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  • 10 SolBridge Students appointed as DDNET Global Science Reporters">10 SolBridge Students appointed as DDNET Global Science Reporters

     On14 April 2022, SolBridge hosted an appointment ceremony where students from theUCLG club were appointed as Global Science Reporters in partnership with Daedeoknet,a Daejeon-based science and technology media outlet. During the ceremony,overseen by Professors Byung-Ik Jung and Chang-Joon Choi, students were awardedcertificates of appointment by Daedeoknet CEO Seok Bong Lee.DDNet,more commonly known by the name of their influential news website, HelloDD,publishes news about the latest advances in science and technology to informand educate the public in Korea and beyond. Appointed students will workclosely with DDNet as Global Science Reporters gaining insight into the operationsof a media company, expanding their knowledge of the Daedeok Innopolis (anintegral region in Korea’s International Science and Business Belt), and helpingDDNet reach an international audience with news and information about researchinstitutes and companies in Daejeon.SolBridgeis proud of the following students who were selected to participate in theDDNet Global Science Reporter program:JungJuKim, Melody Thansyn Htet, Alina Maulenova, Si Won Lee, Allaki Diane, AyushMeher, Deriabina Iana, Mansurov Otabek, Dinh Long Nguyen, and Sang Eun Lee 


  • Fall 2022 Admission to SolBridge">Fall 2022 Admission to SolBridge

      SolBridge International School of Businessis now accepting applications for the Fall 2022 intake. Apply now and join ourdiverse community from 70 countries. Applications are evaluated on acase-by-case basis, considering the applicant's academic records, Englishproficiency, financial status, personal essay, extra-curricular activities, andletters of recommendation.   Academic ProgramsSolBridge students develop the academicknowledge and technical skills necessary to understand the modern businessworld, achieve the highest level of success in their professional careers, andprepare for a successful transition to the job market after graduation.Bachelor of Business Administration (4years)The BBA program is a practical andinternational program designed to help students develop the fundamentalbusiness and management skills needed to kick-start their careers. Students canpursue one of five specializations (Finance, Management and Entrepreneurship,Marketing, Technology, and Innovation, or Data Analytics) or complete anon-specialized BBA degree.Master of Business Administration (1 Year)The MBA program prepares professionals tolead organizations of the future. The program is designed to give students withprior working experience solid expertise in business fundamentals and the softskills needed in today's workplace. Master of Science (2 Year)SolBridge MS program gives business andnon-business graduates the tools needed to succeed in diverse roles andindustries worldwide through a curriculum carefully designed to providepractical and universal business knowledge. Ph.D. in Global Management (3 Years)The Ph.D. in Global Management providesstudents with a rigorous academic foundation to be creative minds in academia.Doctoral students will work closely with world-class faculty who have broadexpertise across all areas of management, marketing, finance, accounting,strategy, and organizational behavior..UndergraduateAdmissions Requirements-Completed online application form - Proof of English proficiency – IELTS 5.5or equivalent - Proof of High SchoolDiploma -Copy of passport – PhotoPage - List of extra-curricular activities andawards - Proof of finances – a bank statement orletter - Typed Personal Essay -One letter ofrecommendation - Application fee of USD 50 GraduateAdmissions Requirements- Completed online application form - Official Score of English Test - IELTS orequivalent - Academic Transcripts (original or validated copies) witha cumulative GPA of 2.0/4.0 or higher – midyear transcripts are acceptable forthose about to graduate - Proof of Finances – bank statement orbank letter - Copy of Passport – Photo Page - Original Bachelor's Degree Diploma(Masters) and Master's Degree (Ph.D.) - Written and Video Essay - Two letters of recommendation -  Resume/CV- Research Proposal (Ph.D.) - Application fee of USD D50 ScholarshipsAdmission scholarships are limited andcompetitive and cover only tuition fees. Scholarships are awarded for onesemester for applicants. All applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.6/4.5 toqualify for a Merit-Based Scholarship following the completion of their initialscholarship cycle. Tuition scholarships are awarded based on academicperformance, personal essay, letter(s) of recommendation, extra-curricularactivities, transcripts, and the application form.More information can be accessed on theSolBridge website. Applicants eligible for a scholarship must still demonstratesufficient proof of personal finances to enter SolBridge.  ApplicationDeadlineAdmission is selective and students areurged to apply as early as possible to ensure sufficient time for applicationreview, visa application, and moving preparations. The deadline for the Fall2022 semester is June 30th, 2022. APPLY NOW! 


