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  • 2019 Woosong Internship Opportunity">2019 Woosong Internship Opportunity

       ATTENTION: Prospective Graduates! Woosong Internship Academy 2019Application Period: Monday, April 22 - Tuesday, April 30, 2019Contact Person:     Yojin Jung, HR Manager Email:          APPLY NOW! 


  • SolBridge Student’s Experience at the 2019 Baylor Business Negotiation Competition">SolBridge Student’s Experience at the 2019 Baylor Business Negotiation Competition

      SolBridgeBBA students Busye Uysal (Dasha) and Houymean Lim represented SolBridge at the2019 Baylor Business Negotiation Competition on the 12th April 2019 in Texas,USA. The competition was an opportunity for participants to gain valuablebusiness negotiation and conflict resolution skills and receive feedback frombusiness professionals with negotiation experience. In thisarticle, Dasha shares with us her experience at this year’s Baylor BusinessNegotiation Competition. “On the12th of April, I had the incredible opportunity to represent SolBridge duringthe Baylor Business Negotiation Competition an annual competition held byBaylor University.  This year, thecompetition attracted 14 teams with SolBridge being the only internationalteam.  My partner,Houymean Lim, and I competed in a realistic business negotiation role-playagainst two other teams from the United States in two different rounds. Beforethe competition, we were provided with two confidential cases, in which werepresent two parties, one for each round. Since we were not allowed to add anyinformation to the case, the tight limitations required us to focus on ourstrategy and colloquial language. The daybefore the competition, we were invited by Baylor University to join otherteams at the reception dinner at the famous McLane Stadium in thePresidential Suite, which boasts a stunning panoramic view of the Brazos Riverand Waco. We got to interact with other competitors, coaches and judges andlearned about their link to negotiation. As a way to make the environment morebusiness-like, we were told to refrain from mentioning our school name orcountry that we represented, so we had to step out of our comfort zone and wereincredibly creative during our interactions. We also had the pleasure to listen to two sponsors of the competition,‘MedLine‘ and ‘Group 1 Automotive’, present about their companies and theoutstanding opportunities they provide for graduating students. Thecompetition started with lunch and a special lecture from one of the speakersfrom ‘Group 1 Automotive’. He shared his transition from a politician to thecorporate world and how negotiation relates to both fields.  After the first round, teams receivedfeedback from the judges identifying participants’ strongpoints and areas thatneeded improvement. My partner and I used the feedback to develop our strategyfor the second round.  Later, weparticipated in an email negotiation activity on the principle of hacking andonline security. This activity enabled us to step out of our known territoryand negotiate with someone we have never met. BaylorBusiness Negotiation Competition was a splendid opportunity and significantleverage for improving my communication skills. The cases accentuated therealness of the negotiation world and the feedback provided comments based onthe real business world.” 


  • Spring 2019 SolBridge Debate Championship">Spring 2019 SolBridge Debate Championship

     SolBridge Debate Championship is an in-house debatetournament organized every semester by SolBridge Debate Society to welcome newmembers. On Saturday 13th April 2019, the Spring 2019 SolBridge DebateChampionship was held in an Asian Parliamentary format, gathering as many as 48new participants. Experienced members served as adjudicators along with invitedjudges including SolBridge professors and administrative staff. With thisdebating style, two teams of three compete against each other; Government side-proposes and defends the motion while opposition side- refute and negates themotion. After three preliminary rounds, two teams advanced togrand finals debating the motion "This House would actively promotee-sports as a viable career choice." It was a close debate resulting in awin of the opposition team that consisted of two students and administrationstaff Lam Le. This serves as the best example of how SolBridge Debate Societynot only improves soft skills and knowledge in students but also serves as theinteraction platform between students, staff, and professors.Congratulations to the following participants for winning the following categories:Champions- Dinh Long Nguyen- Lam Le- Anh Pham Minh Nhat Grand Finalists- Jurabek Djuraev- Munisa Sharipova- Muborak Samieva Outstanding Speakers- Dario Cocquyt- Alexander Viken- Shakhbozkhon Saliev 


