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  • SolBridge competes in the World Universities Debate Championship (WUDC)">SolBridge competes in the World Universities Debate Championship (WUDC)

     WorldUniversities Debate Championship (WUDC) is the largest and most prestigiousdebate tournament in the world attracting prominent schools including HarvardUniversity, London School of Economics (LSE), University of Oxford, Universityof Cambridge and Stanford University. The annual tournament follows the BritishParliamentary format.The 40th competition held from December 29, 2019, to January 3, 2020, was hosted at Assumption University, Thailand, and gathered approximately 350 teams with more than 250 judges from over 50 countries.Ourtop-achieving team, SolBridge A (Leomar Doctolero and Sally Lee) broke into theelimination rounds after nine challenging preliminary rounds, spanning overthree days. They went up against Tel Aviv University, Israel, Ghana's KwameNkrumah University of Science and Technology, and Universiti Teknologi MARA,Malaysia in the ESL quarterfinals and did exceptionally well. They proceeded tothe semi-finals where they defeated both Tel Aviv teams to make it into ESLgrand finals. In the ESL finals, they stood firm until the end, the win,unfortunately, went to Open University Israel. This is anincredible feat for SolBridge to have gotten so far in the biggest tournamentin the world. SolBridge would like to heartily congratulate Leomar and Sallyfor this achievement, and for making us so very proud.We'd alsofurther like to take this opportunity to congratulate both SolBridge B (Silvia Sun) and SolBridge C (Houymean Lim and JamoliddinErgash-Zoda) teams for an intense fight. Both teams performed very well in thishigh-level tournament and accomplished much!  Besides, welldone to Nikita Shumovich for judging all nine preliminary rounds withdetermination and dedication, and congratulations to Prof. Danielle Swanepoelfor breaking as an adjudicator at WUDC. Finally, ahearty congratulations and many thanks to Prof. Joshua Park who fulfilled therole of advisor to the tournament - no doubt his immense contribution resultedin this being one of the most well run and successful worlds championship ever. ----------Edited on 29/09/2020 


  • Tran Trang Linh: MSMA Valedictorian Class of 2019">Tran Trang Linh: MSMA Valedictorian Class of 2019

     Firstof all, I want to say congratulation to all graduates of Fall 2019. Our journeyat SolBridge might last one year, two years or four years. However, durationdoes not say anything; what matters is what we have learned here, at SolBridge.Oneof our professors once said to us: "Garbage in, garbage out". Itmeans that the quality of all the input determines the quality of the output.From all over the world, we are the best to be selected. Then SolBridgeprovided us with the best environment, materials and the best support for us tolearn, to experience and become the better version of ourselves. Today, we'releaving the school with sound knowledge, professional attitude and a widespreadnetwork.Onbehalf of all MSMA graduates, I would like to thank SolBridge for giving us theopportunity to study here. This new program is what we needed. Mainly, I wantto say, thank you to our professors, who have been always dedicated to sharingwith us their knowledge and experience. Our success cannot happen without yourguidance. I also want to thank professors from the Career Development Center(CDC) and Writing Center who helped us when we were in need and brought us alot of opportunities. Last but not least, the staff on the fifth floor, thankyou so much for your support all that time.Whenone door closes, the other opens. Our journey at SolBridge now has come to anend, and amazing opportunities are waiting for us. We are ready, and we areproud to go out there and say "We graduated from SolBridge!". Thankyou! 


  • Mukhammad Egamkulov: BBA Valedictorian Class of 2019">Mukhammad Egamkulov: BBA Valedictorian Class of 2019

     Good morning. Mr. Chairman,President Endicott, the Dean, Professors, Faculty members, Staff, parents,friends and most of all distinguished class of 2019, welcome to thiscommencement. It is an honor and privilege for me to stand in front of you andrecall the memories and accomplishments of our great class. Let’s admit, it hasbeen a long and hard journey, and we did it.  Congratulations graduates. Now, you won’t have deadlines forassignments, morning classes, exams and annoying quizzes. Good job, fellows!Yet now, you may not be able to see your school friends every day, you may nothave birthday surprises from your schoolmates, you may not have crazy ‘sul’parties and Dunsan-dong clubs on Fridays, no Sports Day and no Culture Day.  SolBridge brought us from different parts of the world; it gaveus an amazing chance to stay together as a family, share our happiness andsadness, failures and achievements. Time has come; time has come to leave thisspecial place; time has come to show the world the skills and qualities wedeveloped here. Time has come to start a new chapter in our life. I would like to thank SolBridge for supporting me with a fullscholarship for the past years and giving me the opportunity to have anexchange semester in Europe and a part-time job at SolGeo dormitory as aResidence Assistant (RA) for one year. SolGeo RA team you were the best! I alsoworked as a Facilities Assistant for two semesters. My fellow FacilitiesAssistants, I really enjoyed working with you. Language classes at SolBridge were very helpful, now I have anextra language acquired during these years, which I believe will be beneficialin the future. I also deeply appreciate the Career Development Center’s (CDC)efforts towards creating job opportunities for SolBriders. Thanks to them, Ifound my job. And my colleagues are here today, PINE BM 분들이 와주셔서 감사합니다.Also, I would like to thank my best friend, Kamoldin Musaev, whois graduating as well. We have been together from the beginning, we overcamemany obstacles together, he is the one from whom I get inspiration and energy,he was the one who took care of me when I was sick, he was the one whosupported me when I got rejections from girls, and he was the one from whom Igot the biggest support when I lost my younger brother this year.    I would like to thank all my fellow students for making my pastthree and half years amazing. You made every day special, and your company willbe sorely missed as I move on. Yet, I am looking forward to hearing about yoursuccesses and achievements. Stay strong and keep chasing your dreams.  


