Corporate Advisory Council

The Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) consists of senior executives who believe in the vision and mission of SolBridge. These executives have in-depth knowledge and experience in business throughout Asia. The CAC helps SolBridge by:

  1. Reviewing the curriculum to ensure its relevancy to current and expected future needs of business leaders in Asia.
  2. Consulting and providing career advice to SolBridge students.
  3. Offering SolBridge graduates various internships and placement opportunities

Current members of SolBridge Corporate Advisory Council: Estée Lauder Companies (Korea), AIG Global Real Estate (Korea), Bank of New York, Mellon (Korea), Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Danone (United States, Korea), M.K. International Inc. (Korea), Tyco Security Solutions ADT (Korea), Seoul Global Center (Korea), HR Group SK Telecom (Korea), Robert Bosch Korea Ltd., International Research and Consulting (Korea), Delta (United States), New Paradigm Institute Hansoll Textile Ltd. (Korea), Nestle (Korea, Japan), Benchmark Partners (Korea), and George Peterson, Member Emeritus.

“Friends of SolBridge”

Many successful companies in Korea have become “Friends of SolBridge” by associating with SolBridge on a variety of levels. This group of companies actively contributes to SolBridge through our Platinum Lecture series, internships, and job placements.

“Friends of SolBridge” includes:
Samsung Asset Management, Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Posco, LG Academy, LG Display, LG U+, LG Chemical, LG Electronics, Bumban Pantos, MK International, Hyundai Card, Maeil Business Newspaper, Nike Sports Korea, BASF Korea, Korea Tourism Organization, B Braun Korea, S-Oil, Macquarie