  • Hidden Champions -The Vanguard of Globalia by Dr. Pil Hwa Yoo">Hidden Champions -The Vanguard of Globalia by Dr. Pil Hwa Yoo

     On Friday 12 April 2019,SolBridge International School of Business was delighted to host Dr. Pil HwaYoo for a Special Lecture entitled “Hidden Champions - The Vanguard ofGlobalia”During his lecture, heexplained the importance of mid-sized world companies “Hidden Champions” andthe critical role they play in the globalization process. With case studies, hehighlighted the factors and characteristics of Hidden Champions leading to theirsuccess including their focus on key competencies, ambition, globalization,innovation, and closeness to the customer. He concluded his lecture by sharingthe future of mid-size companies in the globalized world. Dr. Yoo is a retiredProfessor of Marketing and former Dean at SKK Graduate School of Business,Sungkyunkwan University. He has over 30 years of teaching experience, andvarious research and book publications including What the Victorious Study(2017), What Companies Should Throw Away (2016) and Modern Marketing, 8th Edition (2012).  


  • SolBridge signs Academic Cooperation with Corvinus Business School in Budapest, Hungary">SolBridge signs Academic Cooperation with Corvinus Business School in Budapest, Hungary

            [ “Main building” by Szilveszter Farkas CC BY-SA 2.0]SolBridge International School of Business signedcooperation agreements with Corvinus Business School in Budapest,Hungary.Corvinus Business School (CBS) is the businessmanagement department of Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary's oldest andleading university. CBS's reputation has risen over the last decade with asignificant number of achievements positioning itself as the leading businessschool in Central Europe.CBS degree programmes received the EPAS and EQUISaccreditations provided by the European Foundation for Management Development(EFMD). The school is also a member of the prestigious CEMS Global Alliance inManagement Education, a network of 32 high-profile business schools around theworld. SolBridge will have the great pleasure to host the Deanof Corvinus Business School, Professor Dr Zita Zolpay Paprika at the end ofApril 2019.SolBridge very much looks forward to developing thispartnership in the years to come!  


  • SolBridge hosts French Ambassador to South Korea, His Excellency Mr. Fabien Penone">SolBridge hosts French Ambassador to South Korea, His Excellency Mr. Fabien Penone

     On Friday 29 March2019, SolBridge International School of Business had the great honor to hostfor a Platinum Lecture His Excellency, Mr Fabien Penone, Ambassador of Francein South Korea. Ambassador Penone's lecture addressed the long diplomatic tiesbuilt between France and the Republic of Korea over the last 130 years, andshared with over 250 students the latest trends in the French - Koreanbilateral relationship. With the establishmentof diplomatic relationships in the late 19th century, France and the Republicof Korea have strongly intensified their cooperation in recent years in thefields of trade, business, culture, and higher education. Following Brexit,South Korean investments in France's real estate sector have sharply increased,while Korean internet giant Naver opened in Grenoble NAVER LABS Europe, France's largest Artificial Intelligenceresearch centre. Korea is also becoming a land of opportunity for Frenchcompanies looking for sustainable growth. During his lecture and dialogue with SolBridgestudents, Ambassador Penone insisted on studying abroad as an opportunity forpersonal growth as well as the necessity to learn foreign languages. The lattermessage resonates with SolBridge's mission to providing Korean or Japaneselanguage courses for international students and Chinese courses for Koreanstudents within its curriculum. Ambassador Penone'svisit fits into the rising interest for SolBridge students to study abroad inEurope, and France particularly. As part of its internationalisation strategyin bringing diversity to Korea, SolBridge hosts each semester over 35 Frenchstudents for a study abroad experience, dual degree as well as full-timeBachelor or Master degree. As of April 2019, SolBridge has establishedpartnerships with 10 French business schools and partner institutions.   In the wake of hisvisit to SolBridge, Ambassador Penone spent part of the afternoon visiting theculinary departments at our home university, Woosong University. In an effortto partner the most prestigious institutions in the fields of Culinary Arts,Bakery and Pastry, Woosong University established strong ties with InstitutPaul Bocuse and Institut National Boulangerie-Patisserie (INBP). Woosong'sCulinary Department SICA launched in 2017 a dual degree track with InstitutPaul Bocuse. During their 4-year-long studies at Woosong University, studentscan get specialisation certificates in the fields of pastry, bakery andchocolate art making!  


