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  • 2019 SolBridge Chinese Proficiency Competition">2019 SolBridge Chinese Proficiency Competition

     On December 11th 2019, SolBridge hosted thisyear’s Chinese Proficiency Competition in collaboration with the ConfuciusInstitute of Woosong University.Under the theme ‘Singing Chinese songs andtelling Chinese stories,’ the competition attracted 36 teams. Conducted in tworounds, participants were required to submit a video clip after which 12 groupsprogressed to the final round. After presentations and live performance ofChinese songs in different forms, seven teams emerged as winners.In order to provide a competitive edge,SolBridge students are required to take a foreign language as part of theirstudies. This competition provided students with a platform to show theirChinese Proficiency while learning to develop a Global perspective andCross-Cultural Competence.The Award ceremony was graced by PresidentEndicott, who highlighted the advantages of learning a second language andencouraged the winners to continue horning their skill. Congratulations to all the winners! 


  • Partner Universities">Partner Universities

  • Studying Finance and Accounting: Why Bother? – Special Lecture by Philippe Moschetta">Studying Finance and Accounting: Why Bother? – Special Lecture by Philippe Moschetta

     OnNovember 29, 2019, Dr. Philippe Moschetta delivered an interesting lectureentitled ‘Studying Finance and Accounting: - Why Bother?’, where he sharedinsights on retaining knowledge learned in class and applying it to growpersonal wealth and the lessons learned from Ultra-High Net-Worth Individuals(UHWI) in managing personal wealth.Usingfinance and accounting techniques, he provided participants with tips toconsider when receiving advice on wealth management, including checkingexperience versus expertise for their financial advisers.Sharingstatistics and the concept of the Billionaire map, he highlighted the growingwealth creation in different regions with a strong emphasis on Korea."There are more billionaires today than 20 years ago and will continue togrow and double in the coming years," he said. He later shared some of theaccounting and finance principles relevant for wealth creation and management,including providing relevant and reliable information for decision-makingpurposes. He emphasized the importance of projecting the financial value andvice versa bringing the future to the present. Helater shared some of the obstacles encountered in wealth creation, growth andmanagement, including behavioral challenges, personal biases (hoarding, loyaltyand fear of missing out) and the time needed in creating wealth.  He also stressed that we are our own biggestobstacle in wealth creation.  Usingprominent examples of wealthy people like Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet, heshared the importance of building the right partnerships. He concluded thelecture by sharing some key elements in investing money.  These included never losing money and ensuringthat you don't go into debt. Mr. Philippe is a Professor of Practice in Finance, Accounting and Riskat the AACSB Bridge program. He has teaching experience in over 10 differentcountries and is currently the financial advisor to one of the largestbusinesses in Saudi Arabia. He has wide experience as an Advisory Board memberfrom start-ups to large holding companies. 


  • 2019 SolBridge Startup Business Plan Competition">2019 SolBridge Startup Business Plan Competition

      To cultivatethe entrepreneurial spirit at SolBridge, SolBridge Startup Club (UniSol) incollaboration with Professor Jinseob Oh organised this year's Startup BusinessPlan Competition.  The competitiongathered a total of 15 teams; 10 from ‘Understanding Startups Business Class’and five teams from UniSol. Participants presented their ideas to a panel ofjudges comprising of SolBridge professors and industry representativesincluding; Mr. Yungjae Lee, Solaire Investment Inc., Mr. Hyojung Song, CKDInvestment Inc. and Mr. Kyunguk No, Sulim Investment Inc. Afterdeliberation from the judges, six teams emerged as winners for their startupideas. “Tanigo” a platform dedicated to facilitating Indonesian farmers’ andinvestors’ need through investing and profit-sharing received the first prizeand seed money of KRW 900,000. Two teams came in second and received KRW500,000 each; ‘Travel with Locals’ a platform that connects travelers withlocal guides to explore hidden places and experience traditional cultures and‘Feel Secure’ a solution that acts as your bodyguard by providing informationon safe streets and sourcing support from the neighbors. In third place with KRW 200, 000 were threeteams: ‘Plan It Yourself’ a solution that provides LED planting platform foryoung students to grow their plants as a means to sustainable planting. ‘WakeYou Up’ and YPPO Down Syndrome Care an AI-based bear to speed up the learningprocess. Congratulationsto the winners!  


