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  • A day Trip to Gangneung | Anmok Beach and Ojukheon House">A day Trip to Gangneung | Anmok Beach and Ojukheon House

     Getting to know Korea is more thanspending exciting weekends in Seoul and partying in Gangnam. Every part of thecountry has incredible beauties and exploring them will bring you unique experiencesand memories. Knowing this, SolBridge’s Student Council organised and guided anexcursion to Gangneung - Anmok Beach and Ojukheon House, an east-sea side townlocated around 275km from Daejeon.Our excursion started at 6:30 am on aSaturday, and the Student Council Associates were already there preparingbreakfast and setting up for the students so that they could have safe andquality time during the bus trip. It took us approximately three hours to getto our first stop at Ojukheon House, one of Korea’s national treasures. Ojukheon, the birthplace of theKorean Neo-Confucian scholar, Yulgok Yi I and his mother, Shin Saimdang, is afantastic place to get closer to Korea’s history and architecture. Alltraditional houses, built in black bamboo, were open for us to appreciate theirdetails. The historical artifact had descriptions both in Korean and English,making the tour even more educational and exciting. Also, the park has itsmuseum with Yulgok Yi I and Shin Saimdang’s original works, a uniqueopportunity to get to know closely such great symbols of Korea.   Back on the way to Anmok Beach, wewent through small villages surrounded by mountains and all covered in snow.The winter view of the forest gave this tour an even more magical feeling.Our next stop was Anmok, a beautifulsea-side town most known for its Coffee Street, with unique coffee shop brandsand cafeterias. It provides tourists with a stunning view of the ocean whileenjoying different types of coffee in a comfortable place. At the beach, somestudents also had a good time on a boat ride that can be purchased locally by afew Wons, took pictures near the blue sea water and fed the birds. Even thoughit was still winter time, Anmok proved us that going to the beach is a lot morethan sun baths and swimming; it can also be a heartwarming and cheerful placeno matter the season.  After a day full of activities andnew learnings, SolBridge’s shuttle bus arrived at the dormitory around 8:00p.m, bringing all students safely home with renewed energy so they could enjoythe rest of their weekend. Joining the Student Council’s excursion is anopportunity for you to feel not only part of SolBridge’s family and becomecloser to your new friends, but it also makes you feel part of a real and enchantingKorea.   


  • SolBridge and CIMB Niaga Bank Signed Recruitment Agreement">SolBridge and CIMB Niaga Bank Signed Recruitment Agreement

     SolBridge is proud to announce thesigning of a corporate agreement with CIMB Niaga Bank, one of the mostprominent financial institutions in IndonesiaCIMBNiaga Bank is part of CIMB group, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia,with core markets in banking and investments in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand,and Singapore.Dueto the rapidly increasing demand for exceptional talent in the banking industryin Indonesia, the agreement between SolBridge and CIMB Niaga Bank covers anumber of opportunities for SolBridge graduates from Indonesia in the fields ofinternships, full-time employment, and management trainee program recruitment.The cooperation materializes aproven track record of SolBridge alumni who are currently employed by CIMBNiaga Bank including Thomas Moningka, a graduate of the first SolBridge MBA cohort(Class of 2007) and now holding the position of Vice President for CorporateStrategic Initiatives.   Claudia R., who is also a graduateof the first SolBridge MBA cohort (Class of 2007) is the Senior RelationshipManager for Commercial and Wholesale Funding department. Billy Surya Hendryko,a graduate of SolBridge MBA program, Class of 2014, is working as ManagementAssociate. Salsabilla M. Sausan, who finished her SolBridge BBA program in2018, is also a Management Associate.To date, SolBridge is the firstuniversity outside Indonesia that has a recruitment agreement with CIMB Niaga.With this collaboration, it is hoped that Indonesian students with well-roundedexperience in both studying and living in Korea will have the chance forquality employment and contribute positively to the development for their homecountry, Indonesia. 


