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  • [우송대학교] 2021학년도 솔브릿지국제경영대학 수시합격 학생 및 학부모 간담회 - 졸업생이 들려주는 솔브릿지 생활 & 취업 이야기">[우송대학교] 2021학년도 솔브릿지국제경영대학 수시합격 학생 및 학부모 간담회 - 졸업생이 들려주는 솔브릿지 생활 & 취업 이야기


  • [우송대학교] 2021학년도 솔브릿지국제경영대학 수시합격 학생 및 학부모 간담회 - CDC 소개 및 취업현황 설명(최창준 교수님)">[우송대학교] 2021학년도 솔브릿지국제경영대학 수시합격 학생 및 학부모 간담회 - CDC 소개 및 취업현황 설명(최창준 교수님)


  • [우송대학교] 2021학년도 솔브릿지국제경영대학 수시합격 학생 및 학부모 간담회 - 학사 운영 프로그램, 교환학생 및 복수학위 등 소개(조슈아 박 교수님)">[우송대학교] 2021학년도 솔브릿지국제경영대학 수시합격 학생 및 학부모 간담회 - 학사 운영 프로그램, 교환학생 및 복수학위 등 소개(조슈아 박 교수님)


  • [우송대학교] 21학번 예비 새내기들에게 들려주는 솔브릿지 10년의 이야기 - 재학생과 함께하는 토크쇼">[우송대학교] 21학번 예비 새내기들에게 들려주는 솔브릿지 10년의 이야기 - 재학생과 함께하는 토크쇼


  • [우송대학교] 21학번 예비 새내기들에게 들려주는 솔브릿지 10년의 이야기 - 졸업생과 함께하는 토크쇼">[우송대학교] 21학번 예비 새내기들에게 들려주는 솔브릿지 10년의 이야기 - 졸업생과 함께하는 토크쇼


  • SolBridge hosts its first Daejeon Global Forum">SolBridge hosts its first Daejeon Global Forum

     On November 26,2020, SolBridge hosted its first monthly Daejeon Global Forum, a platform thatbrings together different academic, research, and corporate institutions inDaejeon.  The forum aimsto establish Daejeon as Korea's next global entrepreneurship hotspot throughattracting and retaining technology entrepreneurs from Korea, Asia, and theworld, supporting the international expansion of technology SMEs based inDaejeon, and enabling more worldwide commercialization of technologies born inDaejeon.Besides, thisinitiative will build and revitalize the corporation between SolBridge and theindustry while providing SolBridge students an opportunity to network with thecorporation's leaders and undertake internships.  Some of thecompanies represented at this forum include Chungnam Trade Association, DaejeonInstitute of Science and Industry Promotion, Daejeon Metropolitan Rapid TransitCorporation, Korea International Trade Association, M International, Zenicom,Daejeon UCLG, and Daejeon city. 


  • International Business Plan competition 2020">International Business Plan competition 2020

    From November16th- 20th, 2020, SolBridge International School of Business hosted its 8thannual International Business Plan Competition, where undergraduate studentsfrom our partner universities worked with an actual problem from SamsungElectronics.  This year's InternationalBusiness Plan Competition took place online and attracted 14 teams fromuniversities in 12 different countries.  On the firstday of the completion, a representative from Samsung Electronics presented thecase that the students would be working on for the week.  The groups had to develop a plan to market avoice assistant, like Bixby, as a "white label" product/service toother companies.  Each team then hadthree days to research and come up with a marketing strategy.   Thepresentations focused on a specific industry where digital assistants could beutilized, along with a market analysis and pricing model.    Thailand'sBangkok University came first with an innovative idea to utilize Samsung'svoice assistant in hospitals. Helping essential workers be more precise, savetime, and have access to vital information more readily. SolBridge's team Betacame in second place with their idea to increase customer loyalty by making useof voice assistants in retail store shopping carts. Saving employee time andcreating a more enjoyable shopping experience. Philippines' Miriam Collegeplaced third with their idea to create a health monitoring system thattransfers information to increase efficiency and productivity.Participatingteams also took part in the team introduction video context that India's WoxsenUniversity won. We want tothank our esteemed partner universities for taking part in this competition andlook forward to next year's edition. 


