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  • Budapest Business School visits SolBridge">Budapest Business School visits SolBridge

     On June 4-5, SolBridge International School of Business had the great pleasure to welcome a delegation from Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences, Hungary. As part of the two-day visit, the five-people delegation led by Rector Balazs Heidrich and Chancellor Ferenc Dietz held meetings with the Woosong University leadership, including President John E. Endicott. SolBridge and Budapest Business School have successfully been collaborating since 2016 on the student mobility side and we are hopeful that this visit will further enhance our bilateral cooperation.Founded in 1957, Budapest Business School is one of Hungary's oldest universities and the largest university of applied sciences with 16,000 students. With the foundation of the Oriental Business Innovation Centre in 2016 in cooperation with the Hungarian Central Bank, Budapest Business School has established itself as a major academic and research player in Central European - Asian relationships. During their visit to Daejeon, the Hungarian delegation had the opportunity to take part in a Taekwondo show and get introduced to an important part of Korean sports culture. 


  • Dr Howard Thomas Donates Books to SolBridge Library">Dr Howard Thomas Donates Books to SolBridge Library

      Dr Howard Thomas, Chief Strategy Officer Woosong University, donated copies of one of  his latest books entitled “Inclusive Growth: The Global Challenges of Social Inequality and Financial Inclusion.” The book demonstrates the logic of inclusive growth, highlighting its principles and the enabling models that define it. It emerged out of the research partnership between the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and Singapore Management University (SMU).Professor Howard Thomas is a highly cited scholar, with fellowship awards from the U.S. Academy of Management, the British Academy of Management, the Strategic Management Society, the Academy of Social Sciences, and the Institute of Directors. He was also awarded the Richard Whipp Lifetime Achievement Award of the British Academy of Management in 2013, and the Strategic Leadership Award from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB) in 2014. He also has had Deanships / Senior Administrative positions at SMU, London Business School, AGSM, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Warwick Business School.The book donation was part of his one-week visit to Woosong University and SolBridge, where he had various engagements with SolBridge top management, faculty, staff, and students. Copies of his book can be found in SolBridge Library.   


  • 2019 SolBridge Corporate Advisory Council Meeting">2019 SolBridge Corporate Advisory Council Meeting

     On 31st May 2019, SolBridge held this year’s corporate advisory meeting in Seoul with some of the members of SolBridge Corporate Advisory Council (CAC). The CAC consists of a group of senior executives in various industries based in China, India, Korea, and the USA with in-depth experience in operations throughout Asia. Their collective experience covers a broad range of well-established large corporations as well as small entrepreneurial organizations in both the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors. In attendance were senior representatives from M.K International Inc, Global Foods and Beverage Technology Associates, L3 Technologies, Bank of New York Mellon, SolBridge top management, faculty, and MBA student representatives who were also the winners of the 2019 Woosong Website and Fintech competition.  The meeting highlighted new developments at SolBridge including the introduction of the MSc in Marketing Analytics Program in Spring 2019 as a result of the increasing demand of Marketing Analysts, a presentation by the students for their Fintech idea and the discussion of the future of SolBridge. The role of CAC includes reviewing SolBridge curriculum to ensure it is relevant addressing the current and future needs, helping SolBridge students to focus their careers on the rapidly growing economies in Asia, one-on-one mentoring to high potential SolBridge students and providing meaningful internship and job opportunities to SolBridge students and graduates. 


  • SolBridge hosts its first Website and Fintech Competition">SolBridge hosts its first Website and Fintech Competition

    Last week, 29th May 2019 SolBridge held its first Website Design and Fintech competition, that attracted both graduate and undergraduate students. Participates were required to develop a website prototype based on their unique Fintech related business idea using Codepen an online code editor and open source platform for testing and showing user-created  HTML, CSS, and javascript.All competitors had time to present their ideas in front of a live audience, including a panel of judges, three teams emerging as winners. “FundPot” a product derived from Chit Funds operational model won the first prize of KRW 500,000. The platform provides easier and faster access to credit in the targeted country Vietnam where a specified number of subscribers contribute payments over a given period. “iSolution” a one-stop platform to manage personal finances including financial assets, credit and debit cards, and insurance came in second and received a KRW 300,000 reward. In third place with KRW 200,000 was “INConnecticut” a platform providing social media network users with access to financial services within their social platforms. Winners were selected based on a given criterion including their website design, uniqueness, and demand for the product, sustainability of their business model. With the rise of financial technology innovation, the competition aimed to provide students with a platform for students to come up with creative business solutions. Congratulations to all the winners!  


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