  • SolBridge Debate Society wins Pan Pacific Debate Championship 2019">SolBridge Debate Society wins Pan Pacific Debate Championship 2019

     SolBridge DebateSociety has been crowned Champions at the Pan Pacific Debating Championship2019, held on February 2019 at Honolulu, Hawaii. Pan Pacific DebatingChampionships is an international tournament hosted annually by Hawaii PacificUniversity, featuring universities throughout the "Pan Pacific" area,with most of the participating institutions being from the United States. SolBridgeDebate Society (SDS) participated in this tournament for the second time thisyear, following on the heels of being the first Asian institution to take theChampionship last year, when Soojung Lee and Jaedong Jeong defeated teams fromthe United States Air Force Academy and Clemson University in the Grand Finals.This year, the SDS flag was carried by two new representatives, Yingwa (Silvia)Sun and Houymean Lim. After fivepreliminary rounds, SDS advanced to the Grand Finals as the top overall rankingteam. In the Grand Final, SDS faced teams from Wheaton College, LinfieldCollege, and Hawaii Pacific University. Arguing for the motion: "ThisHouse believes that it is morally justifiable to interfere in the elections ofanother nation in order to improve human rights conditions," Silvia andHouymean went on to prove that their success in the preliminary rounds was nofluke, putting on a performance that made them the crowd favorite. In the end,SDS claimed the Championship trophy as expected, becoming the first team fromAsia to claim back to back titles. In addition to the team Championship, Silviaand Houymean were ranked the #1 and #2 speakers in the competitionrespectively, providing additional testimony to how they dominated the field. This Championship performancetopped what was arguably the most successful academic year in SDS history, andprovides a good outlook to 2019.   


  • SolBridge and Macquarie University, Australia Teamed up for Dual Degree">SolBridge and Macquarie University, Australia Teamed up for Dual Degree

     SolBridge is proud to announce anew dual degree collaboration with Macquarie University, Australia on the BBAlevel. Effective in 2019, SolBridge BBA students can continue their third andfourth year at Macquarie University and receive degrees from both institutions;making SolBridge the only business school in South Korea that Macquariepartners with for dual degree collaboration.QS World University Ranking in 2019ranks Macquarie University as top 1% of world universities and this adds toSolBridge’s portfolio of prestigious partners to work with. Boasting numerousachievements within 55 years after being founded, Macquarie University is alsoin the top 50 most international universities in the world, according to TimesHigher Education World University Rankings in 2016. This marks that SolBridgeand Macquarie share one spirit, among others, in common, which is creating ahome for many international students.In addition, Sydney, the city thatMacquarie University is located, is ranked as one of the most desirable studentcities in the world (QS Best Student Cities, 2018).As part of the agreement, SolBridgeBBA students have three options in pursuing their dual degree at Macquarie.After two years of doing BBA program at SolBridge, students can either enrollto Macquarie’s Bachelor of BusinessAdministration (BBA) track, Bachelorof Commerce (B.Com) track, or Bachelorof Commerce in Professional Accounting track.  The Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com)gives the opportunity for SolBridgers to choose up to 8 specializations,namely: Marketing, Accounting, Business Information Systems, Economics,Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, and International Business.Macquarie University alsoencourages SolBridge dual degree students to apply for their scholarshipsscheme that gives AUD 10,000 per year to any eligible applicant who arecitizens of South Korea and ASEAN (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia,Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam).More information about thescholarship can be found here and here.Interested students are encouragedto consult with our Study Abroad team for further information. 


  • Welcome Convocation Spring 2019: New Semester, New Opportunities!">Welcome Convocation Spring 2019: New Semester, New Opportunities!