  • 한국어교육원 '한국어 사랑방' 운영">한국어교육원 '한국어 사랑방' 운영

     한국어교육원 '한국어 사랑방' 운영한국어교육원에서 운영하는 '한국어 사랑방' 입니다.관심있는 학생들 많은 참여 부탁드립니다. 1. 주 관 : 한국어교육원2. 참 가 방 식 : 지정된 시간 및 장소를 자유롭게 방문3. 지 도 분 야 : 한국어 말하기, 쓰기, TOPIK, 한국 문화 등4. 기 간 : 4. 14(목) ~ 6. 2(목)5. 장 소 : 엔디컷 대학(W19) 201호6. 운 영 방 식 :    - 방문 학생 의문점 해결 및 취약점 지도    - 테스트를 통한 공부 방법 제안    - 게임을 활용한 한국어 흥미 고취    - 한국 대중문화 소개 : K-POP, 영화, 드라마, 도서 등7. 예상 날짜, 시간 회날짜시간교수주제 및 활동14월 14일(목)16시 ~ 18시임명옥한국어 학습 고민 해결24월 19일(화)15시 ~ 17시정희정숨은 그림, 다른 그림 찾기34월 21일(목)10시 ~ 12시정희정한국 문화재 소개44월 26일(화)16시 ~ 18시임명옥한국 예절54월 28일(목)15시 ~ 17시임새아미k-pop을 활용한 표현 익히기65월 03일(화)13시 ~ 15시오상희한국어 일기 쓰기75월 10일(화)13시 ~ 15시김정인대화 연습 및 발음 교정85월 12일(목)15시 ~ 17시임새아미TOPIK 쓰기 학습법95월 17일(화)13시 ~ 15시이지혜한국 소설105월 19일(목)13시 ~ 15시이지혜한국 시115월 24일(화)13시 ~ 15시김규호한국어 십자말 풀이125월 26일(목)13시 ~ 15시김규호한국 노래135월 31일(화)13시 ~ 15시이강록설명문 쓰기146월 02일(목)14시~ 16시김숙자한국 요리 8. 문의 042)629-6668 


  • AACSB’s Innovations That Inspire Initiative Recognizes SolBridge">AACSB’s Innovations That Inspire Initiative Recognizes SolBridge

     Yesterday, April 5,2022, AACSB International (AACSB)—theworld’s largest business education alliance—announced SolBridge InternationalSchool of Business among 24 business schools highlighted in its Innovations That Inspire memberspotlight program.  This annual programrecognizes institutions from around the world that serve as champions of changein the business education landscape. In 2022, the highlights feature efforts toelevate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). Emphasis on DEIB isa key feature of AACSB’s 2020 business accreditation standards and the focus of a recently released positioning paper. The paper illustrates AACSB’s commitment to equitable accessto high-quality business education globally and calls on the business educationcommunity to embed the tenets of DEIB into its strategies andcultures.   SolBridge is recognized forthe “Think Global, Act Local – On the Track forChange program”. An initiative where SolBridge partners with local governmentinitiatives to transform local platforms into sites for global exchange. These“glocalization” initiatives enable SolBridge to spearhead meaningful change andnurture future community leaders. “Progress toward morewelcoming, inclusive spaces requires action, and SolBridge demonstratesleadership in this important effort,” said Caryn Beck-Dudley, AACSB presidentand CEO. “Through collaborations—among business schools, businesses, andcommunities—we will create a strong global society and equip leaders forpositive impact.” Now in its seventh year,the Innovations That Inspire initiative has highlighted nearly 200 businessschool efforts that exemplify forward-looking approaches to education, research,community engagement or outreach, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Support forthe 2022 Innovations That Inspire member spotlight program is provided by theGraduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). More insights and examplesare available at  About AACSBInternationalEstablished in 1916, AACSBInternational (AACSB) is the world’s largest business education alliance,connecting educators, learners, and business to create the next generation ofgreat leaders. With a presence in more than 100 countries and territories,AACSB fosters engagement, accelerates innovation, and amplifies impact inbusiness education. Learn how AACSB is transforming business education for abetter society at 


  • SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Galih Permadi Siwi">SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Galih Permadi Siwi

