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  • Dean Rose's Message to the Class of 2018; SolBridge Commencement Ceremony Fall 2018">Dean Rose's Message to the Class of 2018; SolBridge Commencement Ceremony Fall 2018

     Congratulations!What a fantastic achievement! I know for some of you, you still have somecourses to finish, and it seems a little bit unfinished yet. However, thisceremony represents the achievement of your dreams. Chairman Kim, PresidentEndicott, colleagues from Woosong and SolBridge and our graduates, we all havedreams. How does it feel today? Now that you reached this point, youaccomplished your goal. It's a little strange, isn't it? Doesn't seem real,does it? No, not yet. However, you know, we all have dreams in life, and thisis only one of them, the start for the rest of your lives, for the rest of yourdreams. So let me give you some advice about dreams. First of all, no good dream comes cheap. You paid for this, this dream that youaccomplished today. All your dreams in the future will also have a cost, andyou have to make choices to decide what your dreams are worth. So be patient.One of the costs of your dreams is time. Many of you have been here for anumber of years. Time, a significant cost of your dreams. Secondly,I want you to remember that no one else can live your dream for you. You know,the 14th-century Persian poet Rumi said: "You walk the road alone, otherscan walk with you, but nobody can walk it for you". Don't give your dreamto someone else. They don't care about it the way you do. It's not their dream.So take it in hand, grab hold of it, you have everything you need to accomplishyour dream. Finally, maybe most important of all, now is the time. You know the German poetGoethe is credited with saying: "If you believe you can do it, if youthink you can do it – begin it, don't wait. Because in action there's magic andgrace and power." The way Rumi put it was that the path opens before you. So asyou go forward to achieve your next dream, whether it will be your job,relationship, maybe travel, whatever it is, please keep these things in mind.There will be a price to pay. Only you can be responsible for your dreams, andnothing happens until you start. So start now, today.  One more thing. Confucius said: "If it looks like your goal isunattainable, you need to stop doing what you've been doing, change yourstrategy, and you'll get there". We know that every one of you can achievewhat you want. The only thing holding you back is a failure to start. So, Iencourage you, start today, little by little. Work on your next dreams. One dayyou will be in a place like today, and you will say again, "Wow, here I amand I don't believe it, I’ve accomplished my dream". Well, congratulationsagain on behalf of your faculty. We're so proud of you as students andgraduates of SolBridge. Thank you very much. 


  • Céline Paternoster, Exchange Student, Belgium">Céline Paternoster, Exchange Student, Belgium

     Céline Paternoster, Exchange student from Belgium shares her study abroad experience in Korea.  "My story in Korea started a few years ago, I came toSeoul for a short visit, and I’m not going to lie. I fell in love with thiscountry. The culture, traditional buildings, food, the kindness you receivefrom people, it’s unbelievable. It all blew me away. As a result of this, I wanted to study Korean languageand culture back at university in Belgium; however, it was not possible. So,three years ago, my parents gave me the opportunity to study the language inKorea. Originally, I was going to study for only three months at the languagecentre in Seoul; eventually, I stayed for a year. After my one-year stay inSeoul, I had to go back to Belgium and choose my major. However, I knew that Iwanted to come back to Korea and study here for my Exchange program. So that’s what happened. The moment I could apply formy exchange program, I didn’t hesitate one bit and said I wanted to go to SouthKorea. As SolBridge is a partner with my home university, VIVES UniversityCollege.  I applied to SolBridgeInternational School of Business in Daejeon. It was my first time going toDaejeon, so I was excited and curious.  As I have received the ASEM-DUO scholarship, severalopportunities crossed my path. Together with four other ASEM-DUO students, wewere invited by the Belgian Embassy for a reception at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.Only a week after that, the ASEM-DUO Fellowship asked me to give a speechduring the 4th ASEM-DUO Fellows Alumni Meeting. This was a fantastic experienceas I had never given an address in front of many people. And only recently, theBelgian Embassy has invited me again to a reception to celebrate King’s Daytogether. I must say that I am very honored that I could attendall these events, and that i have the opportunity to share my experience withyou in Korea." 