  • Building a Personal Brand by Mr. Bernard Shim">Building a Personal Brand by Mr. Bernard Shim

     Mr. Bernard Shim, President of Caterpillar Precision Seals Korea,delivered an inspiring lecture at SolBridge on Thursday, 29th November 2019 inone of our Platinum Lecture series.  Mr. Shim shared with attendees the importance and need forbuilding a personal brand in preparation for the job market or to succeed inthe job market. Personal branding is the practice of marketing people and theircareers as brands. It is an ongoing process of developing and maintaining areputation and impression of an individual, group or organization. He sharedexamples of strong personal brands including Kim Kardashian and President Donald Trump.“Personal branding is the feeling people have when with you or when they thinkof you,” he emphasized.   Using personal experiences, he gave tips on how to build apersonal brand, including focusing on interests and not disinterests, finding amentor, and having close friends whose opinions you trust. Additionally, he encouragedstudents to focus on developing their strengths rather than weaknesses. “Theworld doesn’t need generalists but specialists – enhance your skills and becomean expert in a particular field," he said while sharing his brand. Mr. Shim also discussed the hurdles in building a personal brandincluding not knowing yourself, excessive humility and the fear of failure. Heencouraged students to invest in developing themselves, especially theircommunication skills. He concluded his lecture with an interactive session withstudents answering questions and giving advice in relation to overcomingstress, motivation and becoming an expert.   Mr. Shim is a Certified Public Accountant with over 15 years ofexperience in finance and accounting and an expert in mergers and acquisitions.He has been working with Caterpillar Inc. for over ten years in variouscapacities. 


  • 2019 Global Business English Competition at SolBridge">2019 Global Business English Competition at SolBridge

     Last week, 28th November 2019 marked the end of the three-roundGlobal Business English Competition hosted by SolBridge General Educationprogram. The competition was a great opportunity for SolBridge BBA students totest their English abilities. In round one, studentsmust pass a business English and global general knowledge test designed to testthem on a variety of topics related to SolBridge's GACCS (Global Perspective,Asian Expertise, Cross-cultural Competence, Creative Management Foundation andSocial Responsibility) mission statement. In round two, students presented afolk tale from their culture to a panel of judges, making their story engagingand highlighting its relevance for a modern audience. Students that made it tothe third and final round interviewed a special guest, introducing them, askingwell-researched questions, and wrapping it up - just like an interviewer on areal TV show or podcast would.  We would like to congratulate the students below for winningthis year’s competition. Gold Prize Winner:Dan Chau Minh Thu Silver PrizeWinners: Valeriya Galandina Pawel Japa  Bronze Prize Winners:Aleksandra Chen Joshua Chua Kah Hian Boburmirzo Sirojiddinov Ismail Ouifaqui Michaela Maria Dizon Nghiem Thi Tuyet Anh  


  • Platinum Lecture by Dr. Salvador Carmona: Business Schools – The Changing Business Model">Platinum Lecture by Dr. Salvador Carmona: Business Schools – The Changing Business Model

     On Wednesday, 27 November 2019, SolBridge was pleased tohost Dr. Salvador Carmona, Dean of Faculty Affairs and Rector of IE University,Spain, for a Platinum Lecture on the changing business model of BusinessSchools. With the growing and dynamic nature of business schools,Dr. Carmona shared the historical context and characteristics of businessschools in comparison to the current model of business schools includinglocation – in the past most of the business schools were predominantly located inthe USA; MBA focused with a stakeholder approach to teaching hard skillslike finance and consultancy. The current model of business schools is changingto incorporate broad competencies with a focus on critical thinking, softskills, ethics and entrepreneurship. “These are the necessary skills needed tobe a global leader,” he said. Using statistics, he shared thecurrent trends of business schools in regards to student mobility –highlighting the shift and increase in student mobility to Europe as opposed tothe USA; the decrease in MBA student applications in the USA due to the risingnumber of specialized master degrees, affordable online courses and schoolsaround the world attracting students from their own regions. With the change inbusiness school models, Dr. Carmona stressed the importance of havingresearch-based faculty that generates knowledge to anticipate the mode ofthinking for the next generation. New opportunities available for business schools includethe growing offering of STEM-based programs, job placements and the need toboost strategic actions such as blended learning, and the diversification ofprogram portfolios taking into account the technology and sustainabilityaspects of higher education.  During the Q and A session concluding the lecture,students shared their curiosity concerning potential career paths for businessgraduates, asked questions about the future of online education businessschools as well as the challenge to start a business versus permanentemployment.  Well versed in management and accounting control,management structures and the implementation of ERPs, Dr. Carmona isparticularly interested in giving students a very holistic view of topics suchas performance indicators and what drives changes in management accountingsystems. 