     This month we recognize GalihPermadi Siwi, SolBridge MBA alumnus class of 2021 from Indonesia. Galih iscurrently Project Manager at WIKA, one of Indonesia's largest state-ownedconstruction companies. Although he has been working for this company asan engineer for about 14 years, he took a break to start his MBA at SolBridgeand graduated as a Valedictorian in 2021. Here's a catch up between Galih andSolBridge since his graduation:  Q: Tell us about whatyou do.A: I lead construction projects in different areas in Indonesiaand one project can take up months, sometimes a year! Each project hasdifferent financial values and the site is different from one to anotherso my job fits best with my passion, which is traveling. By doing so I get tosee beautiful parts of my own country's nature that don't get lots of exposurefrom tourists. Right now I'm working on a 55 million USD worth constructionproject in Bangka Belitung island in Indonesia. Q: We learned that youalready had a stable career before you started your study; why did you go backto school?A: I have been working for WIKA for about a decade and mybackground is actually mechanical engineering. And I have been in this fieldfor so many years when my Director at that time told me "Galih, the timeyou clocked in the engineering field is enough. Now it's time for you to workon your management skills". Then I started getting responsibilitiesrelated to managing and leading teams and my company saw the potential in me tostep up my game so I was selected for a scholarship scheme funded by WIKA topursue a business-related Master program. This was a great opportunity to moveupward in my career and of course, I took an MBA program because this isexactly what I need to be a better manager and leader. Q: Why did you chooseSouth Korea to study?A: It goes without saying that South Korea has been a leadingindustry in the construction field, which is the same field I'm currently in.Even before I started studying in South Korea, the company I worked for, WIKA,already had projects with POSCO, Daelim, and Hyundai in Indonesia. Theyexpected me to study and keep in touch with our current business partners tomaintain and help out with the projects, so South Korea is the obviousanswer. For example, back in 2019 during my MBA study at SolBridge, the uppermanagement of WIKA and I had a meeting at Lotte Chemical office inSeoul, discussing a potential project. And this is exactly why South Korea wasa convenient option for me to study and a great investment for my education. Inaddition, giant Korean companies have already established businesses withthe Indonesian government; the products we outsource from Korean companiesmatched better than products from companies in Europe, for example, so it makessense that South Korea is my study destination. It syncs well with thebusinesses we do.  Q: How did studying inthe MBA program help you achieve your career goal? A: During the time I did my managing role at WIKA, I learnedaspects of business and management by doing it with instinct. I had noprior experience, so I mostly observed my seniors at the company. When Istarted an MBA at SolBridge and took classes, things suddenly made a lot ofsense! From my classes in the MBA program, not only did I know I was on theright track, but I also understood the bigger context thanks to all thetheoretical frameworks introduced during my study. By understanding thetheoretical frameworks, it means I don't only act instinctively in the future,but I can also see why it's essential and predict the outcome. Three of themost valuable courses I had during my MBA were Operation Management, ProjectManagement, and Strategic Management and they are so relevant. Aftergraduation, I went straight back to WIKA and I still used the teaching andstudying materials for my recent assessment. I don't think these three will everget old and always be relevant. Another great part was the in-class discussionsI had with other classmates who had working experience in their countries. Thethings we talked about brought these theories to life and I got to relive thebusiness situations my classmates experienced and I used it as my own futurereference as a manager! Q: What was thememorable thing about studying at SolBridge?A: Academically, most of my classmates and my professors were an essentialpart of my student life. For example, my classmates from Europe did theirbachelor's degree in business, so having them in class was very competitive.The combination between their educational background and theirprofessional experience made the class very vibrant, but to be honest, itwas also hard for me not to feel intimidated. My background was engineering, somany things were new to me but familiar to them! The good news is, theprofessors were helpful and approachable, so they were very open to studentswhose backgrounds were not business or management like me. And everyone inclass was so incredibly diverse - this is the most powerful thing aboutSolBridge. I had friends from practically everywhere that if I ever haveto travel for a different project to another country in the future, I can callthem up to see if we can link up for business. I think this is exactly whypeople should be in the MBA program. It's the network that you're getting outof it, not just the knowledge! We are still in touch in a group chat togetherand plan to meet up in Germany for Octoberfest festival in 2022. My lifein SolBridge was one of the best things ever happened; I tried to get my handson anything and everything. Hiking, hanging out, traveling, and even performingat Culture Day. Just because I was in the Master's program, it doesn't mean Icouldn't do things undergraduate students do.  Q: Would you recommendpursuing an MBA program?A: Absolutely! Anyone whose background is not business like me,this is exactly a program you have to pursue. Do not feel discouraged justbecause you didn't study Business Administration before. Taking an MBA programdoes help with your career, both in practice and in moving your way up thecorporate ladder. Q: Any lastwords for SolBridgers?A: Take advantage of anything at SolBridge! Join anyactivities you can think of and if you do it meaningfully, it will bring youvalues both personally and professionally. And connect with everyone,regardless of their backgrounds. Galih is fond oftraveling, photography, and nature, and he has traveled to 15 countries. 