  • SolBridge will be hosting its 8th International Business Plan Competition (IBPC) from 16th – 20th November 2020">SolBridge will be hosting its 8th International Business Plan Competition (IBPC) from 16th – 20th November 2020

     Participants willsolve a real business problem on the theme “Virtual Assistants and the VoiceEra,” focusing on the Bixby virtual assistant developed by Samsung Electronics.  A representative fromthe Samsung Headquarters will officially deliver the case to the participatingteams and share insights about the voice assistant landscape and currenttrends. Qualifying teams from the preliminary rounds will make finalpresentations in front of a panel of judges comprising of SolBridge professorsand industry representatives to identify the winners. IBPC is growing everyyear, attracting new universities from different countries. This year’s eventwill take place online, with a total of 16 (13 overseas) teams representing 22nationalities. Participants will test their problem-solving ability, businessand cultural insights, and communication skills in a virtual setting. The list ofparticipating universities in this competition includes;Bangkok University, ThailandBeijing Foreign University, ChinaBelarusian State University, BelarusBrunel University, United KingdomForeign Trade University, VietnamISM University, LithuaniaLahti University of Applied Sciences, FinlandMiriam College, PhilippinesNarxoz University, KazakhstanSolBridge International School of Business, South KoreaUniversity of Finance and Economics, MongoliaWoxsen UniversityZetech University Visit our YouTubechannel for introductions of the participating team 


  • SolBridge in Partnership with Northwestern University offer free online Masterclass">SolBridge in Partnership with Northwestern University offer free online Masterclass

    Last month SolBridge in partnership with USA'sNorthwestern University, offered a free online Masterclass to various industryand academic executives under the theme "The Future of Business."This class was the first of four classes scheduled to be delivered by SolBridgeevery month until December 2020.  The first session was delivered by notableprofessors including Dr. Dipak C. Jain, Honorary President of WoosongUniversity and President of China European School of Business (CEIBS); Dr.Frank Mulhern, Associate Dean of Medill School of Journalism, NorthwesternUniversity; Dr. J.R Reagan, CEO and President of IdeaXplorer and former Dean ofEndicott College of International Studies, Woosong University and Dr. HamidBouchikhi, Dean of SolBridge International School of Business.Under the umbrella of "How COVID-19 is TransformingBusiness," Dr. J.R Reagan shared the future of the 'Untact' economy, howSouth Korea is developing digital technologies for current and post-pandemicworld, and how COVID-19 is dramatically changing lifestyles and businesses.Well as, Dr. Dipak C. Jain shared the changes in the business environment dueto COVID-19 and the key areas that firms should consider for bettertransformation.The second session, scheduled to occur on 15thOctober, will highlight the opportunities and challenges for Human ResourceManagement and Organizational design in the 4th Industrial Revolution era. Mr.Seok Jip Kim, CEO of NEMO Partners, a leading consultancy firm in Korea, willdeliver this class. The third session delivered by Mr. Hyung JooLim, a Lawyer and Partner at the prominent Yulchon Attorneys at Law firm, andProf. Joshua Park, Associate Dean at SolBridge, will share Legal issues and IntellectualProperty strategies in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.To conclude the series, Dr. Frank Mulhern willdiscuss Big data, analytics, and AI for business. The classes are delivered inEnglish and Korean to cater to both local and international audiences. More information about the Masterclass can be foundhere.  


  • SolBridge students appointed as Honorary Ambassadors for Daejeon Metropolitan Express Transit Corporation">SolBridge students appointed as Honorary Ambassadors for Daejeon Metropolitan Express Transit Corporation

    On Friday, September 25, 2020, DaejeonMetropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation (DJET) appointed 11 SolBridge studentsas honorary ambassadors.  The selectedstudents represent different countries, including; China, Ethiopia, Germany,Hungary, India, South Korea, Nigeria, Norway, Russia, and Uzbekistan.  In a ceremony held at DJET headquarters,chaired by DJET President Mr. Kim Kyung Chul and Dean Bouchikhi, theambassadors were formally appointed and introduced to DJET operations.The partnership with DJET, inaugurated by thesigning of a Memorandum of Understanding in May 2020, is another achievementfor SolBridge in its efforts to increase collaborations with industry andprovide learning opportunities for its students. Under the slogan "Think Global, Act Local,"the ambassadors will provide feedback and suggest improvement to make theDaejeon subway a foreigner-friendly network. "Safety and convenience arevital to the management of the subway network; the honorary ambassadors willhelp us improve these critical points at the train stations," saidPresident Kim.  Input from SolBridgestudents will help DJET prepare for the 5,000 delegates from 140 countries, whowill attend the World Federation of Local Governments meeting to be hosted byDaejeon in 2022. Students shared their enthusiasm and excitementin participating in this project. "One of the reasons I decided to studyhere is the amazing technologies in Korea, and I am thrilled to be part of theinitiative representing my country and SolBridge." - Leilt Assefa,Ethiopia.  In his closing remarks, Dean Hamid reminded thestudents of their double responsibilities of representing SolBridge and DJET asambassadors and encouraged them to maximize their learning through thisopportunity. 


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