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  • Back-to-back Wins for SolBridge">Back-to-back Wins for SolBridge

     Just a few months after receiving the AACSB “Innovationsthat Inspire” award, SolBridge International School of Business is celebratinganother win, we have been recognized by the Beta Gamma Sigma InternationalHonor Society as a school that has achieved Highest Honors for the year 2021-2022. Guided by our SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter vision:“Become your Greatest Self”, our SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma members have proventheir commitment to fostering community, enhancing the student experience atSolBridge, and making a positive societal impact in Korea. Our SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma team are proudly involvedin the UCLG initiative and represent SolBridge in many ambassador programs,including the program that earned us the Innovations that Inspire award: “ThinkGlobal –Act Local”. The “Think Global – Act Local” initiative has broken downcultural/linguistic barriers and fostered inclusion in Daejeon and surroundingregions. Through this initiative, there has been an expansion of internationalexchange and global engagement within Daejeon. The SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma team has also focused onenhancing the student experience by assisting in co-curricular activities. BetaGamma Sigma members readily supported students by serving as academic mentors,by offering various workshops, assisting in convocation and commencementceremonies, and by hosting the sophomore orientation. Recognizing that studentsneed support and encouragement at all stages of their academic journey, theSolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma chapter hosted a sophomore orientation where theyinvited six professors to talk about academic development services on campus,the club activities available to students, how to use MySolBridge (ourcommunity-building platform), and sharing their own stories of academicchallenges and successes. The Mission of SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma chapter is “toinspire change, honor academic achievement and enrich the lives of others”. Byreceiving this Highest Honors achievement, we have fulfilled this mission andlook forward to continue this legacy for years to come. A heartfelt thanks to our SolBridge Beta Gamma SigmaOfficers for their excellent contributions, dedication, and hard work thisyear, and a special thanks to Dean Joshua Park for supporting and encouragingthe SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma activities and events.  SolBridgeBeta Gamma Sigma Officers: Vuong Do Minh Chau (SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma President)Hanne Hopp (SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma Vice-president)Nguyen Dinh Long (Design Manager)Liubov Bratchik (Marketing and PR Manager)Danielle Swanepoel (SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma ChapterAdvisor) 


  • SolBridge Hosts Delegates from Foreign Trade University, Vietnam">SolBridge Hosts Delegates from Foreign Trade University, Vietnam

     SolBridge hadthe privilege and honor of hosting a delegation of senior officials from ourlong-term partners, Foreign Trade University (FTU), Vietnam, from August 25-29th, 2022. The team consisted of the Vice President in charge ofInternational Education, Prof. Dao Ngoc Tien, the Dean of Faculty ofInternational Education, Prof Ho Thuy Ngoc, Director of Ho Chi Minh CampusProf.  Prof Nguyen Xuan Minh, Head ofInternational Education Department in Ho Chi Minh Campus, Dr. Nguyen Thi MinhHa and Ms. Cao Thanh Hang in charge of SolBridge-FTU collaboration.This visit wasan excellent opportunity for the two institutions to enhance the existingcooperation in undergraduate student exchange and dual degree programs, Ph.D.program, faculty exchanges, and research collaborations.  On the 29th ofAugust, Vice President Dao Ngoc Tien joined SolBridge's welcoming convocationceremony for new students, delivered special remarks, and highlighted thestrong partnerships between FTU and SolBridge. To date,SolBridge has welcomed various students from FTU for a two-year top-up programwhere they have participated in different opportunities offered at SolBridge.These joint ventures allow students to receive valuable knowledge and exercisetheir multicultural understanding of Korea and Vietnam.We look forwardto growing and strengthening these collaboration activities further. 


  • CULTURE DAY 2021| Cultural Parade">CULTURE DAY 2021| Cultural Parade


  • CULTURE DAY 2021 | Country Dances & Flashmob | 13th Solbridge Student Council">CULTURE DAY 2021 | Country Dances & Flashmob | 13th Solbridge Student Council