  • Wade Chilcoat: MBA Valedictorian Class of 2018">Wade Chilcoat: MBA Valedictorian Class of 2018

     I know some of you right now are saying, “Wait, THAT guy is a student? Ithought that was Dr. Endicott!” Well yes, I am a student here, and it is a great honour to be able tospeak in front of you all today. On behalf of the graduating class, I wouldfirst like to give warm thanks to all of the hard-working folks on the 5thfloor who tirelessly keep the school running and rarely get any praise for it.On behalf of all of us, thank you. Also, on behalf of the class, I would liketo express our sincere admiration for all of the amazing professors who havementored us, challenged us, and educated us. Without your devotion anddedication, none of us would be here today. On behalf of the class, thank you. And now I would like to turn my attention to my fellow graduates, the“guests of honour”. Although today may feel like the ending to a long andarduous journey, I have some news for you…today is just a new beginning. Beingeducated is a lifelong process, not a onetime event. With the advent of the 4thIndustrial Revolution, the pace of change in the world of business is causingparadigm shifts on a daily basis. All of that information we had to memorisefor our MIS and Marketing finals will be obsolete in three years. Commit to thelearning process and enjoy it; the world is constantly changing whether we likeit or not. Now, I would like to comment on SolBridge itself. SolBridge is a specialplace. In the entire MBA program, we have only one Korean student; the rest ofus come from every corner of the globe and speak every language imaginable.Just as all of us served as ambassadors of our home nations here at SolBridge,soon we will all return to our own countries and serve as ambassadors ofSolBridge. Take all of this vast knowledge you have acquired here and put it togood use in your local community. If you want to change the world, help oneperson at a time. Remember the friendships you have made here, and rememberthat we are all much more alike than we are different.    To the new MBA graduates sitting here today, I say to you, “Job welldone!” And to any Fortune 500 CEO’s sitting here today, I say to you, “I amlooking for a job”.  Thanks and best of luck! 


  • BBA Valedictorian Speech Class of 2018 by Gleb Gadelshin">BBA Valedictorian Speech Class of 2018 by Gleb Gadelshin

     I want toexpress my sincere appreciation to all SolBridge faculty members,administration, friends and fellow graduates. Today is a day to be thankful andto be inspired.Here atSolBridge, we have received excellent education thanks to our fineadministration and professors. We are prepared to move on and take on whateverchallenges come next in our lives.Fellowgraduates, I want you to know what a great gift it is to be as prepared as weare because not all universities offer such an advantage. Here we have receiveda high degree of academic excellence in International Business, and whether youintend to continue your education or not, you still made friends from all overthe planet Earth. This diversity was our strength here, and it will be after weleave.Let us alsobe thankful to our families. These past four years have presented us with a lotof ups and downs, and it is good to know that we had our families in our corner,supporting us along the way. Whether your parents are here or back home, don’tforget to thank them for that.Finally, wecan be thankful for each other. The friendships that we have made here willlast a lifetime. In the same way, we have supported each other and went throughthe mandatory language classes; I hope we will continue to provide support andencouragement for each other in future as well.Now, as wewere talking about the past, what about the future?Many thingswill be happening from now on with all of us. Getting MBA’s, or looking forjobs and building careers. In all that I would like everyone to be happy. It ismy message to all of you. If you are happy, then your whole life, with all itschallenges, will be wonderful. But how dowe be happy? Happiness is about small things. Having a family, a dog, even acup of your favourite tea can make you happy. Try to find out what it is thatmakes you happy. And if you will have a chance to do what you love for aliving, you will be the happiest person on this planet. 


