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  • When international relations meet business studies">When international relations meet business studies

     On Thursday 7 November 2019,SolBridge hosted Mr Bruno Hellendorff, Joint Research Fellow at EgmontInstitute, Belgium, for a lecture on EU - Asia connectivity. With wideexpertise in international politics and strategic issues, Mr Hellendorff'svisit was a fantastic opportunity to expose business students to a largerspectrum of political, security, governmental as well as economicconsiderations that are currently impacting today's business interactionsbetween EU member states and Asian states. Revolving around therole of the business relationships between the European Union (EU) and China asan economic powerhouse in Asia, the lecture addressed the increasing need forthe EU to also develop sustainable and comprehensive connectivity strategieswith intergovernmental organisations such as the Association of Southeast AsianNations (ASEAN), for example, in an era prone to trade wars and sovereigntyissues. In the lecture, Mr Hellendorff also highlights the growing economicinterdependence between the EU and China that led the EU to refine itsconnectivity strategy in the light of China's recent strategic investments inSouthern Europe, the UK and Germany. Mr Hellendorf's researchencompasses publications and media appearances on the China's Belt and RoadInitiative, the multi-level relationships between the EU and Asia, as wellas security in Southeast Asia. Mr Hellendorff previously initiated andcoordinated the Peace and Security in Asia-Pacific Research Programmeat the Brussels-based think tank Group for Research and Information onPeace and Security (GRIP), and is affiliated with leading Belgianuniversities. In cooperation with the Belgianembassy in Korea, this visit was an opportunity for the Belgian studentcommunity at SolBridge to greet and interact with Ms Eva Morre, SecondSecretary of the embassy.   The lecture perfectlyfit in the growing importance for today'sbusiness students to shed light on the role of social sciences,international politics and economics as well as political science inorder to become well-rounded business professionals. SolBridge provideseach semester a series of elective courses on East Asian politics, arts,sociology and world history available to all students.  


  • International Business Plan Competition 2019">International Business Plan Competition 2019

     From October 27th October to 2nd November2019, SolBridge International School of Business hosted the 7th InternationalBusiness Plan Competition. 96 undergraduate students from 21 distinguishedpartner universities - representing 33 nationalities - participated in thisevent. Teams had two days to come up with innovateideas for Samsung Rewards Program focusing on the acquisition of new targetmarkets, retaining existing customers and corporate social responsibility. Thecase was delivered by Mr. Jongbum Jin, a representative from Samsung GlobalExpansion Initiative. After an intense battle in the preliminary rounds, nineteams proceeded to present their ideas and strategies to a panel of judgescomposed of a Samsung representative and SolBridge professors. Judges assessedthe presentations based on well- developed strategy, creativity andapplicability. Finland’s Lahti University of Applied Sciencewon first prize with their ‘Samsung Smart Fridge Upgrade: the connectionbetween the old and new generation’ that utilizes Artificial Intelligence torecognize what kind of waste each product produces and guide users on reducingand recycling waste. Canada’s Laurentian University finished in the secondposition for their proposed remodeling of the new Samsung application ‘SamsungGreen’ that encourages customers to Eco-invest their accumulated points in asocial cause. Lastly, the team from Macquarie University, Australia was awardedthe third prize for their ‘Samsung Innovation Box’ that encourages customers totrade-in old technologies for never-before-seen innovations. Apart from the competition, teams participatedin an introduction video and Instagram contest. Lahti University of AppliedSciences won the Instagram contest while Bangkok University received the firstprize for the introduction video. Participants were also introduced to some ofthe leading Korean companies through industry visits to Korea Tomorrow andGlobal (KT&G), Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) and SamsungD’light. Through these visits, participants observed the current automatedproduction line, the development of the next generation of satellites and tryon ultra-new telecommunication technologies. Participants also enjoyedexcursions around Daejeon and Seoul to reknown places like GyeongbokgungPalace.  The competition presented an opportunity forparticipants to test their practical skills, work under pressure, network withstudents from different countries while experiencing South Korea. We would like to thank our esteemed partneruniversities for taking part in this competition and look forward to the 2020edition. 


