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Academic Announcement(Fall 2018 Updated)

Writer : admin | Date : 2018-01-09 | View : 3683


Students with the grade C+ or below can retake the course. In this case, students can get upto B+ from their re-taking course, which means, B+ is the maximum grade for re-taking course.

P/F courses

- All Sports Courses

- Global Job Searching Practice

- First Year Seminar 

- Asian Case Study/ Asian Case Workshop 

- Industrial Field Study 

※ Japanese Course for Freshman Students


Japanese Course as foreign language credit is only available from students entered the school in 2018 or after.
If there is any student who entered before 2018 but taking Japanese course, the course will be counted as elective credit.

Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Business is changed to Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship from 2018.
If you already taken Introduction to Business class before, you should not take Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship, unless it is re-taking.

Class time Change


Creative Work: Drama class time has been changed to 1pm-4pm, Friday due to professor change(John Riley -> William Pertz).

Professor Change


- Professor of Quantitative Methods has been changed as below.

Quantitative Methods sec 001 - Keunwoo Kim
Quantitative Methods sec 002-  Singh Madhusudan 

- Professor of Introduction to Sociology has been changed to prof. Daniel Lundquist
- Professor of Practical Applications of Written Communication 2 has been changed to Kenneth Burke

Thank you for your understanding. 



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