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Official Excuse Application

Writer : admin | Date : 2018-09-17 | View : 1884

Dear BBA Students,


Please find below information about the Official Excuse

(Find Attachment: Guide_Application for Official Excuse(BBA))

Application Period for Official Excuse in Fall 2018 is opened on Monday, March 11th and will be closed on Sunday, June 16th, 2019.


Also, please note below Official Excuse Policy for your application.


Types of Official Excuse and Periods

Type of Official Excuses 

Officially Excused Period 

Evidential Documents 

1. Death of the parents, grandparents or spouse 

Parents, Brothers and Sisters:

5 Days

(Including weekend/holiday)


Grandparents: 3 Days verifiable proof 

(Including weekend/holiday)

Death Certificate, Family Relation Certificate or other verifiable proof 

2. A long period of hospitalization

7 Days 

(Including weekend/holiday) 

Document from the Medical Institutions

3. Illness

Stated Day 

(Maximum 3 times per semester) 

Doctor’s Note with Receipt

4. One’s own Marriage

7 Days 

(Including weekend/holiday) 

Providable Proof of Marriage

5. Medical Checkup for Military Service

Stated Date

Medical Checkup Note

6. Reserve Forces Training

Stated Period 

Participation Note

7. Participation to National Event

Stated Period 

(Maximum 14 days per semester) 

Official Document from the Department

8. Official School Program

Stated Period

Official Document from Dean or other relevant department

9. Who got Employed During Semester

Remaining semester period from the first day of work

Proof of employment

(Only Applied to Students Over 2.5

Years in School)

10. Other cases

(Under the President’s Approval)

For Approved Period

(Maximum 14 days per semester) 

Official Document with the President’s Approval

 Application without required attachment (both application form and related documents) will be rejected.

※ For MBA Students, there is no Official Excuse policy.

※ To check whether your application is well saved, please come to 5th floor.

※ If you have any question, please feel free to come to Academic Affairs team on the 5th floor.





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