  • Internship Opportunity under the Disney College Program">Internship Opportunity under the Disney College Program

      SolBridge is glad to announce the signing ofuniversity agreement between Woosong University and Florida State University(FSU) in coordination with SolBridge Career Development Center (CDC). With thispartnership, SolBridge students can undertake an internship with the DisneyCollege Program and earn up to 12 academic credits from FSU. Participants in this program will gainvaluable on-the-job experience working at Disney parks and resorts and have anopportunity to meet people from different countries while networking withglobal leaders.For information on how to participate in thisprogram is forthcoming. 


  • SolBridge to host its 7th International Business Plan Competition 2019">SolBridge to host its 7th International Business Plan Competition 2019

      SolBridge will be hosting its 7th International Business PlanCompetition (IBPC) from 27th October to 2nd November 2019. Participants will solve a real business problem for Samsung RewardsProgram handling areas of acquiring new target markets, retaining existingcustomers and corporate social responsibility. A representative from Samsungglobal expansion initiative will officially deliver the case to theparticipating teams and share more insights about prevailing market trends.Qualifying teams from the preliminary rounds will make final presentations infront of a panel of judges comprising of SolBridge professors and industryrepresentatives to identify the winners. IBPC is growing gradually each year with additional teams andcountries represented, and more challenging business cases handled. This year atotal of 24 (19 overseas) teams representing 33 nationalities will join thiscompetition. Participants will test their problem-solving ability, business andcultural insights and communication skills. It is also an opportunity for themto network with and learn from their peers from different cultural andeducational backgrounds. The list of participating universities in this competitionincludes;·        Bangkok University, Thailand·        Budapest Business School, Hungary·        CTBC Business School, Taiwan·        EDEM, Spain·        Estonian Business School, Estonia·        FH Wien WKW University of AppliedSciences, Austria·        Federal University of Juiz DeFora, Brazil·        Federal University of Technology –Parana, Brazil·        Foreign Trade University, Vietnam·        International Business Academy,Denmark·        Lahti University of AppliedSciences, Finland·        Laurentian University, Canada·        Macquarie University, Australia·        Miriam College, Philippines·        Nanyang Technological University,Singapore·        Palacky University, Czech Republic·        Paragon International University,Cambodia·        Rotterdam Business School, TheNetherlands·        SolBridge International School ofBusiness, South Korea·        Thomas More University College,Belgium·        University of Finance andEconomics, Mongolia·        University of Gadjah Mada,Indonesia From 21st October 2019, we will be introducing participating teams onSolBridge social media channels.  


  • Leadership">Leadership

  • SolBridge visits Estonian Business School for International Partners Day">SolBridge visits Estonian Business School for International Partners Day

     Prior to theEuropean Association for International Education (EAIE) Conference that took placeon September 24-27, 2019 in Helsinki, Finland, a SolBridge delegation made up of MrIskandar Yuldashev, Associate Director of International Relations, and MrRomain Bartolo, Senior Regional Manager, visited Estonian Business School's(EBS) Helsinki Campus. Following awelcome speech by EBS Chancellor Mart Hababuk, the visit was a fantasticopportunity to greet local partners, Mr Toomas Danneberg, Vice-Rector forExternal Relations, as well as Ms Sirli Kalep, Head of International Relations,and meet international partners from South Africa, Germany, Italy or France. Originalhome of unicorns Skype and TransferWise, Estonia is notably famous for thedigitalization of government affairs and its extremely dynamic start-upenvironment. Estonia appeals to students interested in Entrepreneurship, andEBS's expertise and connections to the start-up community have provided suchopportunities to numerous SolBridge students during their stay in the Balticregion.  Estonian Business School and SolBridgeestablished cooperation in 2016, and have since then developed numeroussuccessful programs for the benefit of students, staff and faculty from bothinstitutions. For the second year in a row, Estonian Business School will joinSolBridge's International Business Plan Competition scheduled at the end ofOctober. We aredelighted about the ongoing collaboration with Estonian Business School andlook forward to deepening our Estonian - Korean cooperation in the near future. Photo credit: Ardo Kaljuvee 