  • SolBridge hosts AACSB High Officials">SolBridge hosts AACSB High Officials

     SolBridge International School of Business had the privilege andhonor of hosting the Executive Vice-president, Global Chief Membership Officer,and Managing Director of Asia Pacific of AACSB – Dr. Geoff Perry.  On the 18th of August,Dr. Perry and Goudong Xu (regional Head of East Asia, AACSB) joined theSolBridge faculty retreat to honor SolBridge with an AACSB Innovations thatInspire Award. SolBridge is recognized for the “ThinkGlobal, Act Local – On the Track for Change program”. An initiative where SolBridge partners with localgovernment initiatives to transform local platforms into sites for globalexchange. These “glocalization” initiatives enable SolBridge to spearheadmeaningful change and nurture future community leaders. “Progress toward morewelcoming, inclusive spaces requires action, and SolBridge demonstratesleadership in this important effort,” said Caryn Beck-Dudley, AACSB presidentand CEO. “Through collaborations—among business schools, businesses, andcommunities—we will create a strong global society and equip leaders forpositive impact.” Dr. Perry also gave aninsightful and thought-provoking talk on the AACSB Continuous Improvement ReviewJourney – exploring the various nuances of accreditation demands over afive-year period. He explained that an institution’s mission should drive aninstitution towards having an impact and that the new 2020 standards guideinstitutions towards achieving this.  SolBridge looks forwardto many more years under the AACSB banner and is privileged to have had theopportunity to receive guidance and expertise from Dr. Perry.  


  • 2023학년도 솔브릿지국제경영대학 입학전형 안내">2023학년도 솔브릿지국제경영대학 입학전형 안내


  • A Day Trip to Lotte World">A Day Trip to Lotte World

    Anastasiia Lepikhina shares her experience of the last studentexcursion to Lotte World, hosting the world’s largest indoor them park.“Lotte World is a great amusement park located in Seoul,South Korea. At the end of the spring semester, we visited this place withSolBridgers and had a lot of fun there. This was also the first time StudentCouncil organized a unique Excursion with a discount for prospective graduates.Many students signed up for this trip, and I was sure I wouldn’t enjoy thatplace alone, and that’s how it went! Apart from my friends, I made new friendsand talked with students from other countries I didn’t know before. Lotte Worldis divided into two parts, outdoor and indoor areas. Even though the lines werelong, everything exceeded our expectations. After riding the attractions insideand eating some lunch - which was amazingly good, we moved outside. Theattractions outdoors are more for the adults, as they are bigger and scarier. Ididn’t overcome my fear of riding the biggest ones, but you can easily have funthere even without riding them!In the evening, there was a grand parade inside, wheredancers from around the world represented various stories and movies. Myfavorite was Aladdin, as the performers were super lovely, greeting each of myfriends! We were tired but delighted by the end of the day, so it was anexcellent time riding the bus back as we shared the event experience. Overall,the trip to Lotte World was a fantastic thing to join. Thanks to StudentCouncil for making my university life in South Korea amusing and exciting!” 


  • Woosong Sports Day 2022">Woosong Sports Day 2022

      From May 8-20th May 2022, Woosong University hosted its annualinter-departmental sports competition after a two-year break due to thepandemic. SolBridge students participated in different activities, includingFootball and Dodgeball, and placed 3rd in the football matches.  Below is an account ofone of the SolBridge students that participated in the football matches.   "WoosongSports Day 2022 was one of the most exciting and awaited events since I came toSolBridge. Unfortunately, due to the regulations, we could not have such eventsfor two years, so it was a big excitement for all of us. I was one of thefootball players at that event, and I would like to share some memorablemoments with you all. The first thing was thetraining before the tournament itself. Both football and dodgeball teamsgathered and started training 2-3 months before the games began. It was a goodidea because we got in good shape, ready to battle.Moving on to the start ofSports Day 2022, we were all nervous about our first match, primarily due tothe number of people who came to support us. However, the cheerleaders triedtheir best to help us win the game with their support.  As the matches went by,team nervosity came down, but the help of the supporters never stopped. Finally,in the semi-final match, we met with one of the strongest teams – the SportsDepartment. Overall, the game was enjoyable, despite some hiccups.Unfortunately, we lost the match 1-3. However, the next day, we got our bronze,winning the last game with a score of 7-0. It was a great way to finish thetournament. Woosong Sports Day 2022was one of the fascinating events throughout my time at SolBridge. I want tothank the supporters and cheerleaders; without them, we would not achieve theseresults."  We want to acknowledgeall the participants for showcasing the 'SolBridge spirit,' passion, andteamwork, and congratulations to SolBridge FC for placing 3rd in thetournament.  