  • Call for Applications; Fall 2019 Intake">Call for Applications; Fall 2019 Intake

     SolBridge InternationalSchool of Business is now accepting applications for Fall 2019 intake. Applynow and join our diverse community from over 55 countries. SolBridge has arolling admission period, and applications are evaluated on a case-by-case basistaking into account the applicant’s academic records, English proficiency,financial status, personal essay, extra-curricular activities, and letters ofrecommendation. Academic ProgramsIn the international community that is Solbridge, students havea truly multi-cultural learning environment and gain practical marketableskills.  Master of Business Administration (1 year)SolBridge has restructuredits MBA program from a two year to a one year program. The program provides aunique blend of strong foundations and practical skills.Master of Science in Marketing Analytics (1 year)SolBridge has introduced anew program in Marketing Analytics designed for recent graduates with a stronginterest in marketing. Bachelor of Business Administration (4 years)Students may specialize inMarketing, Finance, Management, and Entrepreneurship.  Minimum Requirements; Proof of English proficiency, such as the IELTS or TOEFL iBT (not required if you graduated from a high school located in a country where English is the official language). You must bring the original copy after receiving admissions from SolBridge. Copy of passport (photo page) List of extracurricular activities and awards Personal essay – this is a handwritten, 1,000-word essay that describes a changing moment or significant event in your life that guided you to make business your career choice. Proof of finances – a bank statement that confirms the possession of US$ 18,000.00 in your bank account. Original transcripts Original degree certificate/diploma Letters of recommendations – One letter of recommendation for BBA applicants and two letters for MBA and MSMA applicants Resume or CV (only for MBA applicants) ScholarshipsTuition scholarships are limited, competitive, and cover onlytuition fees. Scholarships will be awarded for a one year period for BBAapplicants, and a one-semester period for MBA and Ms in Marketing Analyticsapplicants. In addition to the admission scholarships, MBA and MSMA applicantswill receive a Future Leadership Scholarship. All applicants must have aminimum GPA of 3.75/4.5 to qualify for a Merit-Based Scholarship following thecompletion of their initial scholarship cycle.Tuition scholarships are awarded on the basis of academicperformance, personal essay, letter(s) of recommendation, extra-curricularactivities, transcripts, admissions interview, and the application form itself.Applicants awarded a scholarship must still demonstrate sufficient proof ofpersonal finances to enter SolBridge. Application DeadlineAdmission is selective and students are urged to apply as earlyas possible to ensure sufficient time for application review, visa application,and moving preparations. Deadline for Fall 2019 semester is June 30, 2019. APPLY NOW 


  • March 2019 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Jennifer Halima">March 2019 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Jennifer Halima