  • Ranking">Ranking

  • September 2019 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Akhil Kashinath">September 2019 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Akhil Kashinath

     This month we would like to recognize Akhil Kashinath, aSolBridge alumnus from India. Akhil is currently facilitating the launch of UKbased essential oils and aromatherapy brand, Absolute Aromas to the Indian market as a General Manager.  He started his international career while still a studentin SolBridge; working part-time for the Korean Intellectual propertyoffice in Daejeon as a communications editor. On graduation, he joineda large Korean solar energy company, Shinsung Solar in Seongnam-sias a manager for overseas sales and marketing. There he handled clients inSouth Asia, the Middle East and Europe. In 2013, he returned to India with asingle focus on working in the energy sector by making an impact at thegrassroots level. He achieved that by working with Simpa Energy,a USAID funded social impact start-up with the mission to electrify ruralIndia. This led to his association with a series of companies as a consultantin the social impact space.  In 2016, bitten by the entrepreneurial bug,Akhil decided to start a clean label products company called ‘The OilCollective’ and has managed it in India for the past three and a halfyears. Akhil graduated from SolBridge in 2011 with an MBA specializingin International Business. While at SolBridge, he was the Vice President ofStudent Council, 2010. Akhil attributes his international exposure to SolBridge.“The biggest life skills studying at SolBridge gave me were a sense of takingrisks and thinking big. Being in a multi-cultural environment with experiencedfaculty who had global experience, broadened my thinking and allowed me to seeopportunities others would not.” He says.   


  • SolBridge inaugurates third cohort of the 2+2 BBA Joint Program at FTU">SolBridge inaugurates third cohort of the 2+2 BBA Joint Program at FTU

     From 18– 19 September 2019, Dr. Hamid Bouchiki, Deanof SolBridge International School of Business and Mr. Lam Le, Senior RegionalManager for Vietnam visited our partner Foreign Trade University (FTU), Vietnamto kick-off the third cohort of the 2+2 program. Under this program, studentsstudy for two years at FTU following SolBridge BBA curriculum and finish theirlast two years of the program at SolBridge. During their visit, Dean Bouchikhi empathized theimportance of this joint program by providing an opportunity for students toexercise their multicultural understanding of both Korea and Vietnam andreceive valuable knowledge needed in today’s workplace. After the inaugurationceremony, Dean Bouchikhi delivered a special lecture to the new studentsentitled “The Essence of Management” where he highlighted various managementapproaches and their challenges in motivating people. With examples ofnoticeable managers from different fields such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg,he defined the discipline of management and the common traits of successfulmanagers.  This visit served as an opportunity for Dean Bouchikhito meet the leadership of FTU including Mr. Bui Anh Tuan, President and PhamThu Huong, Vice President to discuss how to strengthen the cooperation betweenthe two schools.   


  • Cross-Culture Management; Managing People in Different Cultures by Dr. Shuming Zhao">Cross-Culture Management; Managing People in Different Cultures by Dr. Shuming Zhao

     On September 5,2019, Dr. Shuming Zhao delivered a special lecture at SolBridge on“Cross-Culture Management; Managing People in Different Cultures.” During his lecture, he highlighted differentaspects of the Chinese culture and essential points to succeed in China asemployer or employee. With examples, he showed the audience the differencebetween Western and Eastern cultures based on the Five Dimensions of Hofstedeincluding Power Distance; Collectivism vs Individualism; Uncertainty Avoidance;Femininity vs. Masculinity, Short- Term vs. Long-Term Orientation. He remarkedthat western culture is more individualist in comparison to the eastern culturegiven that eastern culture is based on relationships. He concluded byemphasizing the importance of Guangxi (relations: personal, not organizational)are an essential part of doing business in China.Dr. Zhao is theSenior Distinguished Professor and Honorary Dean of School of Business, NanjingUniversity, China as well as Honorary Professor at SolBridge.  


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