  • SolBridge MBA Students Study Abroad Experience in Belgium">SolBridge MBA Students Study Abroad Experience in Belgium

     Enrolled inSolBridge’s MBA programme since Fall 2017, Sadia Farha and Yekaterina Li arecurrently spending their exchange semester at HEC Liege, Belgium. In thisarticle, Sadia, from Bangladesh, and Yekaterina, from Kazakhstan, are sharingtheir study abroad experience in Belgium. “Thanks toSolBridge’s Study Abroad Office, we being MBA students had an opportunity totake an exchange semester in one of the prestigious business schools inBelgium, HEC University of Liege. First thing, which attracted us and made usconsider this university is that it has a good ranking in Europe, and it isrecognized as an AACSB and EQUIS accredited institution. Another greatadvantage of this university is the location. The location of the city (Liège)in Europe makes it easy to travel anywhere throughout the continent because itis situated in the heart of Western Europe. Since arriving here, we havetraveled throughout Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, and France and discoveredmany more countries.    Also, Liège is afantastic city to study as it is lively and friendly, which makes it ideal forstudents wanting to experience new things. There is always a festival or eventgoing on somewhere in the city to keep oneself entertained. For example, we gotlucky to be here for Christmas, and Liege is considered to have the biggestChristmas market in Belgium. When we came hereat the beginning of September, we were a little bit worried, since it was atotally new and different place for us, but the university and Belgian peoplewere very nice, so our anxiety disappeared in few days after arrival. Ourjourney at HEC started with the most overwhelming and productive welcomingdays, which involved Intercultural dialogues, Barbecue, parties, city tour andknowledge about curriculum. So, we could meet a lot of people there, who becameour new friends then, and it helped to make us feel like home here, in such afar and different country from South Korea. Regarding thestudies in HEC, the courses are supported with the practical knowledge, andinteresting guest lecturers are invited to almost all the courses to helpstudents bridge the theoretical and practical ideas. Beyond that, the coursesare stimulating, if you make an effort to speak with professors. We haverealized that almost every professor showed interest in our thought process andwas more than happy to spend time talking with us and assist us with courses.Moreover, the professors are always well prepared for classes and providedlectures on contents, which are applicable for future job use. This exchange program was a life-changing event for both of us as welearned about Europe a lot, discovered new places to visit, learned new coursesin a totally new set of environment and most importantly grew up as individualsand became more independent and open-minded. Ever since we came here, we hadsome great moments in the HEC and Europe as a whole and we look forward to therest of our wonderful time in the beautiful country, Belgium. We definitelyrecommend this university for future exchange students from SolBridge,especially for those, who want to taste the life in very different culture, tochallenge oneself in some ways, to get new knowledge, and just to have a greatexperience!” 


  • New Academic Partnership with Gustavson School of Business">New Academic Partnership with Gustavson School of Business

     Inan effort to offer an increasingly diverse set of study abroad opportunitiesand destinations, SolBridge International School of Business is pleased to signa 2+2 dual degree agreement with Gustavson School of Business, University ofVictoria, Canada. Established in 1990, Gustavson School of Business is aleading business school in Canada and is often cited in the Financial Times and QS rankings.  Followingtwo years of study at Gustavson School of Business, SolBridge students will beable to obtain a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). The degree programme includestraining and internship opportunities in Canada. The first intake for SolBridgestudents interested in this dual degree programme will be September 2019.  GustavsonSchool of Business is SolBridge's fourth partner university in Canada. Theuniversity is located on Vancouver Island, at the Western tip of Canada nearVancouver and Seattle. 


  • SolBridge Initiates Cooperation with KEDGE Business School">SolBridge Initiates Cooperation with KEDGE Business School

       SolBridge is happy toannounce the signing of partnership agreements with KEDGE Business School,France. Students from both sides will be able to experience campus life inFrance and Korea at the partner institution.  KEDGE Business Schoolis a leading business school in France, with over 12,500 students, and numerouscampuses in France as well as overseas (China, Senegal). KEDGE BusinessSchool's student community is particularly active in the field of consulting,with student-led Market Mediterranee Consulting. The school also provides adynamic environment for entrepreneurship and start-up projects, with the recentcreation of incubators. KEDGE is atriple-accredited institution and often cited in the Financial Times ranking.  SolBridge looksforward to developing a mutually beneficial cooperation.    