     Monday, March 4th, 2019 marked the beginning of the spring 2019semester with our Welcome Convocation ceremony. This semester SolBridgewelcomes 285 students from 38 countries enriching our student on campusrepresentation to 67 nationalities. SolBridge is excited to enhance its studentcommunity by embracing students from Czech Republic, Peru, Ukraine, Greece,Slovakia, Mexico, Thailand, and Azerbaijan either for the first time or thefirst time in a while. This semester also marks the beginning of our new oneyear MBA and MS in Marketing Analytics Programs.During the Ceremony, both Dr. Endicott, President of Woosong Universityand the Acting Dean at SolBridge and Dr. Sung-Kyung Kim, Chairman of theWoosong Education Foundation, welcomed new students and faculty to theSolBridge community. They encouraged students to embrace diversity, focus onthe similarities and not the differences and take advantage of the unparalleledopportunities of meeting and making friends with people from 67 countries.  While sharing his welcome remarks, Dr. Endicott highlighted some ofSolBridge recent achievements including the AACSB re-accreditation for the nextfive years, SolBridge holding the 3rd best job placement record for businessschools in Korea, and the recent win by the SolBridge Debate Society in the PanPacific championships in Honolulu. He continued by reaffirming SolBridgecommitment to bringing cutting edge education and opportunities to all thestudents at SolBridge, encouraging students to hone their soft skills needed inthis competitive world of the fourth industrial revolution by participating inthe different activities and clubs offered at SolBridge. He asked students to“Take advantage of these opportunities to expand your world whether here atSolBridge or through the different outreach programs that we provide.”The conclusion of the ceremony was marked by 15 first-year studentsreceiving Woosong Education Foundation scholarships in recognition of theirprevious academic achievements.Congratulations to all freshman upon joining SolBridge and we wisheveryone a tremendous SolBridge experience! 


  • Woosong University signs MOU with Sun Dental Hospital">Woosong University signs MOU with Sun Dental Hospital

    Woosong and Sun expect to provide advanced medicalbenefits to local foreigners with the cooperation between the University andthe Hospital.Woosong University President John Endicott and WoosongInformation College President Jung Sang Jik hosted Kyung-Hoon, Sun, Presidentof Sun Dental Hospital to sign an MOU for further cooperation between theirrespective institutions. This agreement lays the foundation to expand mutualgrowth for medical services.Because of this agreement, faculty and students fromWoosong University and Woosong Information College and their family memberswill be able to receive the best and most advanced medical benefits from SunDental Hospital.Sun Dental Hospital will operate a consult deskhot-line to help international patients make dental reservations or medicaltreatment consultations.The President of Sun Dental Hospital said that “Toprovide the best medical service to the patients is our goal and mission and itis applicable to all the patients”According to Woosong University president, JohnEndicott “This MOU allows multicultural families of international students andfaculty from Woosong to receive the benefits of Sun Hospital's advanced medicalfacilities. It is big and significant that both hospital and Universitycooperated to cultivate healthy talented people”.Sun Dental Hospital has been striving to provide topmedical and dental services as the first medical hospital in Daejeon with 34specialists and general doctors. It provides 15 medical offices and centerswith state of the art equipment. 


  • February 2019 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: André Vasconcelos">February 2019 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: André Vasconcelos

     Thismonth we recognize André Vasconcelos a SolBridge alumnus from Brazil. He iscurrently the Senior Solutions Engineer at ArchitectGroup a solution and ITservices company dedicated to distributing foreign enterprise-grade software inSouth Korea.Andréleads a team of four developers to customize and maintain an enterprise chatplatform called Mattermost, which requires a varied technical skill set inclient-side (Javascript & its frameworks) development, and server-side(Golang, Nodejs) development.Andrécompleted his SolBridge International Marketing BBA in February 2015. With noprior technical expertise, he received on-the-job training at an IT startupafter graduation, with dedicating his free time to practicing, studying, andcontributing to open-source software which allowed him to acquire an arsenal oftechnical knowledge to tackle business problems with. 


  • SolBridge Students Study Tour in Cambodia">SolBridge Students Study Tour in Cambodia

     From 9th-15th January 2019, SolBridge dispatched a team of students along with Prof.Joshua Park, the Director of Undergraduate Programs and Mr. Lam Le, RegionalManager for Cambodia, for the first Global Challenge Program in Cambodia.  Hosted by Paragon International University,former Zaman University, the program was a success as students from bothSolBridge and Paragon worked together in team. They developed a businessproposal on "How SK Telecom can penetrate Cambodia market and gain 20%market share within the first year".Besides,participants had a debate training and coaching session with Prof. Joshua Park,the patron of SolBridge Debate Society, one of the leading debate institutionsin Korea and Northeast Asia.  SolBridgestudents had the opportunity to learn about Cambodian culture throughexcursions to cultural and historical sites in Phnom Penh and Siem Riepincluding the Royal Palace, Wat Phnom, Central Market and Siem Riep. They alsohad an industrial visit to Chip Mong- Khmer Beverages Company, the fastestgrowing local company in Phnom Penh. Click here to watch the video.


