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  • Welcome Convocation | Spring 2021 Semester">Welcome Convocation | Spring 2021 Semester


  • SolBridge Tailor-made Job Search and Employment Programs">SolBridge Tailor-made Job Search and Employment Programs

     SolBridge CareerDevelopment Center is pleased to announce the launch of various tailor-made andintensive job search and employment programs effective this Spring semester.The programs and courses will address SolBridge student's employment and careerdevelopment needs. Students can now participate and undertake the newlydeveloped courses below;  Intensive Job Search Series - Multinational Companies (mainly in Korea), twocredits with "Pass or Fail." This course is designed for the students who plan to work formultinational companies mainly in Korea, mostly in Consumer and IT industries.While this course is focused on the 3rd and 4th year students who can apply forreal positions throughout the semester, other grade students can also take thiscourse. Korean students or international students with TOPIK level 5 or above(native or fluent both in Korean and English) can attend. Intensive Job Search Series - Startups Companies (mainly in Korea), twocredit with "Pass or Fail." This course is focused on practical 'know-hows' of StartupCompanies, which we are paying attention to, employment and tactics in the eraof a post-COVID-19 pandemic. Several professional lecturers, including theStartups HR manager and CEOs, will deliver required competencies, skills, andjob information through lecturing and career coaching activities. The course is mainly focused on the 3rd and 4th- yearstudents; however, other grade students can also take this course. Koreanstudents or international students with TOPIK level 5 or above (native orfluent both in Korean and in English) can attend  Navigating Your Career Track with special Career Club activities, onecredit with "Pass or Fail."   The course covers up-to-date job search skills such asrecruitment and significant industry trends, review of the top 100 companies'image for a thought leader, required job competencies and self-exploration,personal Target Company development and analysis, job application methods(Korean Resume, Korean Self-introduction letter, Resume, Cover Letter), and jobinterview strategies (Image Making, Storytelling, Presentation/Speech Coaching,Structured Interview Answer Tips, Online Interview, AI Interview).   The course is open to all student levels and all nationalities.It is strongly recommended for students who are struggling to find their careerdirection. It aims to help students find their tailor-made Career Track thatbest fits their capabilities and job orientation, set up a customizedemployment strategy for the Target Company, and successfully get a job throughdifferentiated employment practices. It is a 15-week job-deepening mentoringcourse per se.  For more information about the new courses, please contactSolBridge Career Development Center at  


  • Global Start-up Boot camp at SolBridge">Global Start-up Boot camp at SolBridge

     Effective this spring, SolBridge will run a Global start-up bootcamp program for second-year and above undergraduate students interested in entrepreneurship.The program consists of five courses with 15 credit units, including;Understanding start-up Businesses, Planning and Launching Start-up Businesses,Bizthon for Start-up Business (I) & (II), and Workshop for start-upbusinesses.  In the 'Understanding Start-up Business' course, studentswill learn the business model and, using the business model, creating an IRDeck for fundraising. Students will try to create prototypes with no-coding orlow-coding through market research and customer identification in the 'Planningand Launching Start-up Businesses' course. The program also includes practicaltraining and field trips, more than simply learning the theoretical contents.Through 'Bizthon for Start-up Business,' students have the opportunity to learnand make the prototype with the help of professors and experts. On the onehand, students will have a chance to meet various Korean start-ups. The'Workshop for Start-up Businesses' course allows students to solve problems ontheir own. Through this, it is intended to provide an opportunity to experiencevarious experiences related to entrepreneurship and a general understanding ofentrepreneurship.SolBridge students can join the program by applying to Prof. SungHyukPark, the SolBridge Entrepreneurship Center Director at, by 23rdFebruary 2021 at 6:00 pm. After a thorough evaluation, selected students will form a team to find biz items ontheir own and identify potential customers to understand what problems exist inthe market. The program contains the process of solving problems by providingproper value to the customers. Through this process, students can be learningabout various experiences and teamwork related to business. 


  • SolBridge Alumnus Rustam Karimjonov Honored as 2021 AACSB Influential Leaders">SolBridge Alumnus Rustam Karimjonov Honored as 2021 AACSB Influential Leaders

      Today, February 17, 2021, SolBridge is delighted to announcethat alumnus Rustam Karimjonov is one of 25 business schoolgraduates honored by AACSB International (AACSB) – the world's largest businesseducation alliance - as the 2021 Class of Influential Leaders. The annualinitiative recognizes notable alumni from AACSB-accredited business schoolswhose inspiring work serves as a model for the next generation of businessleaders.   Rustam Karimjonov currently serves as the Deputy Minister ofPublic Education in Uzbekistan. Rustam has been involved in the reform,development, and management of school education in Uzbekistan. He has notablyled the introduction and coordination of modern information technologies,innovations and vocational education systems for school children throughout thecountry. As a deputy minister, Rustam has negotiated public-privatepartnerships with stakeholders such as Uzbekistan's Cabinet of Ministers, localgovernments, and city councils, as well as local and foreign companies toprovide greater access to information through technology innovations. More than7,500 (75%) secondary schools and 4.8 million Uzbek students and their teachershave now access to broadband internet and the wide variety of educationalresources it provides.  "We are inspired by the efforts of business schoolgraduates like Rustam Karimjonov," said Caryn L. Beck-Dudley, AACSBpresident and CEO. "SolBridge is developing leaders prepared to change theworld, and AACSB is honored to recognize Rustam Karimjonov for his positiveimpact in society." Now inits sixth year, AACSB's Influential Leaders honorees include nearly 250business school graduates who have created a lasting impact in business andsociety. All honorees have earned an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoraldegree from one of the more than 870 AACSB-accredited business schoolsworldwide. Each honoree's unique stories and how they are creating meaningful,lasting impact in the world are available at  Established in 1916, AACSB is the world's largest businesseducation alliance, connecting educators, learners, and business to create thenext generation of great leaders. With a presence in more than 100 countriesand territories, AACSB fosters engagement, accelerates innovation, andamplifies business education impact. Learn how AACSB is transforming businesseducation for a better society at “Leadership in innovation, critical and system thinking, opennessto changes and challenges, willingness to have a positive impact – is what I learntat SolBridge and these are now my main life principles” said Rustam. “I amtrying to develop and implement systematic and strategic reforms that lead theyoung people to innovate, use the successes of technology to have a better lifeand to have a positive impact for their communities like I was taught atSolBridge” He added.  SolBridge MBA and BBA programs were accredited in 2014, only sixyears after its establishment, making it the youngest institution in the worldto receive this accreditation and confirming our commitment to meeting thehigh-quality standards of international business education.  SolBridge is proud of Rustam's achievement and strives toprovide practical education while nurturing the next generation of GlobalBusiness Leaders. 