  • SolBridge Students' Day Trip to Yongin Folk Village">SolBridge Students' Day Trip to Yongin Folk Village

     On May 21, 2022, SolBridge students had a day's excursionto Yongin Folk Village in Gyeonggi-do. This excursion was the first triporganized by SolBridge Student Council after a two-year break during thepandemic. Yongin Folk village introduces to its visitors the traditionalculture from the late Joseon dynasty through classes and experiences.Konstantin Ivanov, one of the students that participated in this trip, shareshis experience.   "When I heard of the Yongin Folk Village excursionorganized by the Student Council, I was very excited since this was our firstschool-organized trip since the pandemic. The preparation and promotionsstarted long before the actual day. Initially, we were required to reservetickets to the trip through a google form before making the actual paymentswhich were well coordinated and organized.  The two-hour journey from Daejeon was smooth andcomfortable, not to mention the favorable Spring temperature, which was idealfor traveling. This visit to Yongin was not only exciting but also informative.I had the chance to discover and learn more about Korean culture; Seeingold-styled houses, watching traditional shows and performances, joining DIYworkshops, and making Korean souvenirs increased my appreciation for Koreanculture. Besides, I liked that we could move freely and explore on our own andonly had to be at the appointed time and place at the end of the excursion toreturn home. I had a great time and hope there will be more of these events tobroaden our mental boundaries.  I want to express my gratitude to the SolBridge StudentCouncil for a brilliant job."  


  • SolBridge hosts Liberal Arts and Technology Symposium: Humane Futures">SolBridge hosts Liberal Arts and Technology Symposium: Humane Futures

    On Saturday, July 9, 2022, SolBridge hosted itsfirst Liberal Arts and Technology Symposium attracting scholars andpractitioners in multiple fields, including Ethics, Policy, Fine Arts, andTechnology.  Under the theme “Humane Futures,” theconference sought to address a crucial question posed by our uncertainfuture; “How might we create, maintain and sustain the kind of life onour planet in years to come that is not subsumed by the needs and excesses ofhuman progress?” In addition, it provided a platform for both localand global scholars to share their interdisciplinary research in the humanitiesand applied sciences, and fostered discussions on innovations andsustainability. Dean Joshua Park kicked off the symposium witha few welcoming remarks followed by a roundtable discussion on History andSociety that attracted speakers from leading universities in South Korea andthe United States to address the role of history in the technological present.Participants included: Sora Kim (Seoul National University), James Flowers(Kyung Hee University), Brian Hsieh (Illinois State University), and LoughlinSweeney (Yonsei University). Timothy DU Kang from Hyundai delivered akeynote address entitled “How to Achieve Net Zero: Technology andRegulations Alone Are Insufficient.”  Mr. Kang isresponsible for identifying eco-friendly technologies and investigating theirplausibility and scalability at Hyundai. He shared a glimpse into some of theideal innovations offering hope for sustainable development, as well as the challengesfaced in successfully adapting and implementing them in a business context. Hediscussed, moreover, how novel business ideas are often hampered by economicconsiderations and performance exaggerations, while making a case forgovernment support above and beyond industry regulation. We want to acknowledge all the speakers belowfor sharing their knowledge and research at this conference:“How to Prevent AI Replacement to secure a Humane Future,” Chahaya Parahitta (SolBridge)“One Nation, One Language? Lingua Franca and Identity,” Arunasish Sen (SolBridge)“Exploration of BOPPPS-Based Modes of Blended Teaching in University Curricula,” Zhouyuan Tian (SolBridge)“Peace Education Theory and Practice Around the World,” Kevin Kester (Seoul National University)“What Can Asian Governments Learn from South Korea’s Human Rights-Inspired Politics?” Daniel Corks (SolBridge)“On the Use of Disability,” Carina Venter (Stellenbosch University)“Towards Government X: Anarchic Government of Project Cyberfolk,” Sohin Hwang (Independent)“A case of Regional Innovation Policy: Strategies for the Global Science City Daejeon,” Kyunghwa Kim (DiSTEP)“Innovation in Amusement Parks: Can We Use Blockchain Here?” Roger Royo and  Ronny Estrella (KAIST)“#Vibez: Signposting Social Crisis Through Online Music Listening,” Anke Froehlich (Stellenbosch University)“The Role of the Media in Perpetuating Problematic Ideologies Around Gender and Sexuality within South Africa,” Claire Westman (Free State)“Uncanny Technology and Haunted Commodities in the Work of Peter Strickland,” John Riley (SolBridge)“Contemporary Art and Anti-Archives of Intergenerational Knowledge,” Jason Waite (Oxford)“(Trans+De)(Human+Formation): Leaving Humanity Behind in Transition,” Reshard Kolabhai (North Western University)“An Intergenerational Justice Approach to Technological Unemployment,” Danielle Swanepoel (SolBridge) 


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