. Some of the key highlights of 2018thus far have included being crowned Champions of four major internationalevents (Pan-Pacific Debating Championships, China BP Championships, KIDA Open,and Beijing Debate Challenge) and reaching the Semi-finals of Asian BPChampionships and the World University Debating Championships (ESL Division).Clinching the National Championship also shows that SDS can handle its businessat home, as well as winning abroad. Such accomplishments are the result of theextensive, tireless support that SolBridge provides to its students who seek topursue excellence both inside and outside the classroom. SolBridge DebateSociety's recognition as the top debate institution in Korea and Northeast Asiais one way in which SolBridge proves that our students are being educated to be(and in many ways, already are) the Next Generation of Asian Thought Leaders.educatedto be (and in many ways, already are) the Next Generation of Asian ThoughtLeaders. Congratulations to theChampions and the entire SolBridge Debate Society.  


  • Embracing our Diversity at SolBridge: Culture Day 2018">Embracing our Diversity at SolBridge: Culture Day 2018

     Lastweek, November 16, 2018, SolBridge came together to celebrate Culture Day oneof the most significant events at SolBridge. Organised by the student council,students from 55 nationalities showcased their culture through traditionalperformances, traditional clothing, and a food festival. It was a time todiscover our similarities and celebrate our differences as well as heritage.Students got to learn something new about other cultures and appreciate thecross-cultural community at SolBridge.CultureDay has been a tradition at SolBridge since its inception. In celebration of SolBridge's10th anniversary, the event was organised under the theme “All around the worldin 10 years.” The jolly and energetic Masters of Ceremonies took us on a triparound 16 countries from South Korea to Ethiopia through cultural performances.Other country performances included; Denmark, Nepal, Mongolia, Japan,Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Congo, Uganda, Vietnam, Russia, France, Chinaand Uzbekistan.  Theevent kicked off with a food festival on the second floor where students showcasedsome of the delicious cuisines from 23 countries. Students and faculty triedthe different foods as the country representatives on the stalls explained moreabout the food they were offering. BeforeCulture Day, the student council engaged the student body in a variety ofactivities throughout the week including “writing your Culture-Calligraphy”where students got an opportunity for their names to be written in anotherlanguage and the “Insta your culture”  anInstagram campaign that required participants to share any picture thatrepresents their culture. With the help of a panel ofjudges, the following countries were recognized in these categorie; Topthree Traditional FoodsMorocco,South Korea and SwitzerlandTop three Cultural PerformancesAfricanTeam (Ethiopia, Nigeria, Congo, Uganda), Uzbekistan and VietnamBest Multicultural SpiritRussiaBest Dressed CountryKazakhstanSolBridgewould like to appreciate all the organisers, the 10th SolBridge StudentCouncil, and all the participants (food festival, performances and parade) forthe magnificent event.Culture Day Video                           


  • 2018 SolBridge Chinese Proficiency Competition">2018 SolBridge Chinese Proficiency Competition

     On November 15th, 2018 SolBridge hosted this year’sChinese Proficiency Competition an event jointly organised by SolBridge ChineseProfessors and the Confucius Institute of Woosong University. Unlike past events, students shared their perspectiveson the theme “China in my eyes” in the form of a micro video. After two rounds,of fierce competition, seven groups emerged as winners. The competition wasreceived positively, and all students in the Chinese class participated in thiscompetition. The video submissions were diversified; they included experiencesand process of cooking and tasting Chinese food, the differences andsimilarities between Chinese and Korean Cultures; and student understanding ofChinese Culture in K-pop form with Chinese lyrics.  During the award ceremony SolBridge Dean, Jerman Roseencouraged the participants to continue cultivating the cross-culturalopportunities that SolBridge offers.  


  • Season 4: Episode 7 – Culture Day 2018 Preview – Part">Season 4: Episode 7 – Culture Day 2018 Preview – Part

    Khumuyon and Sunny our field reporters speak to four students from Vietnam, Russia, Nigeria and Kazakhstan about their cultures and Culture Day 2018. 


  • 2019 Woosong Internship Opportunity">2019 Woosong Internship Opportunity

        ATTENTION: Prospective Graduates! Woosong Internship Academy 2018Application Period: Thursday 15th November - Friday 23rd November 2018  Contact Person:     Yojin Jung, HR Manager Email:          APPLY NOW! 


  • 2018 Global Business English Competition at SolBridge">2018 Global Business English Competition at SolBridge

     Every year during the fall semester, SolBridge's GeneralEducation team holds a Global Business English Competition where all BBAstudents (regular and transfer) can show their English speaking, reading, andwriting skills.  The competition tests student's English ability invarious subjects such as Ethics, Strategy, Operations Management, Marketing,Human Resources and a plethora of other subjects.  Students are assessedin the aforementioned subjects by answering different types of questions associatedwith, (a) vocabulary, (b) spelling, (c) grammar structure, (d) fill in theblanks, and (e) matching. Students are also tested on English Business Idiomssuch as 'Cut Corners', 'Back to square one', and a host of others that willallow them to see how well they can communicate in an all English businessspeaking environment.We would like to congratulate the students below for winningthis year’s competition.IstPlace – Pawel Japa2ndPlace – Adilkhan Adilbekov3rdPlace – Joshua Chua4thPlace – Soo Hwan Kim5thPlace – Aysha Muminova6thPlace – Jamoliddin Ergash-zoda7thPlace – Thi Quynh Anh Phan8thPlace – Anh Cao9thPlace – Sungeun Baek 


  • Season 4: Episode 6 - Culture Day 2018 Preview - Part 1">Season 4: Episode 6 - Culture Day 2018 Preview - Part 1

    One of our favourite events at SolBridge, Culture Day is just a few days away. This week on the SolBridge Podcast our field reporters interviewed students who will be participating in this year’s Culture Day.Victoria from Brazil shared her experience at last year’s Culture Day and what to expect from Brazilian students this time around.Also, three students from Belgium, Tom Nihon, Ludivine Meys and Sami Mehdi el Amri shared with us their culture and what they have prepared for the upcoming Culture Day.Stay tuned to next week’s episode for a taste of what is in store for you on the 16th of November.


  • New Academic Partnership with EDEM School of Entrepreneurship, Spain">New Academic Partnership with EDEM School of Entrepreneurship, Spain

     SolBridge is pleased to announce the signingof a student exchange agreement with EDEM School of Entrepreneurship,Spain.  Located in Valencia on the SpanishMediterranean coast, EDEM School of Entrepreneurship was founded in 2002 withthe strong support of the Valencian Business Association and strives to developstudents' entrepreneurial spirit.  Like SolBridge, EDEM is part of the BabsonCollaborative Initiative on Entrepreneurship. This partnership will providestudents from both sides with academic and professional opportunities to learn,develop and test their entrepreneurial skills in Spain as well as South Korea.  As we get ready to host EDEM students atSolBridge for the upcoming semesters, SolBridge students will be able to spendan exchange semester and/or undertake an internship in one of EDEM's corporatepartners.  EDEM School of Entrepreneurship has notably wonthe latest edition of our International Business Plan Competition, held in thelast week of October 2018.  We very much look forward to developing amutually beneficial cooperation.  


  • Season 4: Episode 5 - Where to find delicious international food in Daejeon">Season 4: Episode 5 - Where to find delicious international food in Daejeon

    This week on the SolBridge Podcast Segov Daniil speaks to some SolBridge students for recommendations on where to find international foods in Daejeon. 


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