     Thismonth, we would like to acknowledge SolBridge BBA alumna Jennifer Halima.Jennifer is currently the APAC Resource Lead and Project Coordinator at AchieveForum, Singapore. Headquarteredin Boston, Massachusetts, AchieveForumis a global learning and consulting firm working with hundreds of clients fromover 50 countries, many of which are listed as the Fortune 500 companies. AchieveForum helps clients address themost pressing leadership development challenges. Jennifer holds the centralrelationship of resources in the Asia Pacific region, implementing end-to-endresourcing processes.Jenniferstarted her career in 2015 as Marketing Communication Executive for the ASEANregion for a US test and measurement devices manufacturing company, Tektronix. She later joined theCommunications Department as Regional Communication Executive for SoutheastAsia, Australia, and New Zealand at a German chemicals company, Evonik (SEA) Pte Ltd. She supported theregional team in planning, developing and executing the overall communicationworks. She also worked as Field & Channel Marketing Associate for aprovider of energy and commodities information, S&P Global Platts.Jenniferhas gained valuable hands-on marketing experience in global B2B companies invarious industries.  The work exposure todifferent regional markets enabled her to take on her current role in adifferent scope of work.Jennifer completed her BBA degree from SolBridge in Fall2014 with a major in International Marketing.  


  • SolBridge signs cooperation agreement with University College Leuven-Limburg, Belgium">SolBridge signs cooperation agreement with University College Leuven-Limburg, Belgium

     SolBridge International School of Business isdelighted to sign cooperation agreements with University College Leuven-Limburg(UCLL) as part of its internationalisation strategy towards Europe. Suchcooperation enables SolBridge to establish stronger academic ties with Belgianhigher education institutions. UCLL is SolBridge's fifth Belgian partneruniversity. Mr Marc Vandewalle, President of UCLL, and Dr John E.Endicott, Vice-Chancellor of SolBridge International School of Business andPresident of Woosong University, officially signed the agreement at Hotel GrandHyatt, Seoul, on Wednesday 27 March 2019. The signing ceremony took place as part of the BelgianRoyal Mission to South Korea, in the presence of His Majesty Philippe, King ofthe Belgians. Prior to the ceremony, Mr Vandewalle had theopportunity to visit SolBridge campus and meet the SolBridge Student Council. 


  • A day Trip to Gangneung | Anmok Beach and Ojukheon House">A day Trip to Gangneung | Anmok Beach and Ojukheon House

       Getting to know Korea is more than spending exciting weekends in Seoul and partying in Gangnam. Every part of the country has incredible beauties and exploring them will bring you unique experiences and memories. Knowing this, SolBridge’s Student Council organised and guided an excursion to Gangneung - Anmok Beach and Ojukheon House, an east-sea side town located around 275km from Daejeon.Our excursion started at 6:30 am on a Saturday, and the Student Council Associates were already there preparing breakfast and setting up for the students so that they could have safe and quality time during the bus trip. It took us approximately three hours to get to our first stop at Ojukheon House, one of Korea’s national treasures.Ojukheon, the birthplace of the Korean Neo-Confucian scholar, Yulgok Yi I and his mother, Shin Saimdang, is a fantastic place to get closer to Korea’s history and architecture. All traditional houses, built in black bamboo, were open for us to appreciate their details. The historical artifact had descriptions both in Korean and English, making the tour even more educational and exciting. Also, the park has its museum with Yulgok Yi I and Shin Saimdang’s original works, a unique opportunity to get to know closely such great symbols of Korea.  Back on the way to Anmok Beach, we went through small villages surrounded by mountains and all covered in snow. The winter view of the forest gave this tour an even more magical feeling.Our next stop was Anmok, a beautiful sea-side town most known for its Coffee Street, with unique coffee shop brands and cafeterias. It provides tourists with a stunning view of the ocean while enjoying different types of coffee in a comfortable place. At the beach, some students also had a good time on a boat ride that can be purchased locally by a few Wons, took pictures near the blue sea water and fed the birds. Even though it was still winter time, Anmok proved us that going to the beach is a lot more than sun baths and swimming; it can also be a heartwarming and cheerful place no matter the season.   After a day full of activities and new learnings, SolBridge’s shuttle bus arrived at the dormitory around 8:00 p.m, bringing all students safely home with renewed energy so they could enjoy the rest of their weekend. Joining the Student Council’s excursion is an opportunity for you to feel not only part of SolBridge’s family and become closer to your new friends, but it also makes you feel part of a real and enchanting Korea.   


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