  • Dean Park’s Message to the Recent Graduated Class of 2021">Dean Park’s Message to the Recent Graduated Class of 2021

      “On behalf of everyone at SolBridge, I offerthe graduating class of Fall 2021 the heartiest of congratulations.   I so very muchwish that this ceremony could have been with all 112 of you here with us inthis auditorium, being applauded by family and friends, with flowers, hugs,tears, and laughter being exchanged in abundance. But not being able to do sodoes not make this occasion any less special. In this ceremony, we will do ourutmost to reflect how proud we are of your remarkable achievements. The past twoyears have been tumultuous, with COVID-19 profoundly altering each one of ourlives. It calls to mind the quote from the French mathematician and philosopherBlaise Pascal, who said: “Man is but a reed, the weakest in nature.” You mayfeel fragile and helpless, like a flimsy reed. And such feelings of fragilitymay come not only when struck by a historically catastrophic event such as thispandemic, but also when you are faced with more mundane challenges: likefinding a job, getting into a graduate school of your choice; or unforeseendifficulties in terms of health, finances, illness or death of a loved one.Even as you exult at the successful completion of your time at SolBridge, you maybe feeling a bit daunted by the new phase in life that is opening before you,that seems to be filled with pitfalls and uncertainties.  But I’d like youto embrace yourselves as “reeds”, taking note of the second half of Pascal’squote: “Man is but a reed, the weakest in nature, but is a thinking reed.”The Mission of SolBridge is: Nurturing the Next Generation of AsianThought-Leaders. As graduates of SolBridge, you’re no ordinary thinking reeds.You are Thought-Leader reeds equipped with GACCS: Global Perspective, AsianExpertise, Creative Management Foundation, Cross-cultural Competence, andSocial Responsibility. Then what does itmean to be a GACCS-equipped reed?  Two things. For one, it meansyou are creative and adaptive, traits that are especially salient in thesetimes. While stubborn, oak-tree-like individuals and institutions that refuseto adapt suffer failure and collapse, you have adapted and innovated, as reedswould sway and bend themselves amidst a windstorm. You adapted to online/hybridclasses, took part in remote internships and international workshops andcompetitions, and were able to socialize, make friends, and have fun evenamidst social distancing limitations. And these qualities and sharedexperiences, along with the business competence you gained through our rigorousAACSB-accredited coursework, will make you the most unique Thought-Leader reedswe have graduated. But secondly,GACCS-reinforced reeds are a part of a uniquely diverse, supportive, andthriving SolBridge community. No matter how flexible a reed may be, it still issubject to being trampled if it stands alone. But when bound together, a stackof reeds gains strength and stature. That is us: the “SolBridge reed-stack.”Please do not think that you are leaving this community when you graduate.Don’t let go of the friendships you’ve made with your fellow classmates, bondsyou have built with your professors—make a real effort to stay in touch (andnot just when you’re looking for a reference letter). Take advantage of ouralumni network; we are in the middle of building a new alumni directory to helpconnect you with many of our successful graduates from around the world; pleaseadd yourself and take full advantage. Keep in touch with our Career DevelopmentCenter when you’re looking for another job or just need career advice. TheSolBridge reed-stack community, the SolBridge family, will always be here foryou, as you all should be there for each other.”  Prof. Joshua ParkDean of SolBridgeInternational School of Business 


  • 솔브릿지 기숙사 안내">솔브릿지 기숙사 안내

     안녕하세요. 솔브릿지 입학팀입니다.기숙사 관련 준비 사항 전달 드립니다.   1. 코로나 음성확인서   가. 신속항원검사(전문가용) 음성확인서 or pcr 검사결과지)2. 결핵검사서 3. 증명사진 1부 4. 개인물품일체 (택배가능) - 기숙사에 사전 연락 바람   ※ 학부모님의 경우 기숙사 1층까지만 동행 가능합니다.※ 솔지오 주소 : 대전광역시 동구 백룡로 59 ( 남자 D동[E10], 여자 B동[E9] )   문의사항 입학팀 042-630-8846,8507 솔지오 042-630-9969(기숙사) 