  • SolBridge Debate Society (SDS) win at the 2021 Korea National Championship">SolBridge Debate Society (SDS) win at the 2021 Korea National Championship

    Lastmonth, SolBridge Debate Society won the EFL (English as a Foreign Language)category of the Korea National Championship (KNC) hosted by Korea University.SolBridge was represented by four teams that competed with several topuniversities in Korea, including Korea University, Sogang University, SeoulNational University, Ehwa Women's University, and Yonsei University.  BoburmirzoSirojiddinov and Le Hoang Giang came out victorious and were unanimously votedas the EFL Grand Champions of KNC 2021. Le Hoang Giang earned the title of thebest EFL overall speaker, while Boburmizo Sirjiddinov received the EFL finalistbest speaker's title. Additionally,Houmyean Lim played a key role in the tournament as part of the ChiefAdjudicator Panel (CAP), and Humoyun Abuvahobov successfully broke as a judge. Congratulationsto the winners and the entire SDS team for yet another achievement. Specialthanks to all the debaters who took part in this tournament:  Ahn Quynh, Jamolliddin Ergash-zoda, BoburmirzoSirojiddinov, Le Hoang Giang, Leilt Assefa, Shakhriyor Janibekov, SulagnaBanerjee, and Elizaveta Sungurova. 


  • The Journey of Asia’s Top 10% Leaders - Special Lecture">The Journey of Asia’s Top 10% Leaders - Special Lecture

     Mr. Samuel Hwang, the CEO ofTheragenbio, Korea, delivered an inspiring lecture to SolBridge students onJanuary 25, 2021, entitled "The Journey of Asia's top 10% leaders. Theragenbio is one of Korea'sfastest-growing start-up company leading precision medicine highlighted as thenew paradigm of Korea's future medicine in the 4th Industrial Revolution era. As aformer Director of the CISCO systems Asia Pacific consulting business unit, Mr.Hwang shared his life inspiring journey from extreme poverty to a globalcompany's senior executive. 


  • Business Negotiation: Read their minds, understand 100% - Special Lecture">Business Negotiation: Read their minds, understand 100% - Special Lecture

     On January 18,2021, Mr. SangGi Bak delivered a practical lecture on negotiation skills underthe topic “Business Negotiation: Read their minds, understand 100%”. The classwas informative and helped students understand the importance of informalday-to-day interactions with their colleagues and how to handle formalcommunications.  Through diverse andpractical cases, the lecture provided participants with the necessary skills tobecome better negotiators.  


  • BBA Program _ work">BBA Program _ work

  • SolBridge and IE University (Spain) present the first edition of the SolBridge Euro-Asia Business Forum">SolBridge and IE University (Spain) present the first edition of the SolBridge Euro-Asia Business Forum

     Dean Bouchikhi and Professor Han, Director of The SolBridgeResearch Institute for Asian Enterprises, are excited to invite you to a seriesof Thought Leadership webinars in partnership with IE Business School fromJanuary 27, 2021, to February, 24th 2021. The SolBridge Research Institute for Asian Enterprises willcreate and disseminate knowledge on Asian enterprises operating on a globalscale and their business models. The Centre will also promote and support theacademic activities of SolBridge faculty and Ph.D. students. The research center will sponsor a Euro-Asia Business Forumwhere faculty from both continents will share perspectives on common interestissues.We are delighted to open the Forum with a webinar series incollaboration with renowned faculty from IE Business school who will shareinnovative research in Information Systems, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Management,Strategy, and Human Resource Management. The first IE-SolBridge webinar will be held be held online onJanuary 27, 2021 and will start with an official inauguration of the SolBridgeResearch Institute for Asian Enterprises.IEUniversity speakers Sessions Date Time (KST) Topic Professor Wednesday, January 27, 2021 5:30 PM Sustainable Electric Vehicle Charging using Adaptive Pricing Konstantina Valogianni Tuesday, February 2, 2021 6:00 PM The Imprinting of Immigration on Post- Immigration Business Success Julio de Castro Wednesday, February 3, 2021 6:00 PM COVID-19 and the Value of CEOs: The Unintended Effect of Soccer Games across European Stocks Juan Pedro Gómez Tuesday , February 9, 2021 6:00 PM Corporate Political Influence around the World Daniel Blake Tuesday ,February 16, 2021 6:00 PM When do governments “go dark”? Evidence on governments’ disclosure choices in periods of uncertainty Marco Trombetta Tuesday, February 23, 2021 6:00 PM Workers on demand? Effects of unpredictable schedules and non-guaranteed hours on absenteeism and worker performance Rocio Bonet Wednesday, February 24, 2021 6:00 PM Decision Making under Impending Regime Shifts Matthias Seifert  Credentials on how to join this lectures will be shared onSolBridge social media at a later stage.  


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