  • November 2019 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Zhuowen Peng">November 2019 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Zhuowen Peng

     This month we would like to recognizeZhuowen (Zoe) Peng, a SolBridge alumna from China. Zhuowen is currently theHead of China Region, Bithumb Global. Bithumb aims to become a comprehensive digital financial cooperation based on blockchain. Since its launch, Bithumb has developed from a Korea-focused cryptocurrency exchange to one that serves the global market.Zhuowen graduated from SolBridge BBAProgram in June 2016. While at SolBridge, she actively participated in variousin-school activities such as CEO Mentoring Program, led a team of freshmenduring one SolBridge Orientation Program and joined the 2015 Student Council asClub Union Manager. She also spent an exchange semester at the University ofCalifornia, Irvine, USA, under SolBridge Study Abroad Program. All theseexperiences contributed to her overseas management skills to manage blockchainbusiness to overseas markets. Zhuowen’s career started in Seoul in thetelecom industry before she joined the blockchain field in 2017 and relocatedback to China at Bytom Blockchain’s headquarters. The blockchain industry is anemerging business in China and is currently at an exponential booming stage.“My position has exposed me to numerous conferences in China, Korea, the UnitedStates as well as Japan,” Zhuowen said. Blockchain has been applied to manyreal-life aspects such as Facebook-issued Libra to create a global currencythat all people can access, and Kakao-issued Klaytn public blockchain platformfor validating the value and utility of blockchain technology by providing ablockchain service for mass adoption.  


  • SolBridge Culture Day 2019: Into a New World">SolBridge Culture Day 2019: Into a New World

     On Friday, 22nd November 2019 SolBridge gathered together to celebrate the multi-cultural community that it truly is in one of the most celebrated events each year Culture Day. Welcoming students from different cultures and backgrounds, SolBridge is currently home to students from 64 nationalities. Students came together to showcase their culture and heritage through traditional attire, food festival, music and dance performances. At the International Food Festival, participants enjoyed food from 16 countries prepared by SolBridge students including Nigerian Egwusi Soup, Spanish Potato Tortilla, Vietnamese Banh Bot Loc and many more. Dr John Endicott (President of Woosong University) and Dr Hamid Bouchikhi (Dean of SolBridge) wished the students a beautiful day in their celebratory remarks and emphasized the importance of celebrating this significant day at SolBridge.  For the second and most exciting part of the event, the jolly and enthusiastic Masters of Ceremony took us on a journey around 17 countries under the theme “Into a New World” as country representatives showcased their traditional performances. Performing countries included; South Korea, France, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Brazil, Vietnam, Russia, Thailand, Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania), Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Indonesia and Uzbekistan. The event was crowned with a culture parade. With the help of a panel of judges, the following countries were recognized in these categories;Top three Traditional Foods (Chef’s Choice)FranceKazakhstanMyanmarTop three Cultural PerformancesSouth KoreaAfricaVietnamMost Committed Country RepresentativeUzbekistanPeople’s Choice AwardChinaSocial Media AwardJapanRookie AwardKyrgyzstan This year SolBridge was delighted to host invited delegates from Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Technopark, Bio Convergence Center, Daejeon and Daejeon city Government. To show how welcoming SolBridge is, the event was hosted at Woosong University’s state-of-the-art culture centre to allow other departments and the local community to join the celebration.   We would like to congratulate all the organizers, the SolBridge Student Council, and all the participants (food festival, performances, and parade) for a successful and highly entertaining event.                        


  • New Academic Partnership – Alba Graduate Business School, Greece">New Academic Partnership – Alba Graduate Business School, Greece

     Followinga visit to Greece in September 2019, SolBridge is pleased to sign cooperationagreements with Alba Graduate Business School, Athens, Greece.Foundedin 1992 and closely linked to the Greek business community and industry, Albaoffers numerous MBA and MSc degrees, counts about 4,000 alumni and hasdeveloped industry-specific programmes in shipping and tourism.With the objective tobe a leading business institution in Southeast Europe, Alba is aresearch-driven business school and received both AMBA and EPAS accreditations.In an alliance with the American College in Greece, Alba is committed to doing"business unusual" and develops innovative programmes for both Greekand international students.AlbaGraduate Business School is SolBridge's first partner institution in Greece andwe very much look forward to developing our cooperation! Takenin September 2019, the photo gathers from left to right Dr Kostas Axarloglou,Dean of Alba Graduate Business School; Mr Iskandar Yuldashev, AssociateDirector of International Relations, SolBridge; Mr Romain Bartolo, SeniorRegional Manager, SolBridge; and Ms Zoe Kourounakou, Director of International Relations,Alba Graduate Business School. 


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