  • 2021학년도 2학기 외국인 유학생 소식지 '안녕' 28호 E-저널 발간">2021학년도 2학기 외국인 유학생 소식지 '안녕' 28호 E-저널 발간

     유학생 잡지 '안녕' 제 28호가 발간되었습니다.우송한국어교육원 홈페이지 내 커뮤니티-유학생잡지 [안녕] 28호를 확인해주시기 바랍니다. 2021学年 第2学期外国留学生杂志《你好》第28期E-期刊发行留学生杂志《你好》第28期发行请前往又松大学韩国语教育院网站内确认。搜索方法:浏览器搜索【우송한국어교육원 홈페이지】→ 커뮤니티 → 유학생잡지 [안녕] 28호 Phát hành tạp chí Annyeong số 28 dành cho du học sinh bản điện tử kỳ 2 năm học 2021Nội dung:  Tạp chí du học sinh Annyeong số 28 đã được phát hành.Xem thêm tại homepage của Viện giáo dục tiếng Hàn Đại học Woosong: [우송한국어교육원 홈페이지] - [커뮤니티] - [유학생잡지 [안녕] 28호]. The foreign student magazine 'Annyeong 28th edition' of 2021 2nd semester has been published as an E-journalContent: The foreign student magazine 'Annyeong 28th edition' has been published.Please check it out at Woosong Korean Language Institute's homepage: [우송한국어교육원 홈페이지] - [커뮤니티] - [유학생잡지 [안녕] 28호]. 


  • 안녕 28호">안녕 28호



  • SolBridge Hosts Virtual 2021 International Business Plan Competition">SolBridge Hosts Virtual 2021 International Business Plan Competition

     From November 29 – December 3, 2021, SolBridgeInternational School of Business hosted its 9th edition of the InternationalBusiness Plan Competition, where undergraduate students from 17 partneruniversities worked on solving an actual problem from HyundaiCorporation.   The broad theme of this year’s competitionwas: “Developing Environmental Friendly Business Items and Models.”  Mr.Dong-uk Kang, the Business Development Expert at Hyundai Corporation,officially presented the specific case study on the commercialization ofNanobubble technology to the participants on their first day of thecompetition. Teams had three days to develop their business plans for thepreliminary round, after which eight teams advanced to the final round. Each ofthe finalists had the opportunity to give a live presentation online to a panelof judges representing academia and industry.     Portugal’s FEP School of Economics andManagement of the University of Porto won first place in the competition fortheir comprehensive business plan in which Nanobubble technology is employed tocomplement existing technologies and expand Hyundai’s influence locally andglobally. The team focused on developing their business plan around applyingNanobubble technology to a) rice production through irrigation processes,increasing yield and decreasing the use of fertilizers, and b) cementproduction through Nanobubble enriched water, reducing carbon emissionsproduced by the industry.   In second place was SolBridge’s team for theirconfidence in contacting manufacturers as part of their research strategy andfor considering the extensive water pollution caused by the textile industry.In addition, the team developed their business plan around the proposed rentalof Nanobubble generators to textile dyeing companies. Finally, India’s WoxsenUniversity placed in third place for their sophisticated understanding of theproposed technology. The team developed their business plan to sell industrialNanobubble generators to agricultural, water treatment, and scientific researchsectors.   This year’s competition attracted 84participants representing 17 countries. Although the competition took placevirtually, it presented participants with an opportunity to test theirresearch, problem-solving, business, and communication skills.Participating universities included: Azerbaijan State University of Economics, Azerbaijan Belarusian State University, Belarus Foreign Trade University, Vietnam Ho Technical University, Ghana International University of Rabat, Morocco Jimma University, Ethiopia KAZGUU University, Kazakhstan Kokand University, Uzbekistan Macquarie University, AustraliaPuebla Madero University, Mexico San Ignacio de Loyola, Peru SolBridge International School of Business, South Korea University of Finance and Economics, Mongolia University of Kigali, Rwanda University of Porto, Portugal V.N Karazin Kharkiv National Univesity, Ukraine Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University, Indonesia Woxsen University, IndiaWe want to thank our partner universities forparticipating in this competition and look forward to next year's edition. 


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