  • SolBridge Partners with Widya Mandala Catholic University, Indonesia for Joint Bachelor Degree">SolBridge Partners with Widya Mandala Catholic University, Indonesia for Joint Bachelor Degree

     Entering 2019, SolBridge is expanding its partnership to oneof the most respected universities in Indonesia, Widya Mandala CatholicUniversity.  Starting in 2019, SolBridge partners with Widya MandalaCatholic University in launching a one-of-its-kind bachelor joint degreeprogram in the field of International Business Management. The cohort will becalled a Super Class, and the students of this class are recruited with highadmission standards and set to spend the first year at Widya Mandala, Indonesiaand another two years at SolBridge, South Korea. Students who graduate fromthis twin program will receive two degrees from two different universities andcountries. Located in the city of Surabaya, Widya Mandala CatholicUniversity has been a leading private higher education institution in theregion running quality programs and graduating top-notch students. On December1st 2018, Widya Mandala officially launched the joint degree by invitingspeakers from a start-up unicorn, Go-Jek and Association of Chartered CertifiedAccountants explaining the future of business graduates and leaders. Besides,the attending prospective students and parents had the chance to discuss futureeducation plans with education expert, Professor Anita Lie and also getting toknow SolBridge more from a notable SolBridge BBA alumni and Manager forIndonesia Office, Ridho Hirzan Saputra.Sealing the collaboration, the Dean of the Business program, Dr. Lodovicus and Head of the International Business Management Program, Dr. Wahyudi, visited SolBridge in December 2018 finalizing details of the Super Class.  


  • President Endicott’s Message to the Class of 2018; SolBridge Commencement Ceremony Fall 2018">President Endicott’s Message to the Class of 2018; SolBridge Commencement Ceremony Fall 2018

     Chairman Kim, Dean Rose, special guests from WoosongUniversity, distinguished faculty, graduates, families, and friends. It'sindeed an honor to welcome all of you to another SolBridge Graduation. Todaywe're graduating 72 of our students; 49 with BBAs, 23 with MBAs. They come from14 different countries; 19 from China, one from Azerbaijan, nine fromKazakhstan, 22 from Korea, one from Mongolia, one from Morocco, one from Nepal,two from Indonesia, six from Russia, four from Uzbekistan, one from USA, onefrom Spain, one from Thailand, and three from Vietnam. Welcome everyone,congratulations! Congratulations to all the graduates! We are proud ofyou. Your family and friends are proud of you; we ask you to be proud ofyourself and SolBridge. In a few minutes, I have to welcome and congratulateyou. Let me focus on the nature of your college here and your experience whileat SolBridge. We started out to be different; in fact, we sought diversity andan American-style experience without going to America and making you ascomfortable in a challenging and ever-changing environment as possible. Inessence, we stress soft skills; now the whole world has realized that softskills are essential. We introduced to you debate; and when you got too good atdebate, we brought you win-win negation skills, so you do not win the debateand lose the contract. We have increased emphasis on entrepreneurship and yourability to respond to challenges of small and medium businesses, the realcentre of job expansion in the 21st century. Our mission iscontinually changing to stay ahead in this age of very competitive businessenvironment; to ensure that you will be the business leaders of Asia, andperhaps, the World, during the turbulence of this 4th industrial revolution. AsI welcome you, once you're out in a business world, let me ask you to let usknow what we need to teach, what we do not want to teach also to help us withevolve. Now on behalf of the entire faculty of SolBridge,Woosong Colleagues, welcome to this new beginning. Good luck andcongratulations to all graduates. This is your day, enjoy it! Thank you verymuch. 


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