  • Erin Rebecca McVay: MBA Valedictorian Class of 2019">Erin Rebecca McVay: MBA Valedictorian Class of 2019

      Good morning and welcome fellowgraduates, faculty, and guests.When I was asked to speak today, I wasboth honored and excited. I really wanted to write a speech that would bethought-provoking and profound. Maybe it would have a few jokes or wittycomments for comedic effect, possibly ending with an inspiring statementleading to a standing ovation—just an idea to keep in mind for later! It wasnot long before I realized that a speech like that wasn't going to be easy. SoI started by thinking back to my undergraduate ceremony, hoping for someinsight. I quickly realized that over the past ten years since that day, I hadforgotten not only who spoke at my graduation but also what, if any, inspirationthey may have instilled in me. All I could remember feeling that day was howunsure I was about the next steps in my life. I had no idea where I was goingor how I was going to get there. That made me realize, it was less important toinspire you today and more important to offer a piece of useful advice that mayhelp calm your nerves regarding the future. Advice that I have found to behelpful in both my career thus far and in life.That advice is always to take the leap.Even if you have made a five-year plan and think you have it all figured out,if a new job opportunity is in front of you, or the chance to move to a newcountry or to start a new business, or even to go back to school...take theleap. When life offers you something new and exciting...take the leap. I liketo use the word leap instead of jump or some other synonym because it has adeeper, connotative meaning. Taking a leap requires a level of confidence andoptimism that your landing—though scary and unknown—will be worth it.I have found, and am telling you today,that it is always worth it. New things and change are scary and inevitable, asyou're well aware, looking towards the next step in your life. But I'm surethat same feeling presented itself when you decided to attend SolBridge. Formany of us it not only was a big step for our education, but it was a move awayfrom friends and family and perhaps even on the other side of the world. Andlook where we are now. That leap of faith has provided us with so many amazinglearning experiences and opportunities. Regardless of what grades we havereceived or the networking connections we've made, we have the experience ofliving in a different culture, studying and working with people from all overthe world. In a globalizing workplace, that skill is something to be proud offar more than an A+ on your transcript.The leap may be hard, but nothing greatin life is easy. Failure is not the worst thing in life. I repeat, failure isnot the worst thing in life; as they say, sunshine all the time makes a desert.Failure is simply a guiding step telling you to go another way. It is alearning experience, and you shouldn't be afraid to fail now and again. If youlive your life as planned, then what happens when you get to the end of theplan? Let life happen. Enjoy it, and another opportunity will come along, trustme.So enjoy this accomplishment.Appreciate all that you have achieved throughout your time at SolBridge. Beenthusiastic about what comes next and don't be afraid to try new things thatinterest you. Enjoy the roller coaster of life. This is my advice.But what's a graduation speech withouta famous quote, so I'll end with one by T.S. Elliot that I am very fond of."To make an end is to make a beginning." I wish you nothing butendings with new beginnings and lots of happiness in your lives. And if you'refeeling that standing ovation I mentioned earlier, no one's stopping you!Congratulationsto you all. Thank you. 


  • SolBridge signs Cooperation with Daejeon Technopark">SolBridge signs Cooperation with Daejeon Technopark

     To tap into thedynamic innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Daejeon, on December 12,2019, SolBridge entered into a strategic partnership with one of South Korea’sleading technological institutions, Daejeon Technopark.DaejeonTechnopark is a prominent innovation hub that focuses on supporting local andregional projects as well as start-up technology-intensive enterprises. ManySMEs and start-up businesses receive help support in their technologicalacceleration by taking advantage of working with multiple entities, likeindustries, academic and research institutes, through Daejeon Technopark’sextensive networks.The agreementwith this prestigious organization will benefit SolBridge in two essentialways. First, SolBridge students will have the opportunity to collaborate withdifferent founding teams supported by Daejeon Technopark. Secondly, thecollaboration will particularly help in fostering the entrepreneurial spiritwithin SolBridge and Woosong University by providing support to students whowant to start a business in the future through joint events and competitions.The agreementsigned by Dr. Hamid Bouchiki, Dean of SolBridge International School ofBusiness and Dr. Sooman Choi, President of Daejeon Technopark witnessed by theleadership team of both parties. 


  • 2019 SolBridge Chinese Proficiency Competition">2019 SolBridge Chinese Proficiency Competition

     On December 11th 2019, SolBridge hosted thisyear’s Chinese Proficiency Competition in collaboration with the ConfuciusInstitute of Woosong University.Under the theme ‘Singing Chinese songs andtelling Chinese stories,’ the competition attracted 36 teams. Conducted in tworounds, participants were required to submit a video clip after which 12 groupsprogressed to the final round. After presentations and live performance ofChinese songs in different forms, seven teams emerged as winners.In order to provide a competitive edge,SolBridge students are required to take a foreign language as part of theirstudies. This competition provided students with a platform to show theirChinese Proficiency while learning to develop a Global perspective andCross-Cultural Competence.The Award ceremony was graced by PresidentEndicott, who highlighted the advantages of learning a second language andencouraged the winners to continue horning their skill. Congratulations to all the winners! 


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