  • 2018 SolBridge Business Plan Competition">2018 SolBridge Business Plan Competition

     On the 14th November2018, SolBridge Entrepreneurship Center hosted its second Startup Business PlanCompetition. Five teams were selected out of a pool of applications to presenttheir startup ideas to a panel of judges, professors and students. The judgesconsisted of representatives from famous Korean early stage startupaccelerators including Mr. Simon Shin, an Entrepreneur, Product Strategist, andPrincipal at Bluepoint Partners and Juno Kwon the Senior Executive Director atShift. After open voting by theparticipants and deliberation from the judges, three teams emerged as winners.“BearHand” a web application platinum that connects students with seniorcitizens won the first prize and seed money of KRW 2,000,000. The platform actsas a bridge between students that require work with senior citizens that needhelp with their house chores including laundry, light cleaning, cooking andtaking care of pets. "JustBuy” came second and received KRW 1,500,000 asseed money. “JustBuy” is a medicine and treatment recommendation platform forparents whose children experience skin diseases.  In third place with seed money of KRW1,000,000 was “EasyEats” an app that helps users find food in Korea based ontheir dietary restrictions and preferences. The winning teams were selected based on their growth potential,sustainability and the willingness of the team to make the idea happen.  The purpose of suchcompetitions is to present a platform for SolBridge students to nurture theirentrepreneurial spirit and turn their ideas into real businesses. Participantsgot an opportunity to receive feedback on their projects from business experts.Moreover, two more teams will be selected to represent SolBridge in the AsianStudents’ Venture Forum (ASVF) in March 2019, Korea’s most significantinternational contest for startups.Congratulations to allthe winners. 


  • SolBridge Alumni Homecoming and Luncheon">SolBridge Alumni Homecoming and Luncheon

     On 17th November 2018, SolBridge was delighted to hostover 20 Alumni to a Luncheon at SolBridge. The main purpose of this event wasfor them to interact with current SolBridge students over a meal to share someadvice and share their experience with graduating students about life afterSolBridge from job seeking tips to thriving in the workplace. We would like to thank all the alumni that came backto SolBridge to share their life experience. Once a SolBridger always a SolBridsger. 


  • A student’s Experience: An Exchange Semester at IQS School of Management, Barcelona">A student’s Experience: An Exchange Semester at IQS School of Management, Barcelona

     I am so lucky and thankful to be here in Barcelona todo my exchange as a first student of SolBridge International School of Businessto IQS School of Management. This place and university are amazing and it iseven sad that I have a few days left to stay here and leave all my lovelyfriends and memories behind. Barcelona has given me unforgettable experiences,friends and even changed my lifestyle.First of all, IQS School of Management is full ofpassionate and caring professors. Spanish people are well-known for beingpassionate and this positively affected me. Most professors are willing to helpand support students with all their knowledge and caring minds towards students.The exciting thing about this school system was the participation percentagewas very high compared to Korea. They highly value active participation fromstudents. They are trying to engage students and establish close communicationwith students with an open mind. Outside campus, everything was perfect. I enjoyed theperfect weather here in Barcelona. I came here during the middle of August. Icould enjoy the summer and winter both at the period of exchange. Barcelona hasmany attractions to see, including shopping malls. The city center has lots ofthings to offer. The living cost is relatively cheap, so it is excellent forstudents to do an exchange semester here as well. Barcelona is close to thebeach and I frequently visited the beach called ‘Barceloneta’. The beach isterrific, always crowded, and offers perfect weather; there is so muchentertainment in the city. Like Korea, Barcelona also has a 24-hourtransportation system. If you hang out late at night, buses and subways operatethroughout the night.  Spain is a perfect location to travel to otherEuropean countries. I went to Italy, Paris and am currently planning to go toLondon during Christmas. Spain is the first European country that I visited. Itis a cool experience to go to other countries during the semester. I could meetvarious kinds of nice people who I couldn’t meet in my life otherwise. We areeven planning to meet in Korea again. With this study abroad experience in Spain, I havechanged entirely. I am not afraid to challenge myself and am willing to travelalone. Students who are planning to come to Barcelona should definitely trytraveling to other countries. There are many holidays and parties everywhereand once a week at least here in Barcelona. I wish I have more time to stay here and should havecome to this place for the upcoming semesters so that I can enjoy summer. Inconclusion, I highly recommend this place, and I appreciate once againSolBridge’s Study Abroad Office for recommending this